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Homepage - Resilience. Introduction. What is degrowth actually about?


Degrowth is a perspective and an emerging social movement, which in the last few years brought together a multitude of projects and ongoing debates around alternative economies. The main idea of degrowth is an economy and society which aims for the well-being of all and for ecological sustainability. One key conviction is that social and ecological global justice can only be achieved when the destructive economic activities of the global North are reduced.

Degrowth criticises the current framework of society, which always calls for “higher, faster, further”, as well as connected phenomena like acceleration, excessive demands, marginalization and the destruction of the global ecosystem. A fundamental change in the growth-oriented methods of production and ways of life as well as an extensive cultural change are thus considered necessary. Creating a space for mutual learning These key degrowth ideas resonate with many politically active people. Building Community For the New Planetary Culture. TRADITIONAL AND INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVING.

Intentional Communities

Grow Your Own Mushrooms. Related Content Beef Stew Recipe For slow-cooking dishes like this Beef Stew Recipe, add a bouquet garni for enhanced flavor.

Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Two of the best reasons to garden are to grow things you would otherwise have to pay too dearly for at the supermarket and to grow great-tasting things you cannot buy at any price. Mushrooms often fill both bills. Home gardeners in China have been growing mushrooms for more than 1,000 years, and it’s finally catching on among North Americans. The surest (and most entertaining) way to grow mushrooms at home is with a mushroom kit, which makes a great winter tabletop project. “It’s fun to cultivate your own mushrooms,” says mushroom expert Thomas Volk, a professor of biology at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Here’s the best part: You can start with a mushroom kit now, fruit it indoors and use the remains to start a more permanent outdoor colony.

A Few Fungi Facts Mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi, which grow quite differently from plants. Oysters. The Moneyless Manifesto. Fresh Perspectives on Sustainable Development. Sustentabilidad. HOME - Ecological Footprint - Ecological Sustainability. Green Living Experience. SOSTENIBILIDAD Archivos.


Permaculture Magazine - practical solutions for self-reliance. Section 1 – Overview. This is an attempt to describe in detail everything we have done and everything we continue to do in setting up and running our vegetable growing business.

Section 1 – Overview

We really hope it’s useful to anyone else thinking of starting a similar project, but… we have to point out some limitations! Much of what’s written is specific to our 21 acre site – a small-holding growing field-scale vegetables – and might not be completely relevant to other sites.It describes just one way of approaching things when, in reality, there are lots of ways to go about growing.And it’s written by inexperienced people! We’ve only been growing since 2010. There are plenty of more experienced growers out there – some of which we’ve highlighted in the text. Also, some things have not been included in this write-up because they’re already in our business plan (LINK to attachment) – for example, our approach to marketing, or how we assessed the need / demand of a new veg growing business in our area. Section 2 – Financial → Promoting Sustainable Lives & Communities.

Research in Justice & Sustainability. Can a collapse of global civilization be avoided?

Sustainable buildings and cities

Transportation. SustainaWiki.  Fresh Perspectives on Sustainable Development. The Transition Handbook - From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience. Design For a Better World! Urban gardening.