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If anyone ever has any suggestions for pictures to go on the pearltrees please let me know. We've got a pretty good collection going I think. More oranization is great though and if you have a suggestion for that let me know or just start changing it yourself. miragemoriarty Jun 29

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Steampunk R&D - For those who live in a future that never was « Wonder How To
My home in the Steamlands, New Babbage Travel photo #3, by Mr. A.E.

The Steampunk Tribune

The Steampunk Tribune
Steam Powered Giraffe - Honeybee
Steampunk and The New Victorians Steampunk and The New Victorians Steampunk aka The New Victorians is a wonderful new trend. Some say this vintage industrial steam era inspired interior and fashion trend was solidified with the amazing interiors of Robin Standefer and Stephen Alesch of Roman and Williams hit the scene. Their design of hospitality spaces across the board is amazing! Have you see the trend popping up? I feel like I see it everywhere... and I love it! images via roman and williams, cote maison, mikkel vang, house beautiful, my sparrow and glamour
Steambirds: Survival: Goodbye Handcrafted Levels Steambirds: Survival, the sequel to our original steampunk airplane strategy game was just released today. You can go play it right now at Steambirds: Survival takes place on a grim fall morning at the start of the Battle of London. Steambirds: Survival: Goodbye Handcrafted Levels
SteamBirds: Survival
Ian Crichton, aka inventor Herr Doktor, takes us around the Steampunk party for period 'scientists' The Great Exhibition of 2010 was held at London's La Scala club - though on a smaller scale than the 19th Century original. This one was a party for steampunks where they could come together to show off their creations and costumes. Steampunk has rapidly grown as a sub-culture among makers, hackers and crafters the world over. Steampunks gather for Great Exhibition Steampunks gather for Great Exhibition
.:Lest I Smite Thee:. 2013 has been an even better year than 2012 for us here in South Korea, and we’re looking forward to an awesome 2014 as we move back to America early next year! But before that, I had an amazing time fulfilling one of my major goals while living in South Korea: visiting nearby Japan! I know my friends have been patiently awaiting this big blog post since it’s taken me a while to organize these 126 badass photos and experiences, so relax and enjoy these glimpses of our lives from June through October :D .:Lest I Smite Thee:.
You all know my husband travels for business, yes? Quite a bit, really. But today he didn't leave till the afternoon and he'll be back tomorrow. I should be able to handle this. And I would, except that the children have a built in sensor for when he's left. I don't know how they do this, but I do know if this could be harnessed somehow for national defense we could do away with the creepy airport scanners and probably most world wars. Robin's Mystery Blog Robin's Mystery Blog
Victorian Steampunk Wedding Victorian Steampunk Wedding Design Art Cartoons Cars About Follow RSS Advertise Search Victorian Steampunk Wedding - /by @42concepts .
Steampunk Games & Game Art | Design Stuff Daily | Design and Inspiration Blog Steampunk Games & Game Art | Design Stuff Daily | Design and Inspiration Blog Steampunk Games & Game Art Wednesday, July 21, 2010 13:27 For today’s entry, with Steampunk week taking off and providing mechanical and steampowered inspiration to anyone who finds themselves here, we will be looking at something a bit different. Steampunk is becoming more and more popular, but it’s nothing new. We’ll be taking a look at some steampunk inspired computer games from the late 80′s to present day! (And even some steampunk takes on classics!).
It's Time to Rethink Steampunk It's Time to Rethink Steampunk SExpand Once upon a time, not so long ago, everybody agreed what the label "steampunk" referred to. But now the term is being used to refer to all sorts of entertainments, from future history to adventures on other planets.
Da Vinci Automata Da Vinci Automata The New York Times has a nice article about mechanics in the pre-renaissance era and how the ancients thought about Mechanics. Its worth a read. It is definitely relevant to anyone interested in writing Clockpunk. Its a window for us into the minds of the ancient equivalent of mechanical engineers i.e., people like Archimedes.
Incredible Homemade See-Through Steampunk Guitar
Ten Incredible Steampunk Guitars
Welcome to SPOOKYPOPUse the navigation vine to the left to find your way around in the gloom. Lurking hereabouts are works in traditional and digital mediums, works in two and three dimensions. Old works, new works. S P O O K Y P O P : The art of Doktor A.
Jake of All Trades I haven’t posted anything in a rather long time, so I thought I’d take a minute to brag about share with you a couple bits of popular media in which I’ve been mentioned recently. First up, is {this} lovely article penned by the talented Mr. Morgan.
A fiddler tunes. A woman on upright bass stretches her hands. The banjoist adjusts his strap while the mandolinist takes a drink. In this moment before a song, the possibilities of sound are only as limited as the experience and the vision of the artists onstage. From the lineup of instruments, you might expect a traditional bluegrass tune from such a group, but why not arrangements of Bach or a Rush cover or a surreal ballad in the style of David Bowie?

The Steampunk Workshop | Technology & Romance - Fashion, Style, & Science

Yes, the more observant of you will have noticed that our usual charm was recently replaced by a rather unsubtle political message. Needless to say, the message is not one we endorse. The residents of the Gaza strip have our deep sympathies, but the Palestine/Israel situation is a very complicated one and can't be solved in a simple two word message, especially when one of those words is an expletive. UK Steampunk Network
Transforming vintage typewriter keys into jewelry is very popular these days. If you are a crafter or jewelry maker you know how well these unique bracelets, necklaces and tie tacks sell. You also know how difficult it can be to find old junk typewriters to keep up with the demand of your customers! Typewriter Keys | Vintage Typewriter Key Sets-Lots
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