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Michel Blazy’s microbial art. Home - Henry Moore - Modern Abstract, Organic Sculpture. Theo Jansen's Strandbeests - Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention Episode 1 Preview - BBC One. 樹脂作品 - 金魚養画場 - 美術作家 深堀隆介 オフィシャルサイト. - paule bathiard. Paper Sculptures by Vally Nomidou. Greek artist Vally Nomidou creates these delicate life-size sculptures of women and girls using paper and cardboard.

Paper Sculptures by Vally Nomidou

Via the exhibition page: Paper, Nomidou’s dominant material, now becomes a key component in her creative process, inextricably linked to painful and systematic research on the technical level, as well as on that of aesthetic integration. The artist respects her material and, although it is cheap and vulnerable, she does not “adulterate” it by using other materials. Moreover, she does not use it as a shell, an encasing to cover a necessary inner structure by providing a fake, idealised skin.

Nomidou builds and shapes her works from the inside out solely using paper and paperboard. Screwy Portraits. Marcel Duchamp à propos du "ready-made" GUY LARAMEE. L’ange dans le marbre. A 15 ans, il détestait se salir les doigts et rêvait de dessins animés chez Walt Disney.

L’ange dans le marbre

Mais quelque génie malicieux échappé des studios et de la lampe d’Aladin s’est subrepticement chargé de lui révéler les secrètes lueurs irradiées au plus obscur de la pierre. Entré à l’Académie Charpentier, en 2e année de cours de modelage, Louis Thomas-d’Hoste s’attaque à un plâtre qui durcit trop vite. La lutte est inégale ; la chose résiste opiniâtrement. « Grâce à Dieu, je l’ai ratée ! Top 10 examples of brilliant shadow art. MoebiusGearB.JPG (JPEG Image, 1338x1028 pixels) - Scaled (82%)

Portraits made using people as pixels. U-Ram Choe's 'Guardian of the Hole' at the Asia Society Museum. Salt Sculptures: 12 Stunning Artworks by Motoi Yamamoto. Salt Sculptures: 12 Stunning Artworks by Motoi Yamamoto Article by Steph, filed under Sculpture & Craft in the Art category.

Salt Sculptures: 12 Stunning Artworks by Motoi Yamamoto

To many people around the world, salt is just a substance that makes food taste better. But to the Japanese, it’s deeply symbolic, an indispensable part of death rituals that imparts purification of the body and soul. Artist Motoi Yamamoto draws upon the role of salt in his culture, using it as a art medium that he painstakingly packs into sculptures or squeezes into intricate drawings. The artist aims to confront viewers with the reality of death, in the form of stark white installations that mimic trailing vines, networks of neural nerves and endless paths of pure sand or snow. Floating Garden Yamamoto began working with salt as an art medium after his sister’s death from brain cancer at 24 years old. Labyrinth Series. Miniature Liquid Worlds by Markus Reugels. ‘How To Vacuum Form’ at Aram Bartholl. Al Farrow: New Reliquaries. Religious sites built from ammunition and firearms.

Citadelle lunaire. Fictional Landscapes. Colossal has seen its fair share of commendable book and paper work the last few weeks, but this was too good to pass up.

Fictional Landscapes

UK-based artist Kyle Kirkpatrick constructs these wonderfully tiny dioramas using the topographies of carved books. Via the artist: My practice is primarily concerned with the notion of the imagined landscape. I present man-made objects and natural materials simultaneously to form carefully and meticulously composed installation works. 100 Grotesquely Surreal Sculptures - From Morbid to Sardonic These Sculptures are Unsettling. There is something about the macabre, the strange and the sardonic that intrigues people; the grotesquely surreal sculptures featured here demonstrate this.

100 Grotesquely Surreal Sculptures - From Morbid to Sardonic These Sculptures are Unsettling

Perhaps such dark themes play to a person's sense of curiosity, beckoning them to explore the unknown. Moritz Resl. Andrew Myers Art - Home. Riusuke Fukahori Paints Three-Dimensional Goldfish Embedded in Layers of Resin. First: watch the video.

Riusuke Fukahori Paints Three-Dimensional Goldfish Embedded in Layers of Resin

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori paints three-dimensional goldfish using a complex process of poured resin. The fish are painted meticulously, layer by layer, the sandwiched slices revealing slightly more about each creature, similar to the function of a 3D printer. Mark Jenkins // Tape Sculpture. High Noon, 2014 The Easel, 2013 Break a Leg, 2013 Sleeper, 2013.

Mark Jenkins // Tape Sculpture

The Book Surgeon (15 pieces) Using knives, tweezers and surgical tools, Brian Dettmer carves one page at a time.

The Book Surgeon (15 pieces)

Nothing inside the out-of-date encyclopedias, medical journals, illustration books, or dictionaries is relocated or implanted, only removed. Dettmer manipulates the pages and spines to form the shape of his sculptures. Wire Sculpture. Lori Nix. Battle of Grunwald on the Behance Network. The world’s first stereoscopic reconstruction of a painting. 67 unique characters, each rendered as three-dimensional models, come together to form a clear spatial composition.

Battle of Grunwald on the Behance Network

Chris Gilmour. BIKES (installation view) cardboard and glue life size 2003 FIAT 500 cardboard and glue life size 2002-2004 WHEELCHAIR cardboard and glue life size 2003 ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR cardboard and glue life size 2003 PIANO (installation view) cardboard and glue life size 2004 VICTORIA cardboard and glue life size 2007 EQUESTRIAN STATUE cardboard and glue life size 2007 CASEMENT cardboard and glue life size 2008 GOLBES cardboard and glue life size 2008.

Chris Gilmour

A Frugal Town in Lithuania Erects a Christmas Tree Made from 40,000 Recycled... - StumbleUpon. Okay municipalities of the world, pay attention. For a third consecutive year the city of Kaunas, Lithuania approached artist Jolanta Šmidtienė to assist with their annual holiday decorating. Recognizing the city’s somewhat dire financial state the artist challenged herself to build something that wouldn’t rely on any administrative funds set aside for the event. The result: an enormous 13-meter tall Christmas tree made from nearly 40,000 recycled green bottles and zip ties. At night the tree is lit from the inside resulting in a glowing, translucent, emerald green spruce that’s making headlines across the country.

Most Amazing Sand Sculptures. Most Amazing Sand Sculptures Anyone who has ever been to the beach has probably tried to sculpt a simple sand structure of some sort.Well leave it to the pros, because we have some great sand sculpture pictures listed below. 36 Comments: Lieveheersbeestje on deviantART. Zoom sur les boîtes. La mémoire douloureuse; 93 x 73 x 13. Anne kyyro quinn - contemporary textiles. Paper cuts - Rolls on the Behance Network. Most Amazing Miniature Food Artworks by Shay Aaron.

Recycle pizza boxes into wall art. Art for pizza lovers! BTW our pizza is delivered with a wax paper insert on the bottom of the box, so the boxes were clean. Ornamented Columns by Michael Hansmeyer. Share on Facebook photo © Michael Hansmeyer The Ornamented Columns of Michael Hansmeyer make the unimaginable to come true through the use of new technologies and subdivision processes.

He creates columns whose forms make you think that they come from a different world. Michael Hansmeyer talks to Yatzer about his computational project. Kris Kuksi : Sculpture. ART BY THOMAS DOYLE. A Stunning, Intricate Maze Made From 2,200 Pounds of Salt. Dennis Oppenheim. 48195_700_v1.jpg (JPEG Image, 700x590 pixels) Statues, Wall Sculpture, Home Decor, Fairies, Dragons, Gargoyles...Design Toscano. Wire Sculpture. Peter Callesen. Miniature Art On the Tip of Pencil by Dalton Ghetti.

Artist transforms books into landscapes. Yuki Matsueda. Choi Xooang. Exposición Actual en Galería Astarté. THOMAS-D-HOSTE-a.jpg (Image JPEG, 380x241 pixels) With a Passion for Skateboarding: Creative Art Sculptures by Haroshi. Figurative Sculptures by Manuel Martí Moreno. Benedicte Grepp - Home. Kris Kuksi. Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials. Brown songbird : ann wood handmade. Simen Johan. Ron Mueck: The Hyperrealist Sculptor - Fun Stuf... Isamu noguchi biography. Illusion – The Most Amazing Creations in Art, Photography, Design, and Video. The dark celebration of Gehard Demetz. Awesome chainsaw wooden art. Ron Mueck. Los mejores escultores hiperrealistas (The best sculptors hyperrealistic)

Gravity Glue. Met's Things. The Emperors New Paintings. Steel Wire Sculptures by Tomohiro Inaba. Giacometti.