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Elusive issue on Vacuflush head. I can commiserate, but unfortunately I do not have a solution, I offer my recent experience in support of the “your not going crazy” category .

elusive issue on Vacuflush head

I was helping move a vessel this past fall, we worked on the two VF heads. My bunk was right over the fwrd pump and it was cycling every 15 to 20 min. We changed wire connections, rings, baffles, pump arms and cleaned everything. The noise reduced and it did get to a 90 min cycle but we could not get it to operate as designed. We ended up putting a switch with the VF light panel because the constant cycling was waisting water and energy, and I was loosing sleep with the constant cycling. With inmast furling do you need a trysail. Quote: Suum cuique -- To each his own!

With inmast furling do you need a trysail

I prefer a nice roachy full batten mainsail for coastal sailing, and mild latitudes. That's what I grew up with, and nothing beats this kind of mainsail for beautiful shape. It's a bit more work, a little less control over sail area, but in mild latitudes you don't reef that much so it's no big deal. But for gnarly offshore conditions, especially in the far North, I prefer in-mast furling, for the reasons stated. How to determine the boom angle for in-mast furling. - Tube clamps cross stainless steel. Squall Strategies. Our first encounter with a big squall was sailing from San Diego to Ensenada, Mexico.

Squall Strategies

We left at 0200 to ensure we’d get into Ensenada before our 1300 haulout time. The National Weather Service had forecast consistent 15-20 knot winds from the northwest, which was perfect for the 60-mile run down the coast. We hoisted sails as soon as we were out of the San Diego Harbor channel, keeping a reef in the mainsail as is our policy for night sailing. The wind was exactly as predicted, and we cruised across the border under a moonless sky. A short while later, as we were admiring the lights of Tijuana, we noticed the wind lessening, then backing to the west.

Drainage in so called liferaft locker on new Oceanis 41-45. I Find the design of that locker behind the folding transom questionable.

Drainage in so called liferaft locker on new Oceanis 41-45

That storage always gets wet, because any water from the cockpit ends up there. This is true when we are washing the decks, or anything else, so a lot of debris and dirt goes that way. The drainage is supposedly gravity fed to the sea, but I have never observed that actually work without a lot of help from me. At first I thought it was plugged or the thru hull closed. Turns out it has a siphon effect, and it never drains because the thru hull is not right below the drainage hole and the hose has to make an odd curve. Have any other oceanis owners run into the same problem, and what is your solution? Second Wind Sailing Adventures – sailing vacations, instruction and passage making. LiFePO4 Batteries On Boats - Marine How To. Photo: The cells were very well packed and got here in great shape.

LiFePO4 Batteries On Boats - Marine How To

The Li-Ion chemistry chosen for this bank is called Lithium (Li) Ferro/Iron (Fe) Phosphate (PO4), LiFePO4 or LFP for short. There are a few variations on this chemistry such as LiFeMnPO4 & LiFeYPO4 but the end result is still essentially an LFP bank that has the same inherently safe characteristics. For this build I chose four 400Ah Winston LFP prismatic cells, and the bank is set up in a 4S or 4 series cells configuration. What the heck is 4S? 4S just means four 3.2V cells in series to make a 12V nominal pack. If you want to do other than a 4S configuration the cells are typically connected in parallel first and then in series. 4S = Four Series Cells.

Companionway door - Threat of rollover. World Sailing has regulations for the companionway hatchboards on racing sailboats: Section 3.08 deals with hatches and companionways.

Companionway door - Threat of rollover

World Sailing has regulations for the companionway hatchboards on racing sailboats: Section 3.08 deals with hatches and companionways. Oscualti USA. Boat Information. West Marine collection of boating, diving and paddle sports how-to articles. Scope, All Chain Rode and Breaking Strength. Quote: The link didn't work.

Scope, All Chain Rode and Breaking Strength

I have found a bunch of different versions, some use wind strength, some use working load, storm load, violent storm. I believe that ABYC only provided the loads based on wind strength without any qualifying statement. It looks like the 2100lb value I threw out was somebody's interpolation between 42kt & 60kt, probably 52kt. 42 or 52kt wind strength seems like a reasonable design point for a storm.

Yeah, something stronger will hit you someday but the table is conservative and overestimates loads to begin with. How to combine battery banks on a 2014 Oceanis 45? Quote: Define a marine environment, in the sense were your battery's are getting wet , humid , or exposed to elements , I think you will find that many cruisers use parts that are cross used from the automotive industry and boats , and before I get started again Salt does not float in air so no such think as humid salty air.

How to combine battery banks on a 2014 Oceanis 45?

I can assure you that my battery banks are dry , well ventilated and away from any moisture , if there not you are doing something seriously wrong, Hee Hee marine environments I ain't putting ity up the mast. Oh and are lead acid Marine leisure battery's different from RV leisure battery's or as usual the price goes up when we say MARINE To op the VSR is fine your wires will not corrode if well insulated , and will not be an issues in your lifetime. unless you want to stand there and throw water over it every now and then to keep the Marine purest happy. Know of such a flexible solar panel attachment? LiFePO4 Batteries On Boats - Marine How To. Scope, All Chain Rode and Breaking Strength. Propane, the kiss of death. Quote: This is purely a hip shot statement.

Propane, the kiss of death

Finding CNG is a hundred times more difficult Than propane or camp gaz. In the Caribbean or any third world cruising venue it is non-existent. More than one cruiser has arrived in the Caribbean and had to rip out the CNG stuff for propane. INSIGHTS: How to Save Energy when Cooking Onboard. When we cook, we monitor our energy usage, and use fuel-saving cooking techniques.

INSIGHTS: How to Save Energy when Cooking Onboard

When cooking, the heat from the stove is transferred to the pot, and a certain amount of that energy is lost. Higher efficiency can be achieved by ensuring that there is a maximum transfer of heat from the source of heat to the pot. Gulf Stream Imagery and Data. The data below is provided to the Ocean Prediction Center by the Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO). It is usually updated 3 times per week, not including weekends and holidays. N. Atlantic Composite (Black & White) | (Color) Gulf of Mexico/Lower N. Atlantic Composite (Black & White) | (Color) Northwest Atlantic Composite (Ice Patrol)(Color) Gulf Stream ASCII Data. Yanmar B-Type Panel – Replacement Keyless Engine Instrument Panel for Diesel Engines – AC DC Marine Inc. Fog Horn Sound Signals - Foghorn Blast Sequences - Fog Forecasting. Battery Bank Fusing Photo Gallery by Compass Marine How To at Why I Believe In Battery Bank Fusing Here is a prime example of where battery bank fusing can help save a boat.

A plastic wire tie in an engine compartment let go on this owner. The battery cable fell against an engine pulley and began to chafe. When the metal of the engine and the copper of the wire made contact the fuse went POP. This boat owner had just recently installed a 300A battery terminal fuse. Exceptions to the ABYC Fusing Standard:

Getting training for Canadians. My partner and I took a bunch of CYA (Canadian Yachting Ass.) courses, which are basically the same as the ASA program. I think there is even a reciprocal arrangement recognizing these kinds of programs across nations. From all I've read, I think the RYA programs are in a league of their own, and much superior to most. Replacing the glass on the hatch. Do you leave your bimini and dodger up in port? I saw that there was a survey earlier on the forum about having your bimini up/down, and most of the answers seemed to relate to when one is on the boat or in preparation for storms/hurricanes etc.

But I would like to ask what the general opinion is about leaving the bimini and dodger up when you are not on the boat, eg when leaving it for a week/month and also over winter. Our boat is berthed on the French Mediterranean coast, so pretty mild, but with the occasional storms. Looking round the port, about half the boats leave their biminis and dodgers up all the time; the rest take them down. We have been taking ours down whenever we leave the boat, but are wondering if it might be better to leave them up, at least during the summer to protect the cockpit decking and nav screen from the sun. Whisker Pole Seminar. Flag Etiquette on a sailing boat today. Global Solo Challenge: Weather routing - how to optimise your route based on weather predictions. By Global Solo Challenge 23 Aug 05:54 EST. Observations of an Iridium Go after first time use during a passage. How to tie a Soft Shackle. Tension of leeward shrouds. So hot!

We live aboard in the Caribbean heading into year 6. It can be uncomfortable. 2016-17 in the BVI was hot and sweaty in November, December. Even the citizens complained. We arranged to stay off the Bitter End YC and had access to their pool through perks with the Salty Dawgs. WIFI offshore part two. Let me be more specific. Pip Hare tests 5 weather routeing programs – Yachting World. The variables involved in accurate weather routeing are many and it's easy to get confused with all the packages available. PredictWind? Weatherfax? What weather system do you recommend for crossing oceans?

Sail Magazine. At its most basic, a “snubber” is a short length of non-stretchy cordage attached to the anchor chain and to a strong point on a yacht, with the aim of taking the load off the windlass or to stop the chain rattling on the bow roller. What is Ideal Snubber Size? Jump start unit as emergency power source. How To Use an Anchor Ball. The Truth About Unsinkable Boats - Weather Routing Software for Sailors. Maritime Safety Information. What’s the minimum depth you would sail in? A full sailing day - no motors at all from anchor up through short passage to anchor. New Marine Fire Prevention Tools.

Visa policies differ when arriving by sea? Laser Rangefinder Anyone use for anchoring? AC DC common ground. Is a large battery bank necessary? Snagging lobster pots & a DIY hookah solution, cordless compressor update - Panbo. Heel Angle vs. Leeway. What is Ideal Snubber Size? - Practical Sailor. How to wire a bilge pump. I think I messed up! Iridium & Inmarsat Satellite Phones with Backup & Support - MailASail Roam-Free Communications. Advice requested re: navigation apps. Editable Wiring Diagram to share? Need some help understanding differences... Collision While at Anchor. How much snubber / bridle is too much? Water reserves during passages; emergency desalinators. Large (3000w) inverter/charger cables size? For your Cruise. Download Whale Gulper 320 User Manual. Chart Navigation Secrets - Use the Magic of a Danger Bearing.

Adding a Storm Trysail to a In-Mast Furler. Networking the Old and New - Practical Sailor. Singlehanded full night sleep? Boat information folder for cruising - what to include? PLB Saves Solo Sailor. About NOT power setting the anchor. Where is Everything on the Boat? - Cruisers & Sailing Forums. Surgical Skin Stapler with 35 Wide Staples (medline) — Canadian Preparedness. Medical Kits for Offshore Cruising - Practical Sailor. Whale AK1550 Gulper® 220 Service Kit Replacement Parts: Sports & Outdoors. Difficulty checking Yanmar oil level - Cruisers & Sailing Forums.

Care: Customer Assistance that's Always On. Purging fuel line from Racor to injectors (D2-40F) - Cruisers & Sailing Forums. Selecting Line for Running Rigging. Guidelines for length of mooring lines, halyards and sheets. Adjusting Genoa Lead Cars. How to Pick an Anchor Rope Size, Type, Length and More – Jump Start Fail - Cruisers & Sailing Forums. Inbox (149) - skiplumley - Gmail. FenderFlex™ - DAN-FENDER. What, really, is a rogue wave? - Cruisers & Sailing Forums. ECHOMAX ACTIVE-XS RTE ACTIVE RADAR REFLECTOR X and S BAND RADAR.

Singlehanded Sailing Society. Singlehanded passage making, Best Practices - Cruisers & Sailing Forums. Sailing long distance, solo. - Cruisers & Sailing Forums. Singlehanded Sleep Schedule - Cruisers & Sailing Forums. Fifth question: Sailing alone, and sleep - Cruisers & Sailing Forums. The Ultimate Anchor Watch - BoatUS Magazine. Where to install an EPIRB? - Cruisers & Sailing Forums. Jump Start Fail - Cruisers & Sailing Forums. Noakes canvas. Vmg Marine Services : Contact. Our Crew - Ocean Yacht Sales. Vmg Marine Services : About.