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Oklahoma City Murrah Building

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Documentary A Noble Lie exposes Oklahoma City bombing as government black-op. By Craig McKee The official narrative is simple: A right-wing extremist and his accomplice struck a blow against the American government by setting off a truck bomb in front of the Alfred P.

Documentary A Noble Lie exposes Oklahoma City bombing as government black-op

Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, April 19, 1995. The result was 168 dead, including 19 children, and more than 800 injured. The bombing left the American people fearing a new “terrorist” enemy: the home-grown, militia-loving, anti-government extremist. Good story. The truth about Oklahoma City involved not only a terrible human tragedy but also a story of government conspiracy, media complicity, destruction of evidence, intimidation, and torture.

Film producer Christopher Emery began researching the Oklahoma City bombing back in 2000, even moving to Oklahoma City from New Mexico in 2003 so he could be close to witnesses and other sources of information. “We’re trying to rewrite history,” Emery says. Never Forget: Hero Cop Who Blew Whistle on OKC Bombing Did NOT Commit Suicide. Oklahoma City, OK – Instead of being treated as the hero he truly was, Sgt.

Never Forget: Hero Cop Who Blew Whistle on OKC Bombing Did NOT Commit Suicide

Terrance Yeakey was silenced by his own government in an effort to keep him from exposing their complicity in one of the largest mass murders in American history – which senselessly ended the lives of 168 people, including 19 children. According to his widow, instead of being showered with accolades by the US government for his heroism, Yeakey was killed, with his death being framed to look like a suicide (although a very poorly staged one) only days before receiving the police department’s Medal of Valor for his heroic rescue efforts on day of the Oklahoma City bombing. On May 11, 1996, only days after his Yeakey’s death, the New York Times ran a story with the headline – ‘A Policeman Who Rescued 4 in Bombing Kills Himself’ – but the bold assertion — that hero cop Sgt. Terrance Yeakey killed himself — couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sgt. Sgt. Terrance Yeakey was never heard from again. WTC-7 Mysteries FINALLY Solved., page 1. This explanation by "wecomeinpeace" in October 2006 makes the whole -explosion versus plane impact- seismic effects, suddenly clear for most of its readers : What clinches it for me is that the WTC7 pre-collapse signal was larger in peak energy than the collapse of the entire building, so it simply cannot be explained away by a partial collapse inside the building.

WTC-7 Mysteries FINALLY Solved., page 1

NATURAL buckling or collapsing of that famous column 79, declared by NIST as the collapse initiator, can never ever result in a much higher amplitudes seismic peak pack than the whole 47 stories high WTC 7 steel building NATURALLY globally collapsing. Was Timothy McVeigh a Government Agent? This video of His Secret Life Will Shake You! (Before It's News) General tags…

Was Timothy McVeigh a Government Agent? This video of His Secret Life Will Shake You!

Oklahoma City Bombing - Prison Planet Intelligence Agency Wiki. Trentadue Edit Timothy McVeigh named Richard Lee Guthrie as John Doe 2.

Oklahoma City Bombing - Prison Planet Intelligence Agency Wiki

Guthrie was part of a bank robbery team. Kenneth Trentadue, Richard Lee Guthrie and Alden Gillis Baker all died in federal custody. Norman Pearl, a Video expert sent to examine the CCTV tapes also died. Jesse Trentadues FOIA against the CIA to reveal their involvement with OKC, revealed 37 blanked out pages, stamped "Secret - National Security". The CIA told the judge that to release their documents would "pose a grave threat to the security of the USA.

" Excerpts From Timothy McVeigh Letter. Following are excerpts from a letter dated Oct. 20, 1993, and written by Timothy J.

Excerpts From Timothy McVeigh Letter

McVeigh to his sister Jennifer McVeigh. The idiosyncrasies in spelling and punctuation are Mr. McVeigh's. Grandpa McVeigh saw this. He never knew why, but one day, I showed up at his door, freezing outside, in only sweat pants and in total, complete breakdown. Now here's what led to my current life: It all revolves around my arrival at Ft. The 10 of us were told that out of the select group of 400, we had scored highest on certain tests. We were all asked to ''volunteer'' (talk about peer pressure!) Our Republic - False-Flag: 1995. Oklahoma City Bombing. “I don’t know if you recall everything that happened that morning or not, so I am not sure if you know what I am referring to.

Our Republic - False-Flag: 1995. Oklahoma City Bombing

“The man that you and I were talking about in the pictures I have made the mistake of asking too many questions as to his role in the bombing and was told to back off. “I was told by several officers he was a ATF agent who was overseeing the bombing plot and at the time the photos were taken he was calling in his report of what had just went down! “Knowing what I know now and understanding fully just what went down that morning makes me ashamed to wear a badge from Oklahoma City's Police Department.

I took an oath to uphold the law and to enforce the law to the best of my ability. This is something I cannot honestly do and hold my head up proud any longer if I keep my silence as I am ordered to do “Everyone was behind you until you started asking questions as I did, as to how so many federal agents arrived at the scene at the same time. The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn! The Senate lent strong support today to a simply worded resolution calling on Iran to let four Americans come home.

The History The US Government HOPES You Never Learn!

Washington Post bureau chief Rezaian, a California native who reported from Tehran since 2008, was seized on July 22, 2014, in a raid on his home. His wife, Yeganeh Salehi, a reporter for UAE English-language newspaper The National, was also detained and released in October. Word came last month that Rezaian will go on trial for espionage charges.

Marine vet Hekmati was seized while visiting extended family for the first time in August 2011, Abedini was convicted in January 2013 for establishing Christian house churches, and Levinson went missing off the coast of Iran eight years ago while working as a private investigator. Levinson’s family later received images of him in captivity, though the Iranian government has maintained they don’t know who is holding the former FBI agent. UPDATED: More Hard Proof the Oklahoma City Bombing was a Hoax - NODISINFO. Make no mistake about it the Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing was an arch-Zionist plot.

UPDATED: More Hard Proof the Oklahoma City Bombing was a Hoax - NODISINFO

There is no possibility that this was a real event where a terrorist attack was committed randomly by a crazed, disgruntled loner. The presumed bomber, Timothy McVeigh, along with his supposed accomplice, Terry Nichols, is merely yet another crisis actor. McVeigh is a CIA operative. He is still alive. » Proof The OKC Bombing Was An Inside Job Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!