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Reg523's channel. Tom Quayle. Get it at Part 2 of the highly popular 'Modern Legato' tutorial is finally here!

Tom Quayle

Starting where Part 1 left off, this 1 hour 40 min long second part of 'Modern Legato' will really take your Legato playing to another level covering even more rhythmic subdivisions such as triplets and swing 16ths to really give you that modern fusion sound and feel. Jazz Guitar Starting Right. Mickdennis4. What jazz guitar learning materials are available free ?

Main. Telebasher's channel. Jazz Guitar Society. Rich Stone! The Official Hey Jazz Guy Page by Jake Hertzog. As seen in Guitar Player Magazine. Mike Stern Masterclass compilation "chord tones" Jeff Richmond: Soloing Through Changes: Chord Tones. Major Scale Mode lessons. Pat Martino Style Lessons - Scot Gormley. Melodic Minor Mode lessons. Jazz Guitar Lessons (2-5-1 progression) - Scot Gormley. Matt Otto. In lesson 82 we will look at an easy 5 note (pentatonic) scale that works well when improvising over a Major 7 #5 chord.

Matt Otto

This chord can be challenging when you’re starting out and this group of 5 notes are fairly easy to hear and play. We will look at this pentatonic scale, one intervalic melody derived from the scale, and improvising using the scale over a bass and drums play along. This pentatonic scale is made up of the fallowing notes over C Major7 #5 (1,2,3,#5,7,1) C, D, E, G#, B, C. One interesting fact about this group of 5 notes is that all are common to 3 differnet scales that are often used when improvising over a Major 7 #5 chord. Emily Remler. Matt Warnock Guitar - Your Online Guide to Playing Better Jazz Guitar.

Learn to Play Better Jazz Guitar in 30 Days. Ted Greene. Freddie Green. Lick By Neck - Learn The Guitar Visually. Play The Guitar instantly! Teach The Guitar Globally!