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Faisal Hoque sur Twitter : "Use it for Free > - #resiliency #app. Daily guide to #create thriving #mindset #LIFE #growth. Survive to Thrive Resiliency App. BusinessWomenExperts sur Twitter : "Untether Your Life: 4 Easy Steps to Digital Zen @alizasherman #life #success. BusinessWomenExperts sur Twitter : "7 Unexpected Ways to Get Unstuck @AlizaSherman #life #unstuck... 7 Unexpected Ways to Get Unstuck. We all get into a rut, whether hitting a wall when running our businesses or coming up empty when trying to be creative or simply wallowing in a losing situation for far too long.

7 Unexpected Ways to Get Unstuck

At some point, our options seem to diminish – at least in our own minds – and we get caught in an endless loop of anxiety-inducing thoughts and behaviors. Here are some novel ideas for breaking loose of whatever might be holding you in a bad place. 1. Take a Walk A friend of mine, fellow author, speaker and consultant Beth Kanter, made a major life and work shift when she took up walking. Geri Stengel, founder and president of Ventureneer, takes walking to get unstuck a step further. “Take a walk in nature,” she says, adding “For me, that’s Central Park or Riverside Park in Manhattan. 2. I used to keep daily journals of my life, focusing more on personal experiences and feelings. Half the time, I feel stuck because I can’t remember something. 3. 4. BusinessWomenExperts sur Twitter : "7 Unexpected Ways to Get Unstuck @AlizaSherman #life #success... 7 Unexpected Ways to Get Unstuck.

Image uploaded by @TueNight (TueNight) The Life and Death of Roses. (Photo: There is a dead rose in a vase on our dining room table.

The Life and Death of Roses

“It needs more water, Mommy,” says my eight-year-old daughter. “It’s dead,” says my husband, looking up from his breakfast. “What can we do?” Asks my daughter. “Throw it out,” says my husband, who goes back to eating. “No, I don’t want it to be dead!” My daughter looks at me pleadingly, and I feel another gentle lecture coming on about life and death and dead flowers being a natural part of the whole process. The first time I realized that there was something dying inside of me was in my mid-40s, in the checkout line at the wine section of my grocery store. BusinessWomenExperts sur Twitter : "7 Signs Your Life Needs an Update @kaylenemathews #life #success #inspiration. 7 Signs Your Life Needs an Update. Have you ever done this?

7 Signs Your Life Needs an Update

In the past I’ve hung onto an outfit just in case it “might come back into style.” I then made the mistake of thinking that it had come back in style and wore it outside of my house. Megan sur Twitter : "The biggest #adventure you can take is to live the #life of your #dreams. Twitter. 7 Ways to Live Your Purpose With a Passion. Untether Your Life: 4 Easy Steps to Digital Zen. Untether Your Life: 4 Easy Steps to Digital Zen. Untether Your Life: 4 Easy Steps to Digital Zen.

Grief and Healing

Judy MacDonald Johnston: Prepare for a good end of life. Your Messy, Messy Life. Going Gray. "The Lost Art of Finding Our Way" by John Edward Huth — A Book Review. "The Lost Art of Finding Our Way" (also available on Amazon) was written by John Huth based on his Harvard course.

"The Lost Art of Finding Our Way" by John Edward Huth — A Book Review

It's not a textbook, but contains the ideas, insights, and research he did for the course presented in a very readable and interesting way for the general reader. He talks about the navigational techniques of the Vikings, the ancient Arab traders, and of course the long distance Polynesian explorers who relied on their specially trained navigators to not get lost in the vast Pacific, along with many other fascinating topics related to "finding our way"—like how mirages, such as the fata morganas, can lead to navigational disasters if you're not careful. John Huth's impetus for the course and book was from an experience he had while kayaking in Nantucket Sound off the coast of Cape Cod.

A heavy fog descended obscuring all sight of the coast or the sky. This book grabbed my attention, because I was in the U.S. Losing Our Way in the World. What I have Learned... The Empty Pickle Jar. Intentions, dreams, and a notebook. Before hiking around Shikoku, I had asked everyone I knew for intentions. The purpose was to carry along the dreams and hopes of the people around me. At the time, I had connected the notion of donations with the intentions to ground them. Each intention carried, whether a prayer, thought or otherwise, accompanied a donation when possible. But this time, we take it further. This time I want your dreams. So, I want you to sit back for a second. Ok… so? Here’s step 2. This is your seed money. This is the money you will use to go after your dream. Okay, step 3… In the following form, I want you to write out your dream and send it to me.

I’m serious. Dreams are exponential. Dreams are exponential Posted by krijali on 23 Feb 2013 / 0 Comment If you’ve arrived at this post and you’d like to find out more background on the moleskine notebook, please check out the first and second posts on the subject.

dreams are exponential

Sitting on the beach, debating myself, I’ve been afforded time to sit back and contemplate the universe. Due to budget constraints, my corporate funding has fallen and it looks like I may need to thin my schedule a bit for the next few weeks. My awesome private investors have given more than enough to keep me here and sustained enough to write, edit, and do conservation work so Cambodia may need to wait. Four Personality Types: Which One Are You? « The Happiness Project. 6 Tips for Handling Criticism.