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Make a swimming Robo-Snake. Sneel is the name of my snake / eel swimming robot.

Make a swimming Robo-Snake

This is documentation of hardware, software and mechanical design of Sneel_003. urethane flex tubing, microcontrollers, Zigbee wireless radio, hose clamps, wires, servo motors, titanium servo brackets, silicon, marine grease, epoxy, pond pump Sneel is a swimming robotic water-snake, constructed to explore lifelike, sinuous motion in an aquatic robot. It is designed to navigate unknown territory and extreme terrain. Sneel is inspired by Protei, (, an international project for the design of a fleet of open source, robotic, unmanned sailboats. Sneel_003 swimming in San Francisco, California, Spreckles Lake, Golden Gate Park: Sneel is an open-source, biomimetic, locomotive, aquatic robot.

Sneel version 2 swimming like a real snake: Sneel version 2, first swim in central park: Binder Clip Ball. Lamp X - The Atmospheric Lamp. Atmosphere is a spatial quality that extends far beyond the physical attributes of a space.

Lamp X - The Atmospheric Lamp

These qualities can be sensory, emotional, harmony, beauty, a feeling of presence and can set the mood and overall feel of a space. The experience of space and the emotions they evoke are greatly affected by light. Light surrounds us and is essential to us as human beings, whether it is artificial light coming from billboards and streetlights in bustling Times Square or the calming dappled light filtering through swaying trees in a meadow, light affects our experiences in subtle ways some might take for granted.

How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shotgun. As a Survival and Preparedness instructor, I take my line of work very serious – sometimes too serious.

How to Build the Ultimate Survival Shotgun

Occasionally, though, I like to take on survival projects that are just down right fun. This article highlights one of those projects. I’m fortunate in that I’ve been able to turn my passion into my profession – this being the study of Survival and Preparedness. I’ve always enjoyed building survival kits of all shapes and sizes. Wooden sheath for cook's knife. Inexpensive Soft Metal Bending Tool. This project may not seem extremely exciting but it is very useful and satisfying to create other parts with once it is finished. It IS exciting, get EXCITED!

If you are a true Maker, you are already teeming with excitement over the fact that you are reading another instructable and expanding your mind's quiver. Dry Film Solder Mask. This Instructable is about dry film solder mask, in other words, is the green stuff that is on top of the circuit board. I like to use smd components in my circuits board because I don't have a computerized drill machine and do in it by hand for a big boards are really tedious.

Soldering smd components in a copper board without dry solder mask, especially for those little capacitors and resistor of 402 in size, becomes a tough challenge and of course those micro controllers with almost zero space between pins. So I decided to use the UV curable Ink, sounded very good on those ebay stores with before and after pictures. Preventive lights for door edge. Bench Power supply. Lead / Pewter Casting at home. Gigabeetle (dead drop beetle) Star Pattern Lamp. PS: sorry for the messy part in the top of the lamp, it is not a part of it !!

Star Pattern Lamp

I just had to take a picture in a hurry :) Hey everyone, here i am again, and this time ii would like to share with you, another instructable on how to make this star pattern inspired lamp. if you've seen my other instructable on how to make the moresque lamp : so you know what i am talking about :) again i just tried to make something original. Free-form curved furniture without molds / Part 1. Ever heard of Zipshape?

Free-form curved furniture without molds / Part 1

It's a technique developed by Schindler Salmeron which lets you to draw a free-form profile curve for (say) a piece of furniture, and then cut a series of teeth into two sheets of thick material like MDF. Those custom-cut teeth are very specifically shaped and matched to each other such that they can "zip" together, but only when the sheets are bent into the curve that you drew at the beginning. The result is amazing: free-form bent furniture parts that you can glue up without molds of any kind.

3D Layered Paper. Inverted Wine Bottle Planter. Introduction/Gathering Materials So a while ago I found a couple of Instructables about how to turn old plastic coke bottles and other various items into upside-down hanging planters (such as this one here).

Inverted Wine Bottle Planter

I thought it was kind of a cool idea, but it just looked far to scrappy to fit in with the rest of my place and wasn't something I would actually want to hang in my window or garden when guests come about… So I began thinking about how to make this idea a bit more aesthetically pleasing and decided that putting the plants into a planter made of solid material, instead of cheap plastic, was a pretty solid solution (no pun intended), which led me to wine bottles. Now this is my first Instructable, so any advice on how to improve on this is quite welcome (as I'd love to make more)… But since everyone has to start somewhere, here goes my dive into the world of Instructables!

For starters, let us grab some materials... Wooden mice by AlestRukov. DIY Indoor Seed Starting System. Since this is my first attempt to grow any plants, I wanted to start simple.

DIY Indoor Seed Starting System

Therefore, I chose to try to grow sunflowers and tomatoes. I assumed that sunflowers would be less maintenance than other vegetable plants because they're flowers. I'm not sure what my logic here was, but that's how I saw it : ). Also, sunflowers can have their seeds harvested and eaten, so not only do they look nice, but produce food. The seeds that are harvested can also be used to plant more sunflowers next year. IPhone Cover for Engineers. With everything going digital these days I started to think that current and future Engineering/Mechanical students are going to rely a lot on software to solve problems, it's happening now, I do it.

IPhone Cover for Engineers

When something new or something that we haven't done in a while in Engineering arises we always look for the easy/lazy way out, we either search the internet for an online calculator, software or look through the app store for a solution, but there's one thing missing, you can't touch it, feel it, assemble it, that's why I came up with, I believe, the first analogue Iphone app. You get this baby printed, you get a sense of achievement because you assembled it, you spin those little 1.25 module gears and admire it in awe.

The gears are all embossed with the number of teeth so you can work out ratios, there are even and odd number of teeth gears just to make it that bit more challenging, it's a great visual to see what direction what gear is going in a gear train. Crystal cMoy Free Form Headphone Amplifier. This headphone amplifier circuit is different to conventional modern construction techniques in that it is air Wired,P2P (Pointr to Point) or free form wiring just like in the good old Valve days before the intervention of PCB's and the transistor.

Crystal cMoy Free Form Headphone Amplifier

Rather than a traditional enclosure, the hole circuit is encapsulated in polyester resin to enhance the internals. If your reading this and thinking why do you need an amplifier for headphones then click here Although allot of cMoy headphone amplifiers are designed to be portable this one is designed for the desktop although a battery pack could be made also. The ChromoDisk. When I saw the Aurora LED 9x18 Instructable, I was inspired.

The ChromoDisk

However, it's built on the PIC microcontroller while I am most familiar with the AVR microcontrollers. Plus, I already have the development and programming environments for AVRs, so I set about a redesign as a personal challenge. I wanted to make something (almost) just as nice, that did not require as many components, was less expensive, and could be soldered by hand (albeit maybe taking a lot of time).

The result is this Instructable, the ChromoDisk. Giant LED bar graph. Metal Bender. No matter what your hobby, sometimes you need to bend some light weight metal into nice, circular shapes. This instructable will show you how to make a metal roller out of old printer rollers and some angle iron. So far, I have used this bender to make circles out of 1x1/16 aluminum for some of my hobby robots, to bend some 1x1/8 inch aluminum into a perfect circle for a US First Robotics high school team I mentor (Go Team 1631), and to bend two 5 inch wide 1/8 inch steel sheets 9 feet long for a fire pit I am making (but that’s another instructable).

This instructable will have you cutting metal and braising. Don’t forget all the safety rules involved with each of these activities. If you are new to any of the tasks below, I recommend looking up safety tips on the internet before trying something new. How to Make a Push Pin Portrait. All Metal Bolt Earbuds. A pair of broken earbuds, or old earbuds, of the small in-ear type that have a silicone seal. From them, we get a 1/4" earphone jack, wire, and 2 speaker elements. Electrical tape. Legend of Zelda Triforce Chainmaille Dice Bag. Tools: 2 Pairs of Pliers * Not pictured - Scissors (to cut the drawstring later) Materials: 1100 Green anodized aluminum rings - 16 ga. 1/4" 200 Gold anodized aluminum rings - 16 ga. 1/4" Drawstring material - I use leather cord Drawstring stopper - You can find these in the "Sewing Notions" area of most craft stores.

You could also use a large-hole bead for a more rustic "period" look. Not Pictured - PATIENCE Optional: A single 16 ga. 5/16" ring for the base. You could use one of the 1/4" rings, but it's kind of tricky to start and doesn't look as good. Makedo Desk Tray. How to Make Mini Straw Fire Starters (easy) Rescuing Cast Iron. Inexpensive DIY LED Lightbox for Tracing. Nojo Design: Large Step Cabinet: February 2012. The largest single piece of furniture I’ve ever made is this stepped cabinet. Napier's Bones: Quickly Multiply, Wooden Style. Napier's bones, without the bones. Colour Changing Night Joule Thief. Fun & easy sailboat [Protei 009.1] Tools Heat-gun Hand-saw Sand-paper Materials PVC tube (540 mm in length, 70 mm diameter) PVC glue.

Network Threat Level Indicator. Make an Airsoft Machine Gun from a Soda Bottle. Several months ago I posted a project showing how to make a 'cloud' BB machine gun with a built in air supply out of PVC. That project, while very entertaining, cost $50 in parts and took several hours to complete. Hick or Country (AKA Redneck) Wine Glasses hijack. Want to cut wine bottles? Build this jig! How to make an origami corner heart bookmark. A Home-Built Biomass Gasifier for Producing Wood Gas. I've built a lot of alternative energy projects over the years. See my web site at and my other instructables to see my home-built solar panels, wind turbine, improvised generator, and other projects.

Lego Computer Case. Batteries + Jumpercables = DC Welder. Cheap Welding for Punks. Hanging Umbrella Light. Settlers of Catan Support Board (For Under $10) Altoids Prank. First, clean the tin so the double sided tape that comes with the alarm can stick. DIY Sriracha a.k.a. Rooster Sauce. Pocket Lathe. Double Spiral Hot Dog. "High Voltage ingnited Plasma Bulb" LED Binary Clock. Hand Painting Wine Glasses. Bias lighting using the IKEA Ledberg light. How To Make Your Own Sugru Substitute. Pic2 shows a 2"x2"x2" solid silicone cube that cured enough in two hours to be removed from its plastic box form. Mini Metal Lathe. Make a USB iPhone iPod Charger On The Cheep!

MOT spot welder tutorial. Hot Chocolate Flambe of sorts. Warmachine Gaming Table for Penny Arcade. Kinect Hacking (Article) Microwave smelter. Making a simple laminate longbow. Melted Crayon Art. Hardware Chess Set. Pocket size Espresso Machine with integrated alcohol stove. Antique Embroidered Book. Fold #3: tucking the over-hang. Cardboard. Stuffed Hobbes (with pattern) 01/\/atch. Ceiling Fan Pull Chain Nightlight. Build a Laser 3D Printer - Stereolithography at Home. 3-D Laser Scanner. How to Origami an X-Wing Starfighter. Converting an Inkjet Printer to Print PCBs. Lantern Clock. Chopstick Tensegrity Set........kind of..... #OctopiWallStreet: big cheap tentacles. Origami Snowflake. Drinking Bird Clock. USB Terranium. Madeleine's Compost Bin.

Easy Seed Starters. Print Waterproof Plastic Maps. Arduino powered Haunted Mansion Singing Busts. Cool Exposed Retro Flip Clock. Aluminium Teflon Coated Mouse Pad For Optical Mice. Acrylic Jenga Pistol. Make your own 3d scanner! Privacy monitor hacked from an old LCD Monitor. iPad Stylus - also for Tablets, iPod, iPhone, Touchpad - Stylish and Simple. Stained Glass. Blackboard Oil Cloth Lunchbag. External Mix Snowmaker (aka snowgun) Hedra Lightshader. Grand Wooden Orrery. 30 watt led worklight. Build a Lightsaber. Survival tool extraordinaire!