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Rocket Boat. As our boats increased in speed over the years so did the problems we encountered in controlling them.

Rocket Boat

We did find some key design elements that worked well though. First, we found that a flat bottomed boat was much faster than a deep hulled boat as the water drag was reduced in this configuration. We also found that the boat needed to be sufficiently long so that the rockets did not push the front of the boat down under the water. The boat was also found to have stability issues at speed if it had a large, flat, upward sloping front. A ne pas manquer : Dans la serre, il y a une maison et des gens qui vivent en autarcie! Suède – Maison naturelle : Près de Stockholm en Suède, un couple a décidé d’acheter une maison d’été et de l’envelopper dans une serre!

A ne pas manquer : Dans la serre, il y a une maison et des gens qui vivent en autarcie!

Je vous montre et vous explique : Voici une maison naturelle qui mérite que l’on en parle, car si vous aimez vivre dans un endroit où il fait plutôt froid toute l’année, elle ne requiert que peu de chauffage… Pompes PCM MOINEAU. Pompes à rotor excentréMOINEAU En 1930, René Moineau obtient le titre de Docteur de la Faculté des Sciences de Paris sur présentation d'une thèse portant sur "le nouveau capsulisme" où est développé le principe de la pompe volumétrique à rotor excentré.Pour assurer l'exploitation de ce nouveau type de pompe, René Moineau s'associe avec Robert Bienaimé et avec l'aide financière du groupe Gévelot, crée la société Pompes, Compresseurs, Mécanique (PCM).


Principe de la pompe à rotor excentréCette pompe est constituée d'un rotor hélicoïdal tournant à l'intérieur d'un stator hélicoïdal. Le rotor en acier inoxydable est usiné avec une grande précision, le stator, lui, est moulé dans un élastomère résistant à l'abrasion.La géométrie et les dimensions de ces pièces sont telles que lorsque le rotor est inséré dans le stator, une double chaîne de cavités étanches alvéoles) est constituée.

Cliquer pour agrandir l'image. Arduino TCA9548A 1-to-8 I2C Multiplexer Arrives At Adafruit. Get creative with the Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit. Learning programming is way more fun when your code controls a robot.

Get creative with the Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit

That is exactly the idea behind the Makeblock Arduino Starter Robot Kit, which currently has 46 percent off at TNW Deals. This introduction to robotics comes with beginner-friendly instructions, and there are two vehicles you can construct from this pack: a caterpillar-propelled tank, or a three-wheeled car. The parts are made from aluminum, which you bolt together to form a robust chassis. With an Arduino for a brain, each vehicle can be steered with code, and programmed to react to the commands you issue with the supplied remote control. Building these robots is also a great way to learn the fundamentals of electronics, although no soldering is required.

The kit provides everything — including tools and an Arduino — you need for building your robots, along with some helpful programming guides. Homemade Speaker Explorations. Le transmetteur FM Ultime (Long Range Spybug) Have you ever wanted to broadcast your own radio station within your neighborhood?

Le transmetteur FM Ultime (Long Range Spybug)

Spy Circuits. This covers all the possible combinations for the greatest output with three transistors using a 3v to 9v supply.

Spy Circuits

If you want to improve any of the circuits we have covered, here are some helpful tips: 13. Ultrabright lampe LED d'urgence (rechargeable!) Recycler Carton Fauteuil - Taille réelle. Americana® Home Decor crayeuse Options de finition. Our water-based waxes are available in three shades, and have a creamy consistency unlike other solid waxes on the market.

Americana® Home Decor crayeuse Options de finition

Due to the porous nature of Americana® Decor™ Chalky Finish paints, our Crème Waxes literally fuse with the paint to provide a super strong layer of protection against daily use. Waxes offer a greater range of finishing options than varnishes, but be sure to use an Americana® Decor™ varnish for outdoor pieces. Easily applied with a brush or a soft, clean cloth Soap & water clean-up Can be buffed to a high-gloss sheen Dark waxes must be used over clear wax, to avoid staining the paint.

Clear wax available in 2 oz, 4 oz, 8 oz, and 16 oz sizes. Storage Trunk Makeover.


$10 Smartphone to digital microscope conversion! Roues Kayak. PVC Bow. Fan de Cheminée. Locomotives de soude. The soda locomotives were a kind of fireless locomotive that generated steam in a highly ingenious manner, rather similiar to that of the ammonia motors. Steam was raised in a boiler, expanded through cylinders in the usual way, and then condensed in a tank of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) that surrounded the boiler.

Dissolving water in caustic soda causes the liberation of heat, and this generated more steam from the boiler. The process stopped when the caustic soda became too dilute to release heat at a useful temperature. Other salts such as calcium chloride could also be used, and such engines are included here. The caustic soda was reconcentrated either by transferring it out of the tank and boiling it in open vats, or, rather more conveniently, by injecting superheated steam at a high enough temperature to boil off the water in solution. An interesting point is that these locomotives were always referred to as "soda locomotives". Tissu de fibre optique - Blanc (40x75 cm) Fiber Optic Fabric - White (40x75 cm) Thermochromatic Pigment - Black (20g) Description: We've all seen toys and things that change color when you run them under warm water or heat them up in the sun.

Thermochromatic Pigment - Black (20g)

Module GSM / GPRS - SM5100B. Description: The SM5100B is a miniature, quad-band GSM 850/EGSM 900/DCS 1800/PCS 1900 module, which can be integrated into a great number of wireless projects.

Module GSM / GPRS - SM5100B

You can use this module to accomplish almost anything a normal cell phone can - SMS text messages, GSM/GPRS, TCP/IP, and more! This module features two UARTS, an SPI interface, and two 10-bit ADCs. Conductive Glue And Conductive Thread: Make an LED Display and Fabric Circuit That Rolls Up. Make your own conductive fabrics, thread, glue, and tape, and use them to make potentiometers, resistors, switches, LED displays and circuits.

Conductive Glue And Conductive Thread: Make an LED Display and Fabric Circuit That Rolls Up.

Using conductive glue and conductive thread you can make LED displays and circuits on any flexible fabric. They can be made flexible enough to roll up (see pic2). using the techniques presented here, you can replace solder in many instances and create circuits on almost any hard or flexible surface. This instructable is the result of some of my experiments with making conductive materials and components. Make conductive ink - search Instructables. Indiana Jones MKVII sac - moitié la taille! Comment faire de la pâte à modeler conducteur. Ink Painting - Make to Learn Contest. DIY Flexible Circuits imprimés. Double-Faced Tape : source for gaffers tape-glow tape-duct tape-duracell procell batteries and more, Goodbuyguys-source for gaffers tape-glow tape-duct tape-duracell procell batteries and more.

Elemental Scientific, LLC. Assurez-colle conductrice et colle un circuit. This is an instructable on the best conductive glue I have been able to make that uses easy to obtain materials, glues well to most materials, is quite flexible and has a low resistance. Unfortunately for me, it uses a rubber or plastic mixture that I do not know the chemical composition of, so I cannot patent it. There are many kinds of conductive epoxies, glues, and rubbers available. Unfortunately, they are for the most part quite expensive. So, for more than four years, I have been trying every possible combination of likely elements, compounds, and solvents that I could get my hands on, in order to make my own truly affordable conductive glue. Comment construire votre robot vibrant modulaire. LED bleue transilluminator. This instructable describes how to make a blue LED (470nm) transilluminator for DNA imaging using SYBR safe dyes.

The transilluminator has a 6 x 7 cm viewing area for small agarose gels.


Modélisme. Voile. Colle-Mastic et divers. Technologie - Comment faire Instructables. 56 46 25 146 3259 15315 24453 91.3K 3126 4190 108 121.2K 311.3K 652.0K 25686 22703 21912K 26583 291.1K 918.7K 18664 4199 28862 261.2K 411.9K 151.0K 642.2K 501.2K 1073.1K 5314 19823K 11796 761.7K 12800 34689 16503 591.5K 9882 19584 7429 381.3K 31894 381.1K 312.0K 19588 7532 311.3K 26829 21727 271.0K 191.8K 14624 33876 601.1K 321.3K 884.1K 401.7K 20962.

Electronique. Expériences-aimants. Maison. Tables de découpe. Consoles. Fatras. Évier en béton. Chambre secrète 123D aiguilles à tricoter. This instructable shows how I made this 3D model of my own invention made with 123D design. The following text explains what it is and what you can use it for. I hope you like it!


Impression 3D. Piles-Batteries. Vélo.