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A remote controlled RGB light bulb lamp. V10 (vawt,savonius,vertical axis,windturbine,ametek) DIY vertical axis wind turbine.


Gold Recovery. Wait don’t throw those old electronics in the garbage, there’s gold in them there things.

Gold Recovery

How about putting it in your pockets instead of someone else’s pocket? Laptops, phones, cameras, and the like are filled with gold plated circuit boards even printers and scanners have gold, silver, and copper, even platinum in them. Gold is a precious, conductive, and pliable metal that retains a stable value better than many commodities. Its chemical properties make it useful for the manufacture of computers parts and electronics.


Attiny25/45/85 PWM generator and Servo tester! Build a big crane game. Make a super cheap 3D printer using recycled parts. Tinkercad Tutorial. Alternative Claw – Sugru Grip. Miniature Remote Control Airboat. Solder smoke air filter. I know how to solder.

Solder smoke air filter

I've been avoiding it as much as possible for a long time due to the really crappy soldering iron I've had. As an early Christmas preset, my fiance bought me an Aoyue 937+ solder station. There are better but it's been the best solder station I've ever used. So I've gotten back in to soldering things rather than just twisting and clamping wires or using solderless breadboards.

The problem with all the soldering, smoke. Build a Pneumatic Air Rifle. I have always enjoyed making pneumatic potato guns.

Build a Pneumatic Air Rifle

There's always fun to be found with a gun that shoots anything you can fit in the barrel. So I've decided to post one of my more recent builds of a small caliber potato gun. This is technically my first instructable since my mini-fridge was just a slideshow, so please bear with me. Plus, I feel I have to redeem myself from that mini-fridge since it ended up all over the internet. Combat Robotics Tutorial. ***DISCLAIMER: Some of this information could be better or is inaccurate.

Combat Robotics Tutorial

Specifically how big of a battery you need. I plan on making a new tutorial eventually, but for the most part this tutorial is accurate. How to Create a Pneumatic System for (F.I.R.S.T) Robots. This is an instructable primarily for next years members of the Scarlett Robotics team (4733), however; it will also apply to all first or second year FIRST robotics teams who have never used pneumatics, or to anyone who wants to add pneumatics to their own robots(may want to consider other sources for parts the ones that are allowed in the FIRST competitions are expensive).

How to Create a Pneumatic System for (F.I.R.S.T) Robots

This isntructable contains the basics along with a few tips on speeding up flow rates. Pneumatic Claw. You will need the following: - Pneumatic cylinder- make sure it has a large diameter, something over 2 inches is probably best. stroke length around 4 inches, and pressure handling of 110psi to be safe. check ebay. mine is a bimba stainless steel 2in diameter, 4 in stroke length. - Plywood - i used 1/2 inch, 4ply for the gripper parts, and some thicker, 10ply?

Pneumatic Claw

Dense hardwood plywood i had laying around. the thicker stuff is mechanically indestructible. got the thinner stuff for a different project at lowes. - 4 way poppet valve - i got mine for free, mine is a bosh rexroth type 840. check ebay. they are made specifically to extend and retract pneumatic cylinders. -pneumatic tubing. size depends on your valve. -pneumatic fittings: three hose barbs, depending on your tubing size. one coupling, one pneumatic quick connect. DIY a microscope using a green laser pointer for under 20bucks. Powerful green laser pointer. Build a laser show that moves to your favourite music. The first thing we want to do is provide power to the laser itself, and provide any easy method to turn it on and off.

Build a laser show that moves to your favourite music

The power is coming from the AC/DC adapter, but it ends in one of those plugs we're all so familiar with. What we need to do is wire a receptacle (which connects to our power adapter plug), to a switch (which allows us to turn power on and off), which then goes to the laser driver board itself. Don't connect anything to the laser yet! Why? We need to mount the switch and the receptacle in the box, and you'll quickly find that you need to pass the wires through the little hole in order to mount the switch. Now we can solder those leads to the laser, and fix the laser driver board to a part of the box. Diffraction Projector Laser Show. Simple Laser Show. You will need the following: - A laser pointer or module, see This. don't get anything above 30mw!

Simple Laser Show

- A bunch of legos, make sure you have a motor, a battery box or power source and a worm gear box. (any small, slow speed motor will give you good effects). - a small piece of acrylic at least 1/8th of an inc thick (available at home depot or Lowes, or pretty much any hardware store). be sure not to get polycarbonate, it turns black or tints when heated, which is not what we want. Remote Controlled SOLAR POWERED Barge. The Complete Guide to RC Electronics. Printrbot Simple X-axis Upgrade. How to build a Printrbot Simple ! 3D printer heated bed. Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Plate. 3D printable Arduino Mega prototyping plate.

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Plate

I broke the plate into 2 pieces to allow for printing on smaller 3D build platforms (solid model also provided). You can use the free 123D app available @ and download my file @ and create your own rapid proto plate/box for your Arduino Mega! I also have a write up on general 3D printing at home here: Now you can send that beautiful $55 board out on your next physically aggressive project with confidence. I also built in a sliding trap door for lower plate egress as well as top box openings that help extend your leads to sensors, motors etc all while protecting your board. Oh, and if you run an Ethernet shield I have included a box top that can house both boards perfectly. Oh, oh, and if you run an Uno check out my Uno Protection Box here: Prevent 3D prints from warping - no mess! Ever since I started experimenting with my UP!

Prevent 3D prints from warping - no mess!

3D Printer, I have had issues with part warping. The warping is especially bad when the parts are made with solid fill and take up a lot of room on the build platform. I was getting pretty good results using Kapton tape alone, but when a new and difficult part came around it wasn't cutting it anymore. I found TechShopJim's great instructable here: about how to make an ABS slurry to help parts stick to the platform. Make a super cheap 3D printer using recycled parts. Da Vinci XYZ 3D Printer Filament Counter Resetter. Introduction to 3D Printing. While all 3D printers create objects using additive methods (the opposite of a CNC machine), different approaches exist to actually physically depositing the material. The most common methods are: -Fused Deposition Modeling- A very common method in which the part is printed by extruding molten stings of material that melt together to create the part.

This is usually the cheapest method, but quality can suffer, and materials are limited. Examples include: Maker Bot, RepRap, Objet, Cube, Solidoodle, Dimension and many others. -Selective Laser Sintering -More common in industrial style prototyping settings, a laser melts together powdered plastic, ceramic, or other material, then spreads more powder on top, repeating the process to build the part layer by layer. 3D printed Cube Connectors. A Simple 3D Printer Table. 3d printers, like every specialized tool, need space for supplies and tools. My printer was located in the garage, but due to the heat it was miserable to spend much time working with it. The problem I faced was that I didn't have an adequate workspace inside. Here is a simple table made from 2x4s and scrap plywood that will hold the printer, some tools, and several spools of plastic. Wall-Mounted Standing Desk. Intro to Airbrushing Makeup! The materials you will need are an airbrush gun (the piece that actually sprays the paint), a compressor (a piece connected to your gun that forces the air through the gun), and airbrush paints.

The gun: There are two types of guns, single-action and double-action. Single action guns, such as the Dinair and Luminesse, are less powerful and have less control and precision, but are somewhat easier to use than the double action and are designed to be used by consumers and not professionals. If all you want is to airbrush your own foundation that is the system that I recommend. CAD to 3D. DIY delta 3D printer using low cost recycled parts.

World is in a revolution in manufacturing methods by 3D printers. In the past years personal computers and printers helped us to spread knowledge and information communication among individuals and institutes so that everyone can write and publish own contents. DIY delta 3D printer using low cost recycled parts. DeltaTrix 3D Printer. Under Revision: This Instructable is being updated to reflect the latest version of the DeltaTrix 3D printer, as produced for my Kickstarter project. Until this message is removed, the update is still in progress. DELTA TWISTER: A DIY 3D PRINTER ANYONE CAN MAKE (FOR LESS THEN 400 BUCKS) Arduino – Datalogger with Temperature Sensor and Photoresistor. Custom Arduino Shield and Sensors. Overview: This instructable will construct a series of custom sensor modules and an Arduino shield.

Ilustrated CAD process for creating a 3D printed assistive device in ABS plastic. DeltaTrix 3D Printer. Combination CNC Machine and 3D Printer. The Monsters keep dancing in my head... Custom Mechanical Biorhythm Computer, 3D printed. Update: After posting this, I realized that it's missing the most important part of any instructible!

I'll be posting a complete list of parts, complete with STL files for them, in case you want to build one on your own. In the meantime, I've attached the full STL model below, and made it downloadable at both Ponoko and Shapeways. Have fun! Silicone-like material prototyped on a 3D printer. 3d Printed Speaker Project. A tiny Arduino laser cutter.

The basis for Groover's axis was the two mini stepper motors from the DVD-RW drives. The motors drive the DVD head mechanism which either moved the laser cutting head, or the cutting table. Cheap and easy led grow light. The Movable Hanging Herb Garden. Capacitive-Touch Arduino Keyboard Piano. Digispark DIY: The smallest USB Arduino. Digispark is an ATtiny85 based microcontroller development board come with USB interface. Coding is similar to Arduino, and it use the familiar Arduino IDE for development.

Artoo [R2] (ATtiny2313 Wall Avoiding Robot) Arduino Web Enabled RGB Lighting. DIY 360 Degree SODAR Device. Multiplexing 7 Segment displays with Arduino and Shift Registers. Arduino Robot Arm. Yogy - The Arduino Powered Robot Made For Kids. Arduino Powerd, RGB + White LED, Bluetooth controllable, Floor lamp. Thermal Camera. Home Automation (or Robot Butler called Geoffrey) - iPhone controlled, arduino based. Better LED as light sensor. Arduino / Processing Audio Spectrum Analyzer. LED Cube Spectrum Analyzer. Arduino Laser Engraver. Arduino Automatic Watering System For Plants Sprinkler.

Introducing Climaduino - The Arduino-Based Thermostat You Control From Your Phone! Smart Phone Controlled Christmas Tree with RGB LED Strip. Arduino Webserver Control Lights, Relays, Servos, etc... Make a 24X6 LED matrix. ARDUINO ENERGY METER. Charlieplexed Arduino 8x8 LED Grid Display Shield made and simulated in 123D Circuits. Android controlled Lights and Power, pfodDevice for Arduino. Make an Arduino-controlled AC switch. Arduino Hardware PWM for stepper motor drives. Arduino 3-axis Mini Lazer Paper-Cutter. Arduino 3-axis Mini Lazer Paper-Cutter. Arduino based Etch A Sketch Laser Cutter. Cheap and easy led grow light.