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Just Released! ANONYMOUS declares war on the system! JOIN THE RESISTANCE!‬‏ Anon survival guide. Anonym. Video review: "The Plan," decentralization, and Anonymous. ANONYMOUS. HBGARY. Radio tools. Hacking Society.

Street Art Tools. DIY. Tools. Anonymous. A letter from Anon. The Philosophy of Anonymous. I.

The Philosophy of Anonymous

Basic Principles of Anonymous Anonymous has received fairly bad publicity in the past. Although it is not that we care, in fact all the negativity that surrounds us actually made us stronger, in other words, we can turn just about anything into comedy. Take the first Faux News investigation on us for example.

For such a short segment that clearly described us as domestic terrorists, about 30 things mentioned in that report ended up becoming memes. Anonymous is not a gang of hackers on steroids. But why do we go picking on other websites for our own enjoyment? II. Historically, Anonymous' targets have had one or more of the following properties: 1. Consider the Church of Scientology. 1. They pursue frivolous "copyright infringement" claims to ridiculous lengths, trying to remove and all data that does not present the Church of Scientology in a positive light.

Lisa McPherson was just one of dozens of known and countless unknown victims who were killed by the Church of Scientology. III. Anonymous: the new face of cyber-war‬‏ OPS. Generation OS13: The new culture of resistance‬‏ Lessons from Anonymous on cyberwar. "Cyberwar" is a heavily loaded term, which conjures up Hollywood inspired images of hackers causing oil refineries to explode.

Lessons from Anonymous on cyberwar

Some security celebrities came out very strongly against the thought of it, claiming that cyberwar was less science, and more science fiction. Last year on May 21, the United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) reported reaching initial operational capability, and news stories abound of US soldiers undergoing basic cyber training, which all point to the idea that traditional super powers are starting to explore this arena. Recent activities with one government contractor and Anonymous, however, show clearly that cyber operations have been going on for a long while, and that the private sector has been only too ready to fill the cyber mercenary role for piles of cash. Anonymous vs. HBGary Early in 2011, Aaron Barr submitted a talk to a security conference in which he planned to "focus on outing the major players of the anonymous group". Anonymous were quick to respond. Al Jazeera The Stream - 19 - Anonymous and the Arab uprisings Part 2/3‬‏

Anonymous: Resistance Begins NOW. System Failure: Eminent.‬‏ Al Jazeera The Stream - 19 - Anonymous and the Arab uprisings Part 3/3‬‏ FINAL OpWant NO IMF Greek Revolution‬‏ Al Jazeera The Stream - 19 - Anonymous and the Arab uprisings Part 1/3‬‏ FBI AFTER ANONYMOUS!‬‏ Hack the Planet!‬‏ Anonymous News. 10 hrs ago | The Jewish News Weekly Cyber attack brings down Israeli websites Hackers in a coordinated cyber attack on Israel briefly brought down the websites of the country's postal service and Education Ministry on April 7.

Anonymous News

The international hacking group Anonymous and its followers also published online a list of phone numbers, emails and passwords of senior Israeli officials, Ynet reported. Trending on the Topix Network Wed Apr 09, 2014 Jerusalem Post IDF 'cyber-chief' Moscovici: Today's online attackers are gaining on the defenders At National Security Studies annual cyber confab, Maj.Gen. says trying to predict the expansion of cyber warfare is problematic. Tue Apr 08, 2014 Israel sees a new cyberattack by pro-Palestinian 'Anonymous' hacktivists The infamous hacktivist group Anonymous has launched another attack on the Israeli government, a year after their first such attack. Courthouse News Service Quiet Guilty Plea From Anonymous-Linked Man WNYC-AM New York Mon Apr 07, 2014.