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Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology

Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology

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Massive information dump by Anonymous on hundreds of cops, including a ‘pedo cop’ Anonymous has been extremely active over the last few weeks; for one, disclosing the inept state of Alabama’s privacy of 40,000 of its residents, after hacking into their site in just minutes. In addition to a mountain of website’s defaced and hacked, the group has surpassed themselves. Again. Imagine what you would expect to find after hacking into the databases of the Los Angeles Police Canine Association‘s website — certainly not disturbing images from an ‘alleged’ pedo cop of unclothed children with adults – the police officer in question, Jesse Flores, should have ‘expected them.’ Long before Xenu: Scientology’s actual origin story, as told by a former member We have a real treat for you today. Derek Bloch noticed that Scientology’s “Xenu” story that was made famous in South Park in 2005 and was given another great treatment in Alex Gibney’s film Going Clear this year (pictured above) is often referred to as Scientology’s “origin story.” This is simply untrue. The Xenu incident, which resulted in so many beings brought to and vaporized on Earth, took place a mere 75 million years ago. But Scientology founder L.

Urizenus Sklar: Generation W: WikiLeaks Ignites a New Generation of Hacktivists While the traditional media and the United States government continue to fixate on the individual Julian Assange, a not so subtle cultural shift is taking root worldwide: Hacktivist culture is rapidly morphing from a small underground subculture into mainstream culture for a younger generation, not just in the United States, but worldwide. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks did not start this cultural movement, but they have served as a catalyst for its robust growth and worldwide propagation. And while the new generation of hacktivists has Wikileaks as its model, they also grew up in the era of George W. Bush's neo-imperialism and its attendant war against transparency. WikiLeaks is the answer to the age of W, and it has given rise to what I call Generation W. Once the Wrong Hands infiltrated the JLU, they leaked the contents of the JLU database, posting it in many locations online.

Johari Pictures - Gambian Giant Pouched Rat In memory of Johari - (jewel) 12-13-96 to 12-31-98 Johari was a female Gambian giant pouched rat. Her favorite pastimes were eating (mangos and avocado are her favorites), wrestling, napping, hiding food and licking peoples hands. Her turnoffs were sudden loud noises, humans with bad breath blowing in her face and having her old nesting material removed from her cage (just after she laid it out all perfect). Internet Hate Machine About Internet Hate Machine is a term initially used by a Los Angeles news station to describe Anonymous, which has since been co-opted as an inside joke by members of the group. The label can be seen as a testament to the perception gap between outsiders who may feel that Anonymous actions are carried out of sadistic pleasure and insiders of the group who insist they’re done for the lulz, or one’s comedic enjoyment. Origin

Who Is Overlord Xenu? - Scientology's Creation Myth By Catherine Beyer Updated July 24, 2016. The Church of Scientology accepts that intelligent life exists throughout the universe and has for millions of years. Spiritual Satanism Spiritual Satanism Spiritual Satanism, like "Traditional Satanism," differs from LaVeyan Satanism. We are aware of the existence of Satan/Lucifer as an actual being. Anonymous About Anonymous is an ad-hoc group of Internet users who are often associated with various hacktivist operations, including protests against Internet censorship, Scientology and government corruption. History Users of the anonymous image board 4chan, launched in late 2003, began using the term “Anonymous” when referring to themselves as a collective. User registration is not required on the site and users who do not identify themselves are given the label “Anonymous.” In 2004, a 4chan administration manipulated the site to force every user to be displayed as “Anonymous,” which perpetuated the notion that users of the site was part of an anonymous group.

Blogging Dianetics from cover to cover In 1950, L. Ron Hubbard published the book that changed his life, transforming him from a well known writer of pulp fiction into an even more well known leader of a worldwide organization that came to be known as the Church of Scientology. That book was Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and in 2013 we examined it in weekly installments, using a first edition copy of the book that was given to us by researcher Jeff Jacobsen. Support Hunting With Zombies The Support Zombie Hunting Association is one of the UK's most prominent pro-hunting organisations, now incorporating issues related to Urban Herding, Barricade Demolition and the Banning of Shotgun Shooting. (This page is a parody of this support foxhunting-with-hounds site.) Some Real Links The Zombie Infection Simulation - a simulated outbreakThe Zombie Survival Guide - essential readingUrban Dead - visit Malton

Anonymous retreats from Mexico drug cartel confrontation Plans by the hacker collective Anonymous to expose collaborators with Mexico's bloody Zetas drug cartel – a project it dubbed "#OpCartel" – have fallen into disarray, with some retreating from the idea of confronting the killers while others say that the kidnap of an Anonymous hacker, the incident meant to have spawned the scheme, never happened. The apparent climbdown by the group came as one security company, Stratfor, claimed that the cartel was hiring its own security experts to track the hackers down – which could have resulted in "abduction, injury and death" for anyone it traced. Two hacker members of "Operation Cartel", which said earlier this week that it would expose members of the murderous cartel, have now indicated that they are stopping their scheme to identify collaborators and members because they don't want anyone to be killed as a result. The threat from the cartel had already worried some Anonymous members. "He denounced the op after safety concerns.

Official Church of Scientology: Dianetics, Videos, L. Ron Hubbard Book, Auditing, What is the Mind The Dianetics symbol uses the Greek letter delta as its basic form. The green stripes stand for growth, the yellow stripes are for life. The four green stripes represent the four subdivisions of Man's urge to survive which are delineated in Dianetics. Dianetics: dia (Greek) through, nous (Greek) mind or soul. To understand exactly how Scientology is used, something should be known of the track of research L. Ron Hubbard traveled and the antecedent of Scientology—Dianetics.

How Anonymous Picks Targets, Launches Attacks, and Takes Powerful Organizations Down Image Design: Giles Revell No one but Hector Xavier Monsegur can know why or when he became Sabu, joining the strange and chaotic Internet collective known as Anonymous. But we know the moment he gave Sabu up.