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Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology

Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology
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Anonymous is dying. What comes next? : anonymous Long before Xenu: Scientology’s actual origin story, as told by a former member We have a real treat for you today. Derek Bloch noticed that Scientology’s “Xenu” story that was made famous in South Park in 2005 and was given another great treatment in Alex Gibney’s film Going Clear this year (pictured above) is often referred to as Scientology’s “origin story.” This is simply untrue. The Xenu incident, which resulted in so many beings brought to and vaporized on Earth, took place a mere 75 million years ago. But Scientology founder L. Xenu is the most famous figure in Scientology to outsiders. Long before Xenu decided to turn Earth into a prison planet for everyone that he thought would rebel against his regime, there were disembodied energies floating throughout a universe of emptiness. From that point this life energy came into existence with nothing else around. One day this committee started calling people before it and banishing them to the MEST Universe without explanation. In their banishment, however, they became bored. THE BUNKER: Hold on there, Derek.

Massive information dump by Anonymous on hundreds of cops, including a ‘pedo cop’ Anonymous has been extremely active over the last few weeks; for one, disclosing the inept state of Alabama’s privacy of 40,000 of its residents, after hacking into their site in just minutes. In addition to a mountain of website’s defaced and hacked, the group has surpassed themselves. Again. Imagine what you would expect to find after hacking into the databases of the Los Angeles Police Canine Association‘s website — certainly not disturbing images from an ‘alleged’ pedo cop of unclothed children with adults – the police officer in question, Jesse Flores, should have ‘expected them.’ Included in the trove of information obtained by Anons @CabinCr3w and @ItsKahuna are names, addresses and phone numbers of hundreds of police officers and their membership rosters which were taken upon login. Disturbing images in the database were provided by this officer: The information obtained includes emails, “We now have all of their emails, and you do as well. Quote in full: ShareThis

Who Is Overlord Xenu? - Scientology's Creation Myth By Catherine Beyer Updated July 24, 2016. The Church of Scientology accepts that intelligent life exists throughout the universe and has for millions of years. Mythology of Xenu 75,00,000 years ago, Xenu headed the Galactic Federation, which was an organization of 76 planets that had already existed for 20,000,000 years. Members of the galactic Federation eventually rebelled against Xenu, fighting him for six years before he was finally captured and imprisoned on a planet that today is barren desert. How The Story of Xenu Influences Scientology Belief The thetans who were captured and exploded on Earth are the origin of body thetans. Clears work with the body thetans through a system similar to auditing, assisting the body thetans to get past their own traumas, at which point they leave the Clear's body. Public Acknowledgement Or Denial of Xenu Scientologists are not made aware of Xenu until they have reached a stage known as OT-III.

Internet Hate Machine About Internet Hate Machine is a term initially used by a Los Angeles news station to describe Anonymous, which has since been co-opted as an inside joke by members of the group. The label can be seen as a testament to the perception gap between outsiders who may feel that Anonymous actions are carried out of sadistic pleasure and insiders of the group who insist they’re done for the lulz, or one’s comedic enjoyment. Origin The term “Internet Hate Machine” was coined during a news story on Anonymous broadcast by Los Angeles Fox affiliate KTTV on July 26th 2007, which characterized the group as hackers, cyber bullies and "domestic terrorists.” Spread The following day, a thread about the report was posted to 4chan’s /a/ (anime) board. In the following months, two YTMND sites were created in tribute to the phrase. Remix Videos As the video clip of the news segment continued to gain traction, some YouTube users began to remix it or create YouTube Poop with the original footage. Term Expansion

Church of Scientology - Dianetics Answers and Authentic Information Anonymous About Anonymous is an ad-hoc group of Internet users who are often associated with various hacktivist operations, including protests against Internet censorship, Scientology and government corruption. History Users of the anonymous image board 4chan, launched in late 2003, began using the term “Anonymous” when referring to themselves as a collective. User registration is not required on the site and users who do not identify themselves are given the label “Anonymous.” In 2004, a 4chan administration manipulated the site to force every user to be displayed as “Anonymous,” which perpetuated the notion that users of the site was part of an anonymous group. Hacktivist Comic Boook On January 22nd, 2014, the four part comic Hacktivist, based on Anonymous, was released. "The world knows Ed Hiccox and Nate Graft as the young, brilliant co-founders of YourLife, a social networking company that has changed the way the world connects with each other. Operations The Great Habbo Raid Project Chanology

Blogging Dianetics from cover to cover In 1950, L. Ron Hubbard published the book that changed his life, transforming him from a well known writer of pulp fiction into an even more well known leader of a worldwide organization that came to be known as the Church of Scientology. That book was Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, and in 2013 we examined it in weekly installments, using a first edition copy of the book that was given to us by researcher Jeff Jacobsen. The best part: we made use of the invaluable help of ex-Scientologist, Los Angeles lawyer, and writer Vance Woodward. [For the most current story at The Underground Bunker, go here. The 25 installments, in order… Blogging Dianetics, Part 1: Vance Woodward Helps Us Parse L.

Anonymous retreats from Mexico drug cartel confrontation | Technology Plans by the hacker collective Anonymous to expose collaborators with Mexico's bloody Zetas drug cartel – a project it dubbed "#OpCartel" – have fallen into disarray, with some retreating from the idea of confronting the killers while others say that the kidnap of an Anonymous hacker, the incident meant to have spawned the scheme, never happened. The apparent climbdown by the group came as one security company, Stratfor, claimed that the cartel was hiring its own security experts to track the hackers down – which could have resulted in "abduction, injury and death" for anyone it traced. Two hacker members of "Operation Cartel", which said earlier this week that it would expose members of the murderous cartel, have now indicated that they are stopping their scheme to identify collaborators and members because they don't want anyone to be killed as a result. The threat from the cartel had already worried some Anonymous members. "He denounced the op after safety concerns.

Official Church of Scientology: Dianetics, Videos, L. Ron Hubbard Book, Auditing, What is the Mind The Dianetics symbol uses the Greek letter delta as its basic form. The green stripes stand for growth, the yellow stripes are for life. The four green stripes represent the four subdivisions of Man's urge to survive which are delineated in Dianetics. Dianetics: dia (Greek) through, nous (Greek) mind or soul. To understand exactly how Scientology is used, something should be known of the track of research L. Ron Hubbard traveled and the antecedent of Scientology—Dianetics. Dianetics is a methodology which can help alleviate unwanted sensations and emotions, irrational fears and psychosomatic illnesses (illnesses caused or aggravated by mental stress). It is most accurately described as what the soul is doing to the body through the mind. Prior to 1950, prevailing scientific thought had concluded Man’s mind to be his brain, i.e., a collection of cells and neurons and nothing more. L.

How Anonymous Picks Targets, Launches Attacks, and Takes Powerful Organizations Down | Threat Level Image Design: Giles Revell No one but Hector Xavier Monsegur can know why or when he became Sabu, joining the strange and chaotic Internet collective known as Anonymous. But we know the moment he gave Sabu up. For the next eight months, Sabu continued to rage across the Internet as a core member of AntiSec, a blackhat hacking group within Anonymous. we’re used to that heat we survived the first rounds of the raids He was referring to a series of arrests that past summer that had scooped up, worldwide, at least 80 alleged participants in the group. But Sabu hadn’t survived the first rounds of the raids, and thanks to the evidence he helped the Feds gather, more anons wouldn’t survive the next round. It was merely a speed bump for the collective but a massive emotional bitchslap for individuals Painting: Chrissy Angliker In 2011, Anonymous figured out how to infiltrate anything, to mobilize not just machines but bodies. Was it really just a speed bump? Pages: 1 2345View All

L. Ron Hubbard Quotes and Biography Resources (elrond hubbard) L Ron Hubbard is known world over as the founder of the Scientology religion. A truly international figure, he reached out to people in all lands and all cultures with his philosophy, and Scientology missions and churches now span five continents. View Site: L. Ron Hubbard: Shaping the 21st Century with solutions for a better world L. Steubenville High School Students Joke About Rape In Video Leaked By Anonymous A chilling video leaked by an Anonymous cell this week has added a new twist to a sordid tale of alleged rape that has shattered the peace of a close-knit Ohio football town. The disturbing 12-minute video, posted online Tuesday by the hacktivist group “Knight Sec,” shows teens making jokes about the events that reportedly transpired on Aug. 22. One teen appears to refer to the victim as "deader than" Trayvon Martin, and adds, "she is so raped her p**s is about as dry as the sun right now." Months later, what exactly happened in Steubenville, Ohio, is still being pieced together. Few witnesses have stepped forward to talk about the parties where the underage girl, who was from a neighboring town, was allegedly transported, assaulted and photographed by athletes from local Steubenville High. The video, which was allegedly posted to YouTube on the night of the incident, has been brought to the attention of local police. From the Times: The group wrote: