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Involving Men in Feminism

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The Distress of the Privileged. This time, though, it doesn’t work.

The Distress of the Privileged

No wife, no kids, no food. Confused, he repeats the invocation, as if he must have said it wrong. After searching the house, he wanders out into the rain and plaintively questions this strangely malfunctioning Universe: “Where’s my dinner?” Privileged distress. Etre féministe avec une bite. Can a man be a feminist even if he doesn't get outraged about certain things? Don’t Be A Creeper. « Previous 1 2 3 View All Next » Last week we talked about the concept of male privilege . This week, we’re going to take that knowledge and examine how you can put it to practical use. An Incomplete Guide to Not Creeping. The last couple of months have been a really interesting time for geekdom, as its had its face rubbed in the fact that there are a lot of creepy assbags among its number, and that geekdom is not always the most welcoming of places for women.

An Incomplete Guide to Not Creeping

A Call to Arms for Decent Men – by Ernest Adams « The Feminine Miss Geek. Hullo, readers.

A Call to Arms for Decent Men – by Ernest Adams « The Feminine Miss Geek

Bex here. This article comes from the amazing Ernest Adams of the Designer’s Notebook series on Gamasutra. Because of the content, Gamasutra declined to publish the article. So Adams sent out the call to spread his message across the internet. The Guy's Guide to Being a Feminist Ally in Video Gaming. One of the things I hear whenever I write about misogyny in video games is that there’s a silent majority of male gamers who are uncomfortable with the vicious sexism some of their counterparts deploy against women (and frankly, against men, too).

The Guy's Guide to Being a Feminist Ally in Video Gaming

Women aren’t alone in feeling hopeless, or like there’s no effective way to change either the behavior of individuals or the culture that leaves space for the harassment of women. So I hopped on Twitter yesterday and asked men who play video games, and who push back against sexist behavior when they see it, what kinds of arguments they’ve found to be effective. Dozens of you responded, with a lot of terrific advice. What Do We Want From Male Feminists?

101 Everyday Ways for Men to Be Allies to Women. I’ve considered myself a feminist and male ally to women for quite some time.

101 Everyday Ways for Men to Be Allies to Women

When I took my first Women’s Studies class two years ago with Professor Denise Witzig, little did I know that it would take me down an unsuspecting, beautiful, and transformative path towards feminism. Below, I’ve complied a list of 101 everyday ways for men to be allies to women. I must acknowledge that this post was written with cisgender, heterosexual men as a possible, target audience due to the lack of support from this group. Deconstruction: How To Be A (Male) Ally. [Content Note: Rape Culture]

Deconstruction: How To Be A (Male) Ally

Why I Am a Black Male Feminist. When I was a little boy, my mother and father used to argue a lot.

Why I Am a Black Male Feminist

Some mornings, I would wake up to the alarming sound of my parents arguing loudly. The disagreement would continue until my father would yell with finality, "That is it! I'm not talking about this anymore! " The dispute would end right there. My mother never got the last word. Five Reasons to Be a Feminist Man. UPDATE: Check out some of the rabid responses from the Internet Misogyny Brigade HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Five Reasons to Be a Feminist Man

And HERE! And even HERE! UPDATE II, UPDATING HARDER: Beth Wiesendanger came up with Five Reasons to Date a Feminist Woman. Other than, you know, the obvious one. Why Men Need Feminism (Really, You Do!) This one’s for you, guys.

Why Men Need Feminism (Really, You Do!)


[French] L'homme est-il l'avenir du féminisme ? « Mieux vaut baiser de belles filles qu’être pédé », dit en gros Berlusconi.

[French] L'homme est-il l'avenir du féminisme ?

Voilà un exemple de ce pour quoi 100 000 femmes ont manifesté dimanche en Italie : dénoncer le machisme ambiant et la condition des femmes. Hommes et féminisme. Nos amis et nous. Nous comptons de bons amis parmi les hommes. Nous les fuyons comme la peste, et eux tâchent de forcer notre intérêt : qui ne reconnaîtrait là la démarche même de l’amitié ? Y. Florenne, aux premiers rangs de ceux-ci, n’arrête pas d’être amical du haut de sa colonne du Monde. Promis on parlera des hommes gentils un jour. Les deux fois où j'ai écrit un texte sur le viol, j'ai eu un nombre de réactions assez incroyables et surtout incroyablement divisées selon le genre de celui qui lisait. Le dernier texte, par exemple, concernant la culture du viol, a fait la quasi unanimité auprès des femmes qui en ont parlé.

Toutes les réactions négatives émanaient d'hommes. On renvoie sans cesse les féministes aux "combats importants" comme celui du viol. Sauf que lorsque nous parlons de viol, nous ne devons surtout pas en parler vraiment. [French]« Si seulement il y avait plus d’hommes comme lui parmi les femmes » Aujourd'hui je voudrais interroger la place des hommes dans le mouvement féministe. Ce texte peut déjà servir de préambule à la réflexion. Laisse la Daphnee qui est en toi s’exprimer.

Video on Firefox. Refuser d’être un homme : Pour en finir avec la virilité de John Stoltenberg. Je vais donc vous résumer le livre Refuser d'être un homme : Pour en finir avec la virilité de John Stoltenberg. 10 Responses to the Phrase "Man Up" (Spoken-Word) Violence & Silence: Jackson Katz, Ph.D at TEDxFiDiWomen. What About the Men? Why Our Gender System Sucks for Men, Too. July 10, 2012 | Like this article? Join our email list: Stay up to date with the latest headlines via email.

Une comparaison entre misandrie et misogynie. On pourrait croire à première vue que les deux se valent. Que toutes les formes de violence sont équivalentes, injustifiées et injustifiables. Et que la misandrie est tout aussi dommageable que la misogynie. Mansplaining / Privilege denying dudes / etc. Ça suffit les conneries. Je suis de gauche, jusque-là j’ose espérer ne surprendre personne. Je suis aussi féministe. Et je le serai tant qu’il le faudra. You May Be A Mansplainer If… – Thus Spake Zuska. Mansplaining. We’ve all had to endure it, on the internets or IRL, so frequently we are often overwhelmed with the desire to hork up serious chunks on the mansplainer’s shoes. The Art of Mansplaining. Around the feminist blogosphere, the phenomenon of mansplaining has been duly noted as of late.

This is also known as the Men Who Know Things phenomenon, whereby some men mistakenly believe that they automatically know more about any given topic than does a woman and will, consequently, proceed to explain to her- correctly or not- things that she already knows. The mansplainer's problem isn't so much that he's trying to teach a woman something, but rather that he takes it as a given that she doesn't already know whatever it is he is going to tell her. As someone who lives life as a female human, the sheer numbers of women in comment threads who have recounted experiences of Being Mansplained To is not at all surprising. Despite my general competence at life, dudes mansplain things to me all the time. Five Tips for the Mansplainers in Your Life.

Men Who Know Things. Last week, I wrote about the authority society gives to the white male voice.