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This is an evolving pearltree with no 'set' rules as to the paths of the pearls. (In fact, there's nothing cast in stone so if the team wants to change the focus or even the name in the future or anything in that regard - so be it.)

It's a learning experience in itself as we look at the opportunities for someone who might visit this pearltree to find the information they need in their life. It's also where the team members can add whatever they feel is of use to them, and whatever tangent or branch, or information they find that might relate in some manner to free education.

As to organization within the pearltree, and adding other pearltrees, pearls, content, suspect there are different ideas on that, and that's up to you.

We might find of course that some categories are in order, so add your touch to this pearl. I don't think there's a right or a wrong way to do this, but suspect that might be up for debate, and if there's a best practice that evolves or there is an etiquette here, you tell us, or better yet, join the team. Please!

I personally like a diversity of ideas and finding a pearl you post - such as those hidden 'pearls' of someone doing something interesting in learning and education somewhere in the world, be it educational material - such as free emergency services training video on medical triage over a mobile phone in a disaster in a third world country, to a total on-line degree for free, or unique ways of melding say - audio, video, text, multimedia, multi-lingual educational materials on any subject matter, to lists of resources, search engines for free education, and free education on unique topics, applications, age specific programs, or a story of a life changed by free education...and well - you get the idea.

You're the designer of this pearltree!

Team members - if you care to, it would be great if you would post a note here on your interests so in our travels, your other team members might find a pearl to post of interest for you that we might not have not pearled.

As well, if you are looking for something in particular at anytime or have a question, ask.

No guarantees on answers, but based on some of the profiles and other pearls of team members, and the community, there's a great level of expertise and diversity of backgrounds here that may be able to help.

No question is a dumb question. We all have different levels or expertise.

Since we have folks from different areas and languages, no worries on grammar, spelling, but if you can explain your needs as best as you can, we understand and respect the fact that you may speak one language better than another and glad to have you.

Team members? Is the above information okay? Thoughts? Are there others you want to invite as team members? Have fun!


PS Just so you know - I may be online constantly and (unfortunately) disappear for a days, a week, etc. depending on work/obligations or miss a message accidentally so contact me again. (It appears that I can easily miss or mix up messages here, sorry!) Plus, I'm sure I'm not needed here with the other team member skills! Open Courses. List of Free Online Medical Terminology Courses and Classes. Learn medical terminology with these free online courses.

List of Free Online Medical Terminology Courses and Classes

See the full list of free medical terminology courses and find the course that's right for you. Information and Requirements for Free Online Medical Terminology Courses and Classes Several educational institutions and companies offer free online medical terminology courses and resources. While some resources may offer detailed information on medical terminology, others may only provide a list of medical abbreviations or definitions. These courses and resources are self-contained and do not require that learners make any textbook purchases.

List of Free Online Medical Terminology Courses and Classes Medical Terminology Course at Des Moines University This free online medical terminology course consists of 11 modules. Medical Terminology at University of Minnesota The University of Minnesota also offers a free online medical terminology course. Cancer & Medical Terminology through the National Cancer Institute. Best of School Tools: Q1 2013. Here's a rundown of the best s'cool tools from the first quarter of 2013.

Best of School Tools: Q1 2013

These are the tools that had you clicking, sharing, and tweeting away. Per the usual, we're only highlighting those tools that are free to use (in some capacity) or currently in beta. Have a tool that you absolutely adore, and perhaps we've missed? Let us know. Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free!

Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Free! Kids’ Free Educational Resources — Faithful Provisions. Knights of Knowledge FAQ. Knights of KnowledgeInquiry starters across the curriculum Contact us: Knights of KnowledgeTM Frequently Asked Questions: Q: What are the Knights of KnowledgeTM materials?

Knights of Knowledge FAQ

A: The Knights of KnowledgeTM materials are a set of curricular videos across disciplines and grade levels that set the stage for student inquiry into an academic topic. These materials are aligned with the Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards. Q: Who are the Knights of KnowledgeTM and why are they “secret? " Q: What subjects are covered? Q: I've been teaching these subjects for decades, why do I need the Knights of KnowledgeTM materials? Q: What grades do you reach? Q: Why don't you provide the answers? Q: What is badging and how does it work? Q: What other products and services do you provide?

Q: What is in the curriculum set? Q; What is the server version and why should I want it? Q: What is your expertise in the area? Q: How can we share ideas and stay informed? Vuclip Provides Free Educational Videos to Mobile Phone Users. So far all the educational videos are provided by the famous non-profit educational organization Khan Academy.

Vuclip Provides Free Educational Videos to Mobile Phone Users

While currently the educational videos on Vuclip’s new channel are only in English language, eventually the company plans to roll out course materials in other languages too. Would Vuclip’s new educational video channel prove to be a success? So far all indicators say yes, particularly for India. According to a recent global education survey made by the company, more than 50 percent of the respondents in India said that they are restricted by money matters when it comes to choosing their ideal education. They are quite open to studying at home, and 82 percent of Indians are open to receiving education through their phones. Vuclip CEO and founder Dr. Inclusive education is possible only when good and fresh educational content is universally and continually accessible through better discovery methods. Education startups rock. Questionnaires. Research on Self-Determination Theory has included laboratory experiments and field studies in several different settings.


In order to do this research, we have developed many questionnaires to assess different constructs contained within the theory. There is a separate page for each questionnaire (or each family of questionnaires). Each questionnaire page will typically include not only the scale itself, but also a description of the scale, a key for the scale, and references for articles, which describe studies that used the scale. Each page also includes a Word file ,which you can download if you would like to use the questionnaire in your own research. *** Please note that all questionnaires on this web site, developed for research on self-determination theory, are copyrighted. Click on any questionnaire name below to access to the scale or set of questionnaires and other information.

Aspirations Index (AI) The AI assesses people's intrinsic and extrinsic life goals or aspirations. Virtual Pilot Course. Learn CW Online. Welcome to - Learn Morse Code (CW) Online! - Learn CW Online. At LCWO you can learn Morse telegraphy (CW) online in your browser.

Welcome to - Learn Morse Code (CW) Online! - Learn CW Online

You don't need to install a program on your computer, and you always have your personal settings available, from any computer on the globe with an internet connection. You can also easily track your progress by means of different statistical functions. Sign up for a free account (or use username "test", password "test" to play around) and start learning or improving your CW today Features - Koch Method CW Course - Highscores — compare your results with others - Speed Practice (Code Groups, Plain Text Training, Callsign Training, Word training) - MP3 practice files (Download) - Convert text to CW (does not require a login) - Forum for user discussions and feedback - User groups - WAE QTC training - more to come soon... News. Aaron Swartz, Internet Activist, Dies at 26. Salman Khan: The cost of inaction on education. This is the second in a series of two articles. The first article highlighted the challenges, according to Sal Khan, that higher education faces.

This one outlines the solutions he envisions. U.S. students sit on nearly a trillion dollars of debt, 80 percent of American adults do not feel college is worth its price and the cost of higher education continues to rise. Yet Salman Khan, founder of education platform Khan Academy, seems curiously energized. In an interview with The Daily, Khan discussed what he would do if he were the secretary of education, why GPAs don’t work and how Stanford may be the testing ground for the change education needs. Salman Khan left his job as a hedge fund analyst to dedicate his time to the now immensely successful Khan Academy. An alternative to grades “Everything takes exactly four years to learn,” Khan said. “Not learn,” he corrected himself. “It could be a very specialized: As in, ‘Do you understand how to use that product?’ Learning from the ancients. Khan Academy Founder Proposes a New Type of College - Wired Campus. Salman Khan’s dream college looks very different from the typical four-year institution.

Khan Academy Founder Proposes a New Type of College - Wired Campus

The founder of Khan Academy, a popular site that offers free online video lectures about a variety of subjects, lays out his thoughts on the future of education in his book, The One World School House: Education Reimagined, released last month. Though most of the work describes Mr. Khan’s experiences with Khan Academy and his suggestions for changing elementary- and secondary-school systems, he does devote a few chapters to higher education. In a chapter titled “What College Could Be Like,” Mr. Khan conjures an image of a new campus in Silicon Valley where students would spend their days working on internships and projects with mentors, and would continue their education with self-paced learning similar to that of Khan Academy. “Traditional universities proudly list the Nobel laureates they have on campus (most of whom have little to no interaction with students),” he writes.

Mr. In the book, Mr. A fascinating business model for free online education. One startup company has developed a fascinating business model that allows you to learn online for free without sacrificing quality. Duolingo is a free language-learning website that uses students to translate web content while you're learning the language. The company explains in this video: Basically, students are paying for their free lessons by doing web translations. Technology Review highlighted the company and explains how the web translation aspect of the company works. The other side of the business comes in when students are asked to practice by translating single sentences from one language to another. The web translation service is currently free but, as Technology Review reports, the company will begin charging less than the five to 20 cents per word that a professional translator might charge, starting next year.

The Cleverest Business Model in Online Education [Technology Review] Related on SmartPlanet: Georgetown to offer free online courses - Washington Post. Millions of people have signed up this year on various Web sites for massive, open online courses, or MOOCs, which offer self-paced learning through video lectures, tests, homework, discussion boards and other digital interfaces.

Georgetown to offer free online courses - Washington Post

Advocates say MOOCs will democratize higher education and spark a teaching revolution on campuses. Skeptics call it little more than brand promotion. EdX, which Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology launched in May, hosts MOOCs from those schools and the University of California, Berkeley. The University of Texas system joined in October and Wellesley College last week. Like Georgetown, they plan to add MOOCs to edX next year. Another MOOC platform, Coursera, which launched in April, hosts classes from Johns Hopkins University and the universities of Maryland and Virginia, as well as 30 other major U.S. and foreign institutions.

Georgetown President John J. “We’re truly honored” to be invited to join edX, DeGioia said in an interview. Uld online courses be the death of the humanities? Let's be clear, access to quality lectures for free is a fantastic achievement, allowing hundreds of thousands to access knowledge for its own sake.

uld online courses be the death of the humanities?

But with Tedx, Coursera and others like them taking part in the democratisation of education by removing it from the shackles of consumerism and the market, there is a risk that such developments will be detrimental to the exploration of knowledge in the long term. Carole Cadwalladr recently reported in the Observer that free online access to tertiary courses and lectures was set to revolutionise education. She imagined a United Kingdom where "the 'second-tier' universities … could struggle in the brave new free education market world". What her piece ignored is that these universities are already struggling, not because of the "free education market", but because of the hegemony of free market strategies in education. This would allow governments to circumvent their responsibility to fund tertiary education and research altogether.

_EDU_Report_FULL.pdf. Lesson Plan Search – Google in Education. CS Unplugged RoxAnn H. Stalvey at College of Charleston Computer Science Unplugged, CS Unplugged, is a collection of computer science activities that are designed to introduce students to computing concepts without using a computer. Most, if not all, of the activities involve student participation through kinetic learning experiences. Activities generally take 5 – 20 minutes to deliver and offer an exciting way to engage students, from kindergartners up to senior citizens, in interactive introductions to difficult computing topics. Coursera, edX, and MOOCs Are Changing the Online Education Business.

If you were asked to name the most important innovation in transportation over the last 200 years, you might say the combustion engine, air travel, Henry Ford’s Model-T production line, or even the bicycle.

Coursera, edX, and MOOCs Are Changing the Online Education Business

The list goes on. Now answer this one: what’s been the single biggest innovation in education? Don’t worry if you come up blank. You’re supposed to. The question is a gambit used by Anant Agarwal, the computer scientist named this year to head edX, a $60 million MIT-Harvard effort to stream a college education over the Web, free, to anyone who wants one. Agarwal believes that education is about to change dramatically. Online education isn’t new—in the United States more than 700,000 students now study in full-time “distance learning” programs.

These ideas affect markets so large that their value is difficult to quantify. In Christensen’s view, disruptive technologies find success initially in markets “where the alternative is nothing.” Digital instruction faces limits. Interactive online Google tutorial and references. Solve Puzzles for Science. Constructing knowledge societies: New challenges for tertiary education. This World Bank report describes the role higher education plays in building developing countries' capacity to participate in a knowledge-based world economy and outlines policy options to promote economic development. It confirms the shift in the World Bank's attitude to education support as a driver of socioeconomic growth. The authors ask why higher education is important for development, how developing countries can best utilise their higher education systems, and how the World Bank and other donors can support local governments.

They argue that knowledge is essential for development — and higher education is essential to create and apply knowledge. They conclude that developing countries risk marginalisation because of their weak higher education systems, and stress the need for government and donor support. The World Bank – Education. The World Bank's education gateway summarises the bank's activities in all areas of education, including higher education (HE).

It publishes information on the key issues that influence how it supports HE in developing countries, as well as ongoing projects, speeches, events and recent publications. The bank also hosts EdStats, a database of statistics on education indicators, including enrolment and completion rates, graduates per subject area and public expenditure on education. Videojuego gratuito enseña biología celular a escolares. Udacity - 21st Century University. Distance Learning Courses and Adult Education - The Open University.

Free Education Tools, Software and Applications

Copyright myths, rules, mistakes, issues, and who knows... Extract images from a Word document. Features and Commands in Microsoft Excel 2010 Menus and Toolbars. Features and Commands in PowerPoint 2010 Menus and Toolbars. 16 Ways Educators Can Use Pinterest [INFOGRAPHIC] Teaching Ideas - Free lesson ideas, plans, activities and resources for use in the primary classroom. About USTTI. Breathingearth - CO2, birth &death rates by country, simulated real-time - StumbleUpon. Kijani Grows : Urban Garden Systems. Getting Started With RTL-SDR. For Sale. (17) Home - Quora.

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Free Education Disruption - Schools, Direct Hiring, Ages, Locati. Free Education Best Practices. Flashcards and Similar Tools. Learn. Free Education Team Member Top Picks!!! (Join Our Team!) Free Education Parking Lot (Things I Don't Know Where to Put or. Free Education Resources for Teachers, Educators, & Others. Free Education Resources for Students. Free Education Administrative Pearl What types of categories, ag. E-learning & education resources. Free Education Supporters. Free Education Business Models or Crowdsourcing or Totally in th. Free Education Economy. Scope. Open Wonderland. Education. NJWorks@yourlibrary. Open Source Beyond Technology. SoCGadget.

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Free Education Pearlers! How Great To Find Others Interested! Free Education - Note to Self - Create a New Graphic for Team & Research FUSE Labs - Kodu Game Lab. CiteSeerX. WorldCat: Welcome to the Registry of Open Access Repositories - Registry of Open Access Repositories. Directory of Open Access Journals.

Research_PressRelease_WebFINAL.pdf (application/pdf Object) Authors. Optics Express - Home. New Journal of Physics. Physical Review X. PMC Journal List [A-B] Journals By Subject. Journals A-Z. The National Academies Press. e-Print archive. Leading a transformation in research communication. The Rise Of Open Access Scientific Publishing. Largest Ever Open Access Journal Program Launches - And Publication Is Free Too. From the War Zone to the Home Front: Supporting the Mental Health of Veterans and Families. open-source community-based tools for learning.

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CC Libraries. Study For Your Maryland GED Online. Discovery Education Web2012 : Web 2.0 Tools. Guide to Open Learning. Electronic Learning Community. Course Description. ADA Basic . Course Description and Login. The Kennedy Center's Arts Education Network. The Kennedy Center's Arts Education Network: Multimedia Library. EduGuide. Learning English and Creative Writing through Photographs Pictures - Free ESL EFL Resources for Teachers and Students - interactive worksheets, printables, lesson plans, quizzes, exercises, activities, games - ppt, pdf, mp3, video. Team Library. Future of Media Training.

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