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Why Sedona is the Most Mysterious Places on Earth [FULL VIDEO] Mantis,Reptilians,Archons,Anunnaki,Greys,Connected,Contactee,Lynn Williams. Get Ready for the Ships. Survivor Exposes Reptilians, Greys, Torture, Tunnels, More! Sgt. Pattie L Brassard, Karen Lucyk MacDonald, Aug Tellez - Galactic History of Earth and Humanity. CoEVOLUTION - An Interplanetary Adventure. In 1989, Alec Newald’s life-path took an unexpected turn when he was abducted by a group of benevolent aliens for ten days and transported to their home-world.

CoEVOLUTION - An Interplanetary Adventure

His amazing experiences have great significance for the future of humanity and our galactic cousins. "Now, how shall I start? " Zeena asked. Stephanie Relfe, The Harvesting of Humans, Mars Records & Secret Space Program. George Kavassilas' Secret Messages. Donald Marshall & The Cloning Station (July 30, 2014) Governor Admits to GOVERNMENT UFO COVERUP!!! The Phoenix Lights.

Interview w/ Anunnaki / Hybrid, Michael Lee Hill, Full Disclosure - Verified Blood Anomaly. Grand Strategy of the Reptilians. Common Sense I.

Grand Strategy of the Reptilians

The Mandela Effect - The Men In Black - Glitch In The Matrix And The Hat Man. Linda Moulton Howe Giant Mantis Alien Sightings. Plasma Beings ITs with Drunvalo Melchizedek (Part 2/2) Linda Moulton Howe Strange Creatures Being Found Inside Humans. Believe it or not - Strange Thing on the Sky □ UFO. Bruce Cathie lecture part 1. CHAPTER 09: THE CATHIE GRID. Barry Littleton/Black Goo and Liquid Metal on The Naked Truth with Kelli In The Raw. Reptilians - They Won't Come Up As Long As We Feed Them. INTERVIEW ONE: JOHN EDMONDS AND TOMMY HAWKSBLOOD PART 1. Soul Catchers: Greys, demons and the dark military. Kerry Cassidy. Glitches in the Sky Matrix - Caught on Camera. Bases at The IUFOC 2015 Ray Herndandez FREE. Bases 8:-Chris Thomas Velon ET Threat to Humanity Part 1. Peter Levenda on Secrets of Aleister Crowley !! LIVE INTERVIEW WITH THE RUINER - ILLUMINATI INSIDER SPEAKS OUT. Donald Marshall & The Cloning Station (July 30, 2014)

Bob Dean ; Bringing in the Light Project Camelot Productions. Bases at The Barge Part 2 Max Spiers. Topics researched by Jack Arneson. The Hidden Hand Alien Contact and the Government Cover up. Project Camelot interviews Dan Burisch - Part 1. PROJECT CAMELOT: CAPT MARK RICHARDS - SPACE COMMAND. Orb (UFO) Fires A Weapon Into A Chemtrail. 'The Big Picture' by George Green: Billy Meier Case & Talmud Jmmanuel. Untitled. UFO Crashing Releases Orb Over Southern California. Anyone Else See It? USAF UFO Project Blue Book files go online for free. Finally, decades after the United States Air Force closed their official investigations into the UFO phenomenon, the files are online in their entirety for free.

USAF UFO Project Blue Book files go online for free

Giant Beings Seen Rapidly Climbing Mexican Volcano. The Popocatepetl volcano in Mexico has long been a hotbed for UFO sightings, even though it is highly active.

Giant Beings Seen Rapidly Climbing Mexican Volcano

Now a mountain rescue team claims it has witnessed giant creatures climbing up the slopes of the mountain faster than humanly possible. Popocatepetl is located in the states of Mexico, Puebla and Morelos in Central Mexico. At 5,426 meters (17,802 feet), it is the second highest peak in Mexico. UFOs have been reported frequently in the area, with some witnesses seeing them entering or leaving the mouth of the volcano. In a recent interview on Tercermilenio television, climber Guillermo Vidales, also known as Huracán Vidales, said that mountain rescue crews on Popocatepetl saw humanoid creatures measuring about 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) in height at an altitude of over 4,000 meters (13,000 feet).

SOMETHING HUGE HAPPENED ON FRIDAY!!! January 5, 2015 Something HUGE just happened to our planet on Friday.


It began with a cryptic text message received from a friend of mine which then lead to a phone call with James G followed by several incoming phone calls and emails that all lead to confirming what I “saw” Friday around 11:15 am PST (probably 11:11)! UFOs, Missile Shutdowns, & Abduction Experiences (Video) Galactic Connection UFO | Ascension | Conspiracy | Spirituality The Higherside Chats ft.

UFOs, Missile Shutdowns, & Abduction Experiences (Video)

Robert Salas | UFOs, Missile Shutdowns, & Abduction Experiences (Video) Fri, December 19, 2014 Published on Dec 18, 2014. UFO Phenomenon: Meetings with Remarkable Aliens Part 1. Linda Moulton Howe talks to Jim Sparks about his life-changing encounter with reptoid aliens, whose message for saving planet Earth may veil their true intentions.

UFO Phenomenon: Meetings with Remarkable Aliens Part 1

"Higher intelligence takes advantage of, and uses, lower intelligence-sort of the way we humans use cattle. And with the privilege of use, comes the responsibility of caring... A farmer tends to his animals by feeding them and taking care of their medical needs. James Gilliland. »James Gilliland James Gilliland is a minister, counselor, an internationally known lecturer, best selling author with the books, Reunion with Source, Becoming Gods, and The Ultimate Soul Journey.

James Gilliland

The Lie NASA Told improved audio version. "Whisper": Alien Implants. 8/31/2014 PILOTS BAFFLED BY UNDERWATER LIGHTS OVER PACIFIC OCEAN! ALIEN BASES? Terra Papers - Hidden History of Planet Earth. By Robert Morning Sky 1996 from Scribd Website Portuguese version Spanish version.

Terra Papers - Hidden History of Planet Earth

Andromeda Council - War with Orion grey-Draco Reptilian ETs is won, no false flag ET invasion. UFO Cloud ejects Sphere again Over Chile - AMAZING!!! Bases at the Barge Michael Prince 2nd Edition. Bases at the Barge 2015 Part One Sarah with Max YT. The Alien Agenda - What THEY don't want you to know...[Simon Parkes New Horizons 2014] PROJECT CAMELOT : TWILIGHT OF THE OLD BOYS NETWORK. Simon Parkes 2 Reptilian and Mantis Aliens. Bob Lazar Area 51/S4 Employee Speaks Out After 25 Years. Testimonials. Timothy Good - Hour 1 - Earth: An Alien Enterprise. HOLLOW EARTH ;My encounter with a Dero. UFO Videos. Former Minister of Defense of Canada reveals 2 Living ETs Working with US Government. UFO mainstream media coverage MASS SIGHTINGS taking place. UFOTV Presents... - David Adair at Area 51 - Advanced Symbiotic Technology.

717seethelight. Untitled. The Billy Meier UFO Contacts - The Henoch Prophecies. Russian Cosmonaut Tells What NASA Will not. Defense Minister of Canada Announces On TV News That Aliens Are Here To Help Humanity. Extraterrestrials Among Us. By Michael E.

Extraterrestrials Among Us

Salla, PhD Vol 1:4 (October 2006): 284-300 from ExopoliticsJournal Website Introduction There is startling evidence from a number of independent sources that ‘human looking’ extraterrestrial visitors have integrated with and lived in major population centers up until recently, and this is known by a select number of government agencies and military departments. A range of highly classified government documents and military programs give credence to this phenomenon, as revealed by a number of whistleblowers. Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean, for example, claims that a top secret NATO document he witnessed in 1964 described how senior political and military leaders had been visited by and interacted with ‘human looking’ extraterrestrials who could easily blend into human society. Cow Getting Abducted by Aliens - 100% Real Footage [9 NEWS] (Full Vid) A Close Encounter of the FIFTH kind.

This is a story of an astonishing true account of a “close encounter of the FIFTH kind” which a man named Richard R. Giroux, experienced on October 12, 1994 on the rim canal of Lake Okeechobee, Florida. The contact was deliberate and the communication profound.The visitors shared in detail their true nature, their mission, and the reason for their connection with Earth since before the dawn of antiquity. The details of what they shared were not provided through conversation, but via a direct implant of knowledge. They also shared numerous and detailed future sequential events that will verify their message. The Visit: The Phoenix Lights - the Documentary - FREE MOVIE. Air Force Pilot Discovers UFO. New Twist In Decades Old Alien Autopsy Controversy (Graphic Video) A story is circulating around the Internet that suggests Russia has known about alien civilizations for many decades. Part of this fantastic tale involves a UFO that allegedly crashed in 1969, was recovered by Russian military (see image below) and a dead alien that was reportedly autopsied, according to

If this scenario sounds familiar, it's probably because of the most fabled and legendary story involving an alleged crashed UFO and the subsequent autopsy of its alien crew: Roswell, N.M., where those events supposedly occurred in 1947. Despite official explanations that it was a secret military spy balloon that came down in New Mexico, the Roswell crash has kept the public enthralled for decades.

Not to be outdone, the nearly identical story emerged from the Soviet Union about an unknown craft that crashed near the former district of Sverdlovsk in 1969. 26 Mile Galactic Federation of Light mothership in our Solar System (Dr Steven M Greer)