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Google, democracy and the truth about internet search. Message to My Freshman Students  For the first time in many years I am teaching a freshman course, Introduction to Philosophy.

Message to My Freshman Students 

The experience has been mostly good. I had been told that my freshman students would be apathetic, incurious, inattentive, unresponsive and frequently absent, and that they would exude an insufferable sense of entitlement. I am happy to say that this characterization was not true of most students. Still, some students are often absent, and others, even when present, are distracted or disengaged. Some have had to be cautioned that class is not their social hour and others reminded not to send text messages in class. Welcome to higher education! First, I am your professor, not your teacher. Your teachers were held responsible if you failed, and expected to show that they had tried hard to avoid that dreaded result. 6 links that will show you what Google knows about you — Productivity in the Cloud. How Robots & Algorithms Are Taking Over by Sue Halpern. The Glass Cage: Automation and Us by Nicholas Carr Norton, 276 pp., $26.95 In September 2013, about a year before Nicholas Carr published The Glass Cage: Automation and Us, his chastening meditation on the human future, a pair of Oxford researchers issued a report predicting that nearly half of all jobs in the United States could be lost to machines within the next twenty years.

How Robots & Algorithms Are Taking Over by Sue Halpern

Philip K. Dick was right: we are becoming androids. In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Philip K. Dick was right: we are becoming androids

, the Philip K. Dick novel that inspired the film Blade Runner, a bounty hunter pursues a group of androids who have been posing as human beings. He is eventually arrested and accused of being an android himself. The officers bring him to what turns out to be a counterfeit police station run entirely by androids, not all of whom are aware that they aren't human. The Failed Attempt to Destroy GPS. An axe attack in the early 1990s damaged the same network of satellites that helps you map directions today.

The Failed Attempt to Destroy GPS

On May 10, 1992, the activists Keith Kjoller and Peter Lumsdaine snuck into a Rockwell International facility in Seal Beach, California. They used wood-splitting axes to break into two clean rooms containing nine satellites being built for the U.S. government. Lumsdaine took his axe to one of the satellites, hitting it over 60 times. They were arrested and faced up to 10 years in prison for destroying federal government property, causing an estimated $2 million in damage. Ultimately, Kjoller and Lumsdaine took guilty pleas and were sentenced to 18 months and two years in prison respectively for an act of civil disobedience they named "The Harriet Tubman-Sarah Connor Brigade.

" All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace by Richard Brautigan. Is Google Making Students Stupid? Outsourcing menial tasks to machines can seem liberating, but it may be robbing a whole generation of certain basic mental abilities.

Is Google Making Students Stupid?

Justin Morgan/Flickr One of the oldest metaphors for human interaction with technology is the relationship of master and slave. Aristotle imagined that technology could replace slavery if devices like the loom became automated. In the 19th century, Oscar Wilde foresaw a future when machines performed all dull and unpleasant labor, freeing humanity to amuse itself by “making beautiful things,” or simply “contemplating the world with admiration and delight.”

Marx and Engels saw things differently. Today, computers often play both roles. Carr includes other case studies: He describes doctors who become so reliant on decision-assistance software that they overlook subtle signals from patients or dismiss improbable but accurate diagnoses. Science Says You Should Leave Work at 2 p.m. and Go for a Walk. A new book tells you how to change your habits to improve at math, science…or whatever else you want to learn about.

Science Says You Should Leave Work at 2 p.m. and Go for a Walk

—Chris Mooney on Fri. August 1, 2014 6:00 AM PDT. Location history. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Native Advertising (HBO) What’s Lost as Handwriting Fades. Everything Is Broken — The Message. Then there’s the Intelligence Community, who call themselves the IC.

Everything Is Broken — The Message

On Solitary Confinement and Social Media or, Making Solipsism Possible. Viewing Where the Internet Goes. David Deutsch – On Artificial Intelligence. It is uncontroversial that the human brain has capabilities that are, in some respects, far superior to those of all other known objects in the cosmos.

David Deutsch – On Artificial Intelligence

It is the only kind of object capable of understanding that the cosmos is even there, or why there are infinitely many prime numbers, or that apples fall because of the curvature of space-time, or that obeying its own inborn instincts can be morally wrong, or that it itself exists. Nor are its unique abilities confined to such cerebral matters. The cold, physical fact is that it is the only kind of object that can propel itself into space and back without harm, or predict and prevent a meteor strike on itself, or cool objects to a billionth of a degree above absolute zero, or detect others of its kind across galactic distances. But no brain on Earth is yet close to knowing what brains do in order to achieve any of that functionality. Google Maps Has An Incredible Doctor Who Easter Egg. The control room got a makeover for the 2012 Christmas special.

Google Maps Has An Incredible Doctor Who Easter Egg

SExpand Hell, I just started watching it, and the TARDIS is the dingiest, most run-down looking ship I've ever seen. Kids can't use computers... and this is why it should worry you - Coding 2 Learn. TL;DR?

Kids can't use computers... and this is why it should worry you - Coding 2 Learn

Gary Shteyngart: Confessions of a Google Glass Explorer. On a weekday afternoon in late June, a nondescript forty-year-old man in beige shorts, a blue Penguin sports shirt, and what appears to be a pair of shale-colored architect’s glasses with parts of the frame missing gets on an uptown No. 6 train at Union Square to go see his psychoanalyst, on East Eighty-eighth Street. As the man walks into the frigid subway car, he unexpectedly jerks his head up and down. A pink light comes on above the right lens. He slides his index finger against the right temple of the glasses as if flicking away a fly. RIP, Aaron Swartz. Click for ongoing posts about Aaron, his memorial service, his death, and the malicious prosecution brought by the DoJ against him To the extent possible under law, Cory Doctorow has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to "RIP, Aaron Swartz. " Update: Go read Lessig: "He was brilliant, and funny. A kid genius. A soul, a conscience, the source of a question I have asked myself a million times: What would Aaron think?

That person is gone today, driven to the edge by what a decent society would only call bullying. My friend Aaron Swartz committed suicide yesterday, Jan 11. I met Aaron when he was 14 or 15. Web 2.0 ... The Machine is Us/ing Us. Cognitive Bias VideoSong. Yelp (With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg) RSA Animate - The Secret Powers of Time.