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S BioInteractive. Medical Animation, Illustration, and Interactive Media. Bio-Alive Biology and Life Science Video Share. Bionics, Robotics, Prosthetics, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Virtual Reality and Computing Forums. Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. PDB Newsletter. Biomedical animator Drew Berry ( Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research ) is known for his fantastic and detailed depictions of complex biomolecular systems.

His award-winning work, which can be viewed online, in television and film, and in museums throughout the world, now appears in new and unusual venues thanks to a collaboration with the musician Björk. Björk's latest project Biophilia manifests her love for music, technology, and nature in many ways: an album, iPad app, touring production (which includes a 24-woman Icelandic choir and a musical Tesla coil), and a music education initiative. To accompany the song "Hollow," Björk's meditation on biological ancestry, Berry created a lush landscape for DNA to replicate (and sparkle) to the music.

GrahamJ Medical Media Home. Science Photo Library. 3dciencia. Visual science » Blog Archive » Ribosome structure. David Bolinsky animates a cell. - Scientific Video Site. Communicating at an unknown rate. VCAC: Cellular Processes: Electron Transport Chain: The Movie. Nucleus Medical Media: Medical Video, Animation & Illustration. BioVisions. XVIVO.