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Biomedical animator Drew Berry ( Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research ) is known for his fantastic and detailed depictions of complex biomolecular systems.

PDB Newsletter

His award-winning work, which can be viewed online, in television and film, and in museums throughout the world, now appears in new and unusual venues thanks to a collaboration with the musician Björk. Björk's latest project Biophilia manifests her love for music, technology, and nature in many ways: an album, iPad app, touring production (which includes a 24-woman Icelandic choir and a musical Tesla coil), and a music education initiative. To accompany the song "Hollow," Björk's meditation on biological ancestry, Berry created a lush landscape for DNA to replicate (and sparkle) to the music. GrahamJ Medical Media Home. Science Photo Library. 3dciencia. Visual science » Blog Archive » Ribosome structure. David Bolinsky animates a cell. - Scientific Video Site. Communicating at an unknown rate.

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