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Communicating at an unknown rate

Communicating at an unknown rate

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Recursos educativos digitales » Otro sitio más de Blog eco Escuela 2.0 Escrito por Proyecto UCTICEE (2019-2020) el 30 abril, 2020. Publicado en Enseñas. Contenidos Canarios, Herramientas para crear contenidos digitales, Sin anclaje curricular, TIC K-MODDL > Tutorials > Reuleaux Triangle If an enormously heavy object has to be moved from one spot to another, it may not be practical to move it on wheels. Instead the object is placed on a flat platform that in turn rests on cylindrical rollers (Figure 1). As the platform is pushed forward, the rollers left behind are picked up and put down in front. An object moved this way over a flat horizontal surface does not bob up and down as it rolls along. The reason is that cylindrical rollers have a circular cross section, and a circle is closed curve "with constant width." What does that mean?

GCSE Bitesize: Bacterial cell structure Nucleus Medical Media: Medical Video, Animation & Illustration Nucleus Medical Media Disclaimer of Medical and Legal Liability Nucleus Medical Media ("Nucleus") does not dispense medical or legal advice, and the text, illustrations, photographs, animations and other information ("Content") available on this web site is for general information purposes only. As with any medical or legal issue, it is up to you to consult a physician or attorney for professional advice.

Cranial Nerves - StumbleUpon Can't remember the names of the cranial nerves? Here is a handy-dandy mnemonic for you: On Old Olympus Towering Top AFamous Vocal German Viewed Some Hops. The bold letters stand for: Recursos educativos – APYMA Mercedes Miranda Alimentacion: Página del Ministerio de Agricultura Pesca y Alimenación que muestra el gran patrimonio alimentario y gastronómico español. Asociación Española para la Prevención del Acoso Escolar: artículos, enlaces, videos y noticias que por su interés puedan aportarnos información relevante sobre el acoso escolar. Astroeduca: Empresa especializada en Divulgación Científica y Turismo de Estrellas en Gran Canaria desde 1995.

GCSE Bitesize: DNA and enzymes PDB Newsletter Biomedical animator Drew Berry ( Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research ) is known for his fantastic and detailed depictions of complex biomolecular systems. His award-winning work, which can be viewed online, in television and film, and in museums throughout the world, now appears in new and unusual venues thanks to a collaboration with the musician Björk. Björk's latest project Biophilia manifests her love for music, technology, and nature in many ways: an album, iPad app, touring production (which includes a 24-woman Icelandic choir and a musical Tesla coil), and a music education initiative. To accompany the song "Hollow," Björk's meditation on biological ancestry, Berry created a lush landscape for DNA to replicate (and sparkle) to the music. Molecular machines work at real-time speed, culminating in the appearance of Björk as a complex protein structure.

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