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Create an Evernote Account. Library makers. 5 Minute Librarian. Library as Incubator Project. Librarylightning on Flipboard. 1262 Photos, 36 Countries, and Two Years Later – This Is What A Librarian Looks Like. Today is the 2 year anniversary of the launch of This is What a Librarian Looks Like!

1262 Photos, 36 Countries, and Two Years Later – This Is What A Librarian Looks Like

Submissions have slowed down after the last year but we still added over 500 new photos! That’s right! There are 1,294 photos from 36 different countries! We have have over 70,000 followers on Tumbrl! What I’ve learned: Tumblr is great for submission, but terrible for indexing, searching, or just data period. Librarians rock! View What a Librarian Looks Like – 2 year in a full screen map We have had so much fun doing this and the site remains open! What: a fun site to to collection photos of real librarians in their real lives doing real stuff. Librarian Wardrobe. 10 Great Technology Initiatives for Your Library. Today’s hottest web and mobile technologies are offering libraries a new world of opportunities to engage patrons.

10 Great Technology Initiatives for Your Library

Ultra-popular social media websites and apps combined with the availability of affordable cloud-based services and the evolution and adoption of mobile devices are enabling librarians to share and build communities, store and analyze large collections of data, create digital collections, and access information and services in ways never thought about before. Libraries have become technology leaders by integrating cutting-edge tools to enhance users’ experience. It’s not enough to redesign the library website. Best practices mean developing user personas and following usability strategies to produce user-informed designs. New digital collections are stored in the cloud and mobile applications are developed around them.

Great library ideas. I thought this idea from Laurel County Library was pretty clever, and unlike some of the other Great Library Ideas I’ve mentioned here, also cheap for a library to implement.

great library ideas

Laurel County’s Experience Bags are curated collections of books and other media, selected according to a particular theme like “Weekend with the Undead” or “Going Back in Time: The Roaring Twenties.” Library lending figures: which books are most popular? How many people are borrowing books from UK libraries?

Library lending figures: which books are most popular?

And what are the most popular titles and authors? Thanks to the latest book lending data from the Public Lending Right (PLR), which manages payments to authors, we now have an insight into the nation's favourite books. Best-selling author James Patterson charges ahead with more than 2.4m loans. The best-selling writer is the most borrowed author, his book 10th Anniversay (co-written with Maxine Paetro) tops the list of most borrowed books and he makes 15 appearances in the top 100 most borrowed titles list. Not bad. Bestsellers. Help improve our websiteWin a $200 shopping voucher Take the survey Skip toContent Library blogs: popculturAL | All things musical | Books in the city | Heritage et AL | Kintalk: family history | Staff Picks | Auckland Libraries' Stories My InfoContact us.


National Library of New Zealand. Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki. Welcome to Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki.

Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

This wiki was created to be a one-stop shop for great ideas and information for all types of librarians. All over the world, librarians are developing successful programs and doing innovative things with technology that no one outside of their library knows about. There are lots of great blogs out there sharing information about the profession, but there is no one place where all of this information is collected and organized. That's what we're trying to do. Journal of Library Innovation. Game On: Social Media Ideas & Prizes for Libraries. Businesses have adapted to the social media landscape by offering up prizes and promotions through Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other applications.

Game On: Social Media Ideas & Prizes for Libraries

Libraries, too, have joined in the mix. Last month, I posted on the COLLIB-L and PUBLIB-L discussion lists looking for ideas that libraries are using with social media. Public Libraries. Museum 2.0: I Think You'll Like This... Staff Picks. What’s the most endearing part of your local book/music/video store?

Museum 2.0: I Think You'll Like This... Staff Picks

The cats lounging in the corner? The old laminator busily baking your membership card? For me, it’s the staff picks. 658.8 – Practical Marketing (& More) for Libraries. 1.

658.8 – Practical Marketing (& More) for Libraries

Displays should reflect your customers’ reading interests, not yours. You might be fascinated by ancient Japanese sword fighting or the history of dominos, but that doesn’t mean that books on those topics will make a good display. While a fair amount of time might be spent filling a display fixture with books, the ultimate goal is for that fixture to be empty soon after. 2. The Library Marketing Toolkit: The Book. The Library Marketing Toolkit was published in July 2012, by Facet Publishing.

The Library Marketing Toolkit: The Book

This website acts as a companion to the book, as well as a stand-alone marketing resource. To quote the blurb, the book is: "A toolkit of ideas to inspire action. As libraries continue to fight for their survival amid growing expectations, competition from online sources and wavering public perceptions, effective marketing is increasingly becoming a critical tool to ensure the continued support of users, stakeholders and society as a whole. This unique practical guide offers expert coverage of every element of library marketing and branding for all sectors including archives and academic, public and special libraries, providing innovative and easy-to-implement techniques and ideas. This page gives a breakdown of the contents, information about each chapter and, at the bottom, details of how to order a copy.

Library Shelf Talkers. 10 Technology Ideas Your Library Can Implement Next Week. New social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter enable librarians to converse, communicate, and collaborate with patrons as never before, because they are increasingly a part of people’s everyday lives. A brochure that describes your library with a few pictures is great, but a video tour that people can watch on your website or blog is immeasurably better. Enabling patrons to save their catalog searches is important, but offering the ability to notify patrons via email and text messaging when new acquisitions arrive presents a fresh way to connect with users. Librarians who are still becoming comfortable with the Web are often reticent to begin using new technologies in their day-to-day work because the learning curve often takes more time than they have at hand. When I begin teaching people about Web 2.0, mobile, and emerging technologies, I try to answer three questions: Twenty Rules for Better Book Displays.

*This article originally appeared in the March 2013 issue of RA News. Subscribe to RA News and any of our other newsletters. Directory of New Zealand Libraries. Log In. Teleread. Libraries. Top 25 Librarian Bloggers (By the Numbers) At OEDb, we understand the importance of libraries to education and research, whether it be research for health, business, online accounting programs, education, real estate, online marketing programs or a wide number of other areas.

In fact, we recently launched our own Library 2.0-themed blog, iLibrarian. Recently, our interest in the amount of blogs authored by librarians begged the question: which librarian bloggers have the biggest reach? With nowhere to turn to answer this question definitively, we thought it would be an interesting exercise to rank all of the biggest blogs by librarians. In ranking the top librarian blogs, our goal was to show — using objective data from reliable sources — which blogs are the most popular, according to visitor traffic and site backlinks.

To this end, we used data for these four metrics to calculate the rankings: Top 25 (see complete methodology below) Methodology To begin, we found a set of Web sites that met a certain criteria. Bookish Pinterest Directory. The Bookish Pinterest Directory is the place to find book-related Pinterest boards and connect with libraries, librarians, authors, publishers and others using Pinterest. This Pinterest directory is for librarians, parents, teachers and others who love children’s books. The bulk of this Pinterest directory contains links to Pinterest boards about a variety of book-related topics, from library displays to children’s book recommendations to bookish fashion. At the bottom of the directory, find libraries, librarians, authors, publishers and others who are using Pinterest. Contents. SMART Libraries - Home. Welcome to SMART Libraries, New Zealand’s first public and tertiary library collaboration. SMART is a network enabling free access to 22 libraries in the Greater Wellington region, including Hutt City Libraries, Kāpiti Coast District Libraries, Masterton District Library, Porirua City Libraries, Weltec Library, and Whitireia Library.

Check out the SMART libraries locations, hours and contact details. Public Libraries of New Zealand. The Association of Public Library Managers. 10 Year Blog Anniversary of Librarian in Black. 10 years ago today, I started this blog. I know, right? It doesn’t seem that long ago… I never thought that Librarian in Black would be active a decade and more than 4,500 posts later. 10 years in Internet time is forever. 10 years ago: I was only two years out of library school and had long blonde hair (OMG)Friendster was the bombMySpace was just starting to be popularFacebook and Twitter did not existThe human genome project was completedArnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as California’s governorSARS was scaring everyoneThe U.S. invasion of Iraq had just startedThe Columbia shuttle broke up in the atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboardiTunes had just launched What a difference a decade makes!

My very first post was an introduction to the site, and I am happy to see that I used the word “rawr” The Library Marketing Toolkit: Pinterest 101: A Primer for Libraries. is a site you'll have heard of - it's THE social media platform of the moment. 20 Great Public Library Websites - Blog - mattanderson.orgBlog – Good Example of a Library Blog. August 14th, 2013. Log In. Creating a Culture of Innovation in your Library and Community. New Five Good Ideas I’ve seen for Public Libraries (Others too!) I’ve seen a bunch of good ideas lately so I thought I’d share them here: Idea #1: Timelapse Video. Christchurch City Libraries. Official Blog of the Public Library Association. As the day wound down, attendance at the Readers’ Advisory Tool Kit III was a bit down, though still very decent. Those who lasted the full day of PLA got to hear three well-known librarians suggest more ways to get books into the hands of readers.

With her section “Promoting the Backlist,” Georgine Olson of Fairbanks North Star Borough Public Library and Regional Center in Fairbanks, Alaska (is the library stationary in landscape to fit the letterhead?) Ricklibrarian: He Reads ... She Reads: The Booklist Adult Books Readers Advisory Forum. On Sunday at the American Library Association, I spent the entire day attending readers' advisory programs. Library Book Display Ideas. The Library Marketing Toolkit: Essential Tools and Resources. The Library Marketing Toolkit. Shelves. VideoSHELFTALKERS – Retail P.O.P. / P.O.S shelf talkers With …Sign in with your YouTube Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add bigDAWGSpromotions 's video to your playlist. Bet You Didn’t Know LibraryAware Could…

Bet You Didn’t Know LibraryAware Could… A Zen Librarian: Bluestem and Monarch Shelf Talkers. Marketing for Libraries. Library Science: Virtual Shelf Talkers. Display Sign Holders. Library Shelf Talkers: Ottawa Public Library "Good Reads" Shelf-talkers: Guidelines for staff. Pinterest for Libraries – what we’re doing. Book Hunters! Your Personal Reading Consultants. Sample Programming Ideas: Showcase the Vastness of Your Library's Resources. Log In. Log In. Log In. Book Display Widgets from LibraryThing for Libraries « The Thingology Blog. Staff Picks - Free Library. Log In. 658.8 – Practical Marketing (& More) for Libraries. Edmonton Public Library. Education World: Connecting educators to what works.

Log In. Encyclopedias, maps, online libraries, quotations, dictionaries & more. Magazine. Books & More. Jack of All Trades Readers’ Advisory: How to Learn a Little About a Lot. Teen Librarian Toolbox — @TLT16 Pprofessional development for teen librarians. Libraries Online, Inc. Horowhenua Library Trust catalog › Details for: Te Taniwha o Tuara-rangaia, Maori. Librarians Я We. How do you do "Staff Picks" (staff recommendations) at your library? Up the Librarian Sleeve. Merchandising in the library. Putting the rarin back in librarian since 1999.

Library and Information Association of New Zealand. The best of the best in libraries. Lmnet - Library Brochures. Creating a Library Newsletter. Wellington City Libraries - Website Homepage. Book Reviews, Bestselling Books & Publishing Business News. Tauranga City Library > Home. THE BRITISH LIBRARY - The world's knowledge.

Library and Information Association of New Zealand. Putting the rarin back in librarian since 1999. Library Waiata. Librarians Я We.