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Dublin Murders Recap, Season 1 Premiere, Episode 1. Dublin Murders Episode 101 Season 1 Episode 1 Editor’s Rating 4 stars **** Cassie Maddox, in the woods.

Dublin Murders Recap, Season 1 Premiere, Episode 1

Photo: Bernard Walsh/Starz It’s a risk, turning Tana French’s beloved, beyond-cult-favorite Dublin Murder Squad series into a television show. The worry is compounded by the fact that French herself didn’t write the series. So far, yes. What we know from the very beginning is that Cassie Maddox (Sarah Greene) and Rob Reilly (Killian Scott), both Garda detectives in Dublin, will sever their relationship entirely when this case ends.

But as with much of French’s work, it’s best to start this story chronologically, and work our way forward. In the summer of 1985, skinny, knock-kneed Adam Reilly is peddling his bike furiously into the woods surrounding Knocknaree, a small town in the rolling fields outside Dublin. The missing children of Knocknaree turn into a nationwide phenomenon on the scale of Jon Benet Ramsey or Elizabeth Smart. This first episode does a lot right. The theme parks of Colorado, part one: Elitch's, Lakeside and Heritage Square. August 25, 2013, 4:46 PM · I recently had the pleasure of visiting Denver, Colorado and the surrounding area while vacationing with Team TPI member Jeff Elliott and his family.

The theme parks of Colorado, part one: Elitch's, Lakeside and Heritage Square

While there, Jeff introduced my family and myself to the many theme, amusement and entertainment parks of central Colorado, and I would like to share my thoughts on them with you. Each one was a unique experience — not all fit into the traditional image of a "theme park" but each offer history or entertainment value that make them worth at least a read, if not a visit if you're in the area. Elitch Gardens: How not to run a theme park The first and largest park in the Denver area is Elitch Gardens, which advertises itself as "America's Only Downtown Theme & Water Park. " This is actually the second incarnation of Elitch Gardens.

Over the years, many amusement rides and The Trocadero Ballroom were added, and the motto "Not To See Elitch's Is Not To See Denver" was earned. Photo courtesy Elitch Gardens. The Christmas Tree Project Will Deliver a FREE Tree to a Family in Need. This organization is brightening Christmas for families in need!

The Christmas Tree Project Will Deliver a FREE Tree to a Family in Need

The Christmas Tree Project is a non-profit organization working to provide families in need with fully decorated Christmas trees. Based in Colorado Springs, the organization also has “head elves” in Denver, Reno. and Los Angeles. As the organization has expanded over the past several years, it’s given thousands of Christmas trees to families all over the US and as far away as Nairobi. The Wild Animal Sanctuary. The 9 (and 1/2) drive-in theaters to celebrate in Colorado. Are you looking for a unique, often family-friendly summer activity in Colorado?

The 9 (and 1/2) drive-in theaters to celebrate in Colorado

Then you might enjoy the sweet nostalgia of a drive-in theater. For many, including one Gazette staffer, drive-ins elicit fond memories - but the theaters are not as plentiful as years ago. There hasn't been a drive-in theater in Colorado Springs since 1994 and there are only about 330 in the United States. However, you can still find this staple of Americana in the Centennial State if you know where to look. Events. The Twine LAb. Mombossproductions. Where to get free flu shots in Colorado Springs. Click to enlarge Last flu season, El Paso County Public Health recorded 489 influenza-related hospitalizations: a 35 percent increase from the previous year.

Where to get free flu shots in Colorado Springs

It's about that time again. To stay out of the hospital, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says everyone 6 months and older should get an influenza vaccine, which can be life-saving for kids. It's best to get one by the end of October. "When a person receives a flu vaccine, it causes the body to create antibodies," a statement from Penrose-St. Rainbow Surprise Inside Cake Recipe. Cell Phone-Account Fraud. Freeze Your Credit InformationYou can freeze their information at the big four credit reporting agencies—Experian, TransUnion, Equifax, and Innovis—to prevent crooks from opening bank or credit card accounts in your name.

Cell Phone-Account Fraud

However, that’s not enough to protect yourself from having fake cell-phone accounts opened. For greater security, freeze your credit reports at NCTUE. Most cell-phone service providers use NCTUE to determine new customers’ credit risk. How to Boost Your Router Security as the VPNFilter Threat Grows. Modern routers come with many handy features that help you manage your WiFi network, but some of them also create weak spots in your security wall.

How to Boost Your Router Security as the VPNFilter Threat Grows

“The more things there are to poke at, the more likelihood one of them will break,” Richter says. So while you’re logged into your router's settings, take a minute to review applications that could present opportunities for hackers. If you don't use Remote Administration (also known as Remote Management or web access from WAN), make sure it's turned off. This denies access to the router's control panel from outside your home network. In most routers, the feature is off by default, but you should confirm this by visiting the advanced or administration section of the settings menu. Good News for Consumers: Free Credit Freezes. Tax Refunds With your Social Security number, crooks can file false income tax returns in your name, take bogus deductions, and steal the resulting refund.

Good News for Consumers: Free Credit Freezes

More than 14,000 fraudulent 2016 tax returns, and $92 million in unwarranted refunds, were detected and stopped by the Internal Revenue Service as of March 2017. Though you are generally not liable for such fraud, if a criminal manages to change your tax records and receive your refund, it can take months to straighten out the mess. How to protect yourself. The best defense is to obtain an Identity Protection PIN from the IRS, which is a code that must be filed with your legitimate return for it to be accepted.

An identity thief can’t file his fraudulent return without your PIN. Our commitment to Digital Wellbeing. Family Date! Unicorn Love ($25pp) - Saturday, May 5, 2018 - Painting with a Twist. Parental Control Phone Tracker App for iPhone & Android. PSA: New Gmail spam makes it appear that your account is sending email to itself [Update] Google’s filtering capabilities in Gmail are usually excellent at preventing spam from ever hitting your inbox.

PSA: New Gmail spam makes it appear that your account is sending email to itself [Update]

However, a new variant today is cleverly bypassing those protections by making it appear that your account is the one directly sending the spam email to itself. Nintendo Switch There are many reports in the past 24 hours, including from a family member of one of our writers, with several dozen posted to this thread on the official Gmail Help Forum. Essentially, emails are arriving in inboxes that appear to be sent by you, with “Me” as the sender in the inbox view and including your profile icon on mobile. While the sender name is yours in that main view, opening the message notes a different sender, but with your email address attached on the “From” line. Cruising Clothes Closet - Accueil. Pueblo Zoo. 15 Birthday Cupcake Cake Ideas [recipes] Are you hosting a party soon?

15 Birthday Cupcake Cake Ideas [recipes]

Food Pantries programs Pikes Peak Area, Colorado. Results: 30 Black Forest Cares Phone: (719) 495-2221 Address: 12455 Black Forest Road Colorado Springs, CO 80908 view mapOffers a food pantry for individuals and families in need.... Crossfire Ministries: Food Pantry Phone: (719) 447-1806 Address: 2120 E La Salle Street Colorado Springs, CO 80909 view mapCrossfire Ministries offers food, clothing, toiletries and household items for those in need....

Deerfield Hills Community Center - Food Pantry Phone: (719) 385-5996 Address: 4290 Deerfield Hills Road Colorado Springs, CO 80916 view mapThis community center participates in a food program. Distribution times / days are posted on Facebook.... Pikes Peak Area, Colorado. Everbridge.mass emrgncy notification. Christmas Events In Colorado Springs, CO - Visit Colorado Springs. Where To Find Santa In Colorado Springs. Location: Chapel Hills Mall, 1710 Briargate Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80920 Visit Santa in lower level center court. Dates & Times: November 11th – December 15th. Colorado Springs.