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Sustainable Egg Packaging. Brooklyn-based Emiliy Zirimis, a Senior Communications Design student at Pratt Institute, was assigned to create a sustainable package that is meant to house four duck eggs that come from Cowberry Crossing Farm – a biodymanic farm established in upstate Claverack, New York.

Sustainable Egg Packaging

“In regard to the farm’s logo – I was inspired by the farm’s biodynamic methodology. Biodynamic agriculture is based on astronomy and on the alignment of planets which dictate the ideal crop times throughout the year. And so with that said, my logo is inspired by circular astrological calendars. I added overlapping lines to give the logo a more earthy and farm-like apeal,” explains Zirimis.

As for the package itself – it is made from one piece of standard chipboard, uses no adhesive and has only one-sided stamp printing. Gonflable.

Se chauffer

Code barre. Bus Home or Mobile Converted Double-Decker Community? There was a time when designers were also philosophers, artists and visionaries beyond just being professional architects.

Bus Home or Mobile Converted Double-Decker Community?

Aristide Antonas is a Greek professor of architecture whose imagination pushes the envelope on adaptive reuse, recycled materials and portable dwelling beyond merely mobile homes. This two-story used bus is imagined as a potential hotel or a portable commuting community space for professionals on-the-go. It features seven beds, a living room area and a restroom and would fit int typical mobile home parks, though finding dealers with parts for sale might be a bit trickier. It is an intentionally non-radical work of construction, requiring no contractor or elaborate plans to be built – just a group of people who wish to turn an ordinary vehicle into a multi-person housing unit on wheels. B+B=? Pallets For People: A Cheap and Ubiquitous Building Material (Roundup)

A few years back, Schnetzer Andreas Claus and Pils Gregor won the Gaudi European Student design competition with the Pallet House, assembled from 800 pallets. it was a hit at the 2008 Venice Architecture Biennale.

Pallets For People: A Cheap and Ubiquitous Building Material (Roundup)

Pallets are ubiquitous, cheap and everywhere. The designers are now working in South Africa with the Ithuba Skills College to develop a pallet design that will cost about US$ 11 per square foot to build. Lego Greenhouse by Sebastian Bergne. London Design Festival 2011: This timelapse movie shows how British designer Sebastian Bergne constructed a Lego greenhouse in London’s Covent Garden in one night for the London Design Festival .

Lego Greenhouse by Sebastian Bergne

The pitched roof and walls of the hut are made entirely from transparent pieces of the toy brick, allowing it to function like a conventional greenhouse. Behind these plastic wall,s vegetables and flowers emerge from a bed of brown Lego blocks. The greenhouse will be on display until 25 September as part of the London Design Festival .

Recyclable Crafts: Carton Wallet. This photo originally appeared in FamilyFun Magazine Total Time 1 hour Ages school-age Recycle a milk or orange juice carton into a clever carrying case for change, trading cards, and more.

Recyclable Crafts: Carton Wallet

The carton's cap keeps the wallet closed. Regardez la boîte en carton du futur (dont devrait s'inspirer Ikea pour ses meubles) Creativity From Recyclable Materials By British Artist Nick Sayers (14 Photos) Seletti - The Toothpick Holder - Estetico Quotidiano - White. By means of a creative journey starting with the most familiar throwaway object and finishing with a refined object made in durable and fine material, seletti provides an innovative solution to the aesthetic and practical needs of daily life. estetico quotidiano is a collection of containers for food and drinks made by faithfully reproducing the shape of throwaway containers in durable materials, porcelain and borosilicate glass. oven, microwave and dishwasher friendly, the estetico quotidiano collection represents an opportunity to be original and to have fun setting the table.

Seletti - The Toothpick Holder - Estetico Quotidiano - White

Soft Blocks – furniture made of soft brick › CuteDecision. iGNANT. Seattle-based designer Peter Bristol created a bag that looks like a giant version of a binder clip.


Named ‘Clip Bag’, the playful handbag is borrowing its form from a common binder clip. The binder icon functions so well as a bag you can almost take it seriously.


Designer Makes Fairytale Dress From Recycled Children's Books. Photos: Ryan Novelline Think children's books are only suitable for tots to read (or chew) on?

Designer Makes Fairytale Dress From Recycled Children's Books

Well, they've finally gone from cute to glam with Boston-based designer Ryan Novelline's gorgeous gown, made entirely from pages taken from discarded children's books. Check out how this fairytale dress was created from start to finish: Designer Makes Fairytale Dress From Recycled Children's Books. Designer Makes Fairytale Dress From Recycled Children's Books.

Plastic bottle recycled

- Meubles en récup. Design Durable. Eco Arts: Coffee table made from recycled wine bottle punts. Eco Arts: Coffee table made from recycled wine bottle punts Eco Factor: Coffee table is made up of recycled steel, glass and wine bottle punts.

Eco Arts: Coffee table made from recycled wine bottle punts

Blue Moon Bottles has utilized empty wine bottles and their punts to create some useful items such as furniture, candle holders and vases. Among these works, the coffee table with 18x24x17 dimensions looks fabulous. Table made of recycled paper rounds and plastic bottle mosaics! Table made of recycled paper rounds and plastic bottle mosaics!

Table made of recycled paper rounds and plastic bottle mosaics!

This colorful table is best fit for your garden, matching the vibrant colors of the annual plants and flowers around. Unique for its colors and design concept, the table also contributes towards the environment in its own way – it is made of recycled material, like used paper rounds and plastic bottle mosaics. It would surely add color to the room or garden – wherever you place it. Via: Art for housewives. Espace Soleya E-commerce. Jewellery by artists. Totally Geeky - The Key Bag - Made from recycled keyboard keys. The men who make houses explode (all for the sake of art)

By Daily Mail Reporter Updated: 14:35 GMT, 11 October 2011 At first glance, these houses looks like they could have been the victim of a dramatic gas explosion. But the beat-up homes in Houston, Texas, are in fact an elaborate traffic-stopping work of art using the homes' own wood siding. LARA : L'ATELIER DU RECYCLAGE ARTISTIQUE - les gobelets plastiques. Vente et collecte de livres d'occasion - Abat-jour bouchons, esprit cabane, idees recup chic et pas chere.

Luminaire en bouchons - * * * Tabourets de Bar > Moderne > Tabouret de bar moderne Capsule. IMM Cologne 2009: Irmela by Johannes Hemann. Among the lighting exhibitors at IMM Cologne were students from The Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main, including Sebastian Herkner with his Silhouette lighting, Din by Simon Ehses & Florian Kössler, and Irmela from Johannes Hemann. Eugenio Menjivar was there from El Salvador with the series of lampshades made from egg cartons, and Transformer lighting by Central St Martins College of Art and Design furniture graduate Chun-wei Liao made from folded cardboard. + Din by Simon Ehses & Florian Kössler, students at The Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach am Main Nuit Blanche lamps by Meike Langer Lighting from the (Re)colector series by Eugenio Menjivar.

Abat jour “boite à oeuf” Wrappie Lamp by Tomasz Pydo. The jury for the 2011 edition of Make Me! , a young designers exhibition in Poland, has chosen 20 projects to be presented at the Łódź Design Festival. Above, the Wrappie Lamp by Tomasz Pydo. (Click the images below for full sized images) CAVALLUM wine-lamp Limited Edition. CAVALLUM The winecase lampAn original and 100% sustainable gift Selected by the GLOBAL INNOVATION REPORT, London 2009 // ECODESIGN AWARD, Idea Brasil 2009 CUSTOMIZABLE PRODUCT: Possibility to personalize the surface of the wood and/or the cardboard box with the website, logo and/or corporative text of the company/client.

Lampe de Ciclus. Des tabourets originaux trouvés sur le web ! - Miss Couettes, le blog. Astuces perso, idées déco, partageons-les ! Jennifer Maestre. Un nouveau compacteur de canettes, bouteilles PET & gobelets pour CKFD. Compacteur de canettes. Un sac a dos en pneu pour votre Mac portable. 10 Fantastic Ways To Recycle Tyres. Autres objets - Association Re-création. Sac Chambre à Air et Pneu Recyclé - Messenger Bob - Ethical Trade Shop. PO! Paris chic, Balcanic madness, icons Albanian style, design, furniture, chairs, cushions, lamps, in recycled and new materials, albania. Le recyclage des matériaux.