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Loss, Trauma, and Emotion Lab @ Teachers College Welcome to the Loss, Trauma, and Emotion Lab, headed by Professor George A Bonanno. Our offices are housed in the Department of Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University in New York City. The lab is devoted to the question of how humans cope with loss, potential trauma, and other forms of extreme life events. For the past 20 years, our research has attempted to document the variety of outcomes people show in response to such events as well as the factors that predict these outcomes.

Blackwell Author Services Help Readers Find YOU: Optimizing your article for search engines will greatly increase its chance of being viewed and/or cited in another work. Citation indexes already figure in many disciplines as a measure of an article's value; there is evidence that article views/downloads are also beginning to count in the same way. The crucial area for optimization is your article's abstract and title, which are freely available to all online.

Cross-Party Groups - MSPs What are Cross-Party Groups? Cross-Party Groups (CPGs) provide an opportunity for Members of all parties, outside organisations and members of the public to meet and discuss a shared interest in a particular cause or subject. Applications for recognition as a CPG must be submitted to the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee for approval and only those Groups approved by the Committee are permitted to use the title ‘Cross-Party Group in the Scottish Parliament’. Details of all Cross-Party Groups are listed below. Taylor & Francis Author Services - Promote your article Skip to navigation We are committed to promoting and increasing the visibility of your article and would like to work with you to promote your paper to potential readers. ... In the Promote Your Article category, I took the suggestion to add the information to my email signature."

10 ways to make the most of your time as a PhD student As numerous articles on this network have stated, it can be tough doing a PhD: you might not have the best relationship with your supervisor, you might be poor, you might be overworked. We all know that it’s getting increasingly tough to get a lecturing job or a postdoctoral position. Here are some tips to make the most of your time as a postgraduate. Being smart about how you approach things is key, especially if you aren’t sure whether you want to stay in academia. The importance of getting published goes without saying, as does the need to focus on your thesis, so here are some other ideas to help you enjoy the opportunities available to PhD students.

Generating Correlated Random Numbers This article describes common methods that are used in generating correlated random numbers. 1: Generating *two* sequences of correlated random numbers Generating two sequences of random numbers with a given correlation is done in two simple steps: Generate two sequences of uncorrelated normal distributed random numbers Define a new sequence This new sequence will have a correlation of SHARE - Scottish Health Research Register The application form for researchers can be downloaded here. Please complete the application form and email it to Shobna Vasishta at along with ethics approval, protocol and PIL. If you are a researcher interested in discovering more about SHARE, becoming registered and gaining access to health records for your research projects, you will find some useful information below.

Submissions Online Submissions Already have a Username/Password for Journal of Injury and Violence Research? Go to Login Remote Access Solutions Personal devices Remote VPN provides staff and students with secure, authenticated remote access to personal and shared network filespace and to web-based resources via their personal device, laptop, desktop PC, or MacBook. Whether on campus over the University wireless network, at home, or in a wireless hotspot, all you need is an internet connection – open your web browser and login to the VPN with your usual University username and password.

Don't overthink it: letting your brain work through trauma with EMDR Post-traumatic stress disorder affects 7.8 million people at some point in their lives. Anyone who has suffered through an accident, war, natural disasters or sexual assault can develop post-traumatic stress. This week on “Take Care,” Dr. TRENDS - Instructions to authors Types of articles accepted 1) Editorials: Critical and thorough comments written by the editors and/or invited authors with renowned experience in the topic being addressed. 2) Trends: Articles published in this section present criticism or address controversies in a trendy topic. These articles are generally invited, but interested contributors are encouraged to contact the Editor. 3) Original Articles: These articles present original research data and should contain all the necessary relevant information so as to enable the reader to repeat the experiment and evaluate results and conclusions. Original articles should include the following sections: Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and other subtitles, when necessary. Preparing the manuscript 1.

Patients Participate! Patients Participate! was a JISC-funded project, awarded to The British Library’s Science team, the Association of Medical Research Charities and UKOLN. The seven-month feasibility study looked at ways to make sense of scientific literature for patients, the public and anyone interested in biomedical and health research. Through initiatives such as Europe PubMed Central, the British Library works in partnership to address some of the barriers to accessing biomedical information. Now, anyone with a computer and an internet connection is able to search for and download biomedical and health research publications at no cost.

Psychological Assessment® Prior to submission, please carefully read and follow the submission guidelines detailed below. Manuscripts that do not conform to the submission guidelines may be returned without review. Submission Tackling the rise in antibiotic resistance The first is on safe and effective antimicrobial stewardship in relation to the use of antimicrobials in health and social care, and the second is a public health guideline that will focus on changing people’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviours in relation to the use of antimicrobials. Last week, a report by Public Health England found that antibiotic prescriptions and cases of resistant bacteria in England have continued to rise despite continued warnings about unnecessary antibiotic use. Public Health England found that between 2010 and 2013 there was a 6 per cent increase in the combined antibiotic prescribing of GPs and hospitals.