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Shield is a cross-regulation eComms compliance platform that utilizes AI, Natural Language Processing and Visualization capabilities to automate and orchestrate the complete communications compliance lifecycle, mitigate risk and make surveillance efficient and ROI driven.

Cybersecurity Tech Company - John McAfee. As a matter of fact, that might be somewhat flippant mixed with misleading content yet, on the off chance that you at any point had a McAfee antivirus introduced on your PC, you'll see why this title bodes well.

Cybersecurity Tech Company - John McAfee

Peruse the article to find out about John McAfee Fraud and Money Laundering. On March 5, 2021, John McAfee, the censured author of his eponymous network safety tech organization, was prosecuted on charges of protections misrepresentation and illegal tax avoidance. Throughout the long term, McAfee, the VIP and easily recognized name inseparable from against infection programming, has had a lot of awful exposure.

The majority of his sketchy practices have to a great extent been discounted as "whimsical" and "not surprising" given his immense abundance got through the offer of his organization and an indicated way of life that accompanies which incorporated a personal luxury plane, island jumping, requesting a whore and afterward wedding her. McAfee Antivirus - US Department of Justice. McAfee - Bad Boy and Bad Actor at Shield. RegTech and Politics Make Strange Bedfellows.

RegTech and Politics Make Strange Bedfellows. The United States has somewhat of a standing for being Ameri-driven which is welcomed by the remainder of the world with either absolute casualness or a digit of criticizing.

RegTech and Politics Make Strange Bedfellows

Nonetheless, what is verifiable is the gradually expanding influence of their governmental issues and regtech on the monetary business sectors around the planet. In the event that a Republican is situated in the Oval Office, regtech can unwind for a very long time. However, in the event that a Democrat is living in that celebrated house, it's an alternate story. With President Biden now in office, prepare – the speed of regtech is most likely going to turn out to be quick and irate. A Historical Perspective Money Street has various associations with Republicans versus Democrats which will in general be more loose with the previous. Be that as it may, in case you're not a decent financial backer and in case you're a consistence official or broker, it's an alternate story. Assemble, Tear Down and Rebuild. RegTech and Politics Make Strange Bedfellows. The United States does have a bit of a reputation for being Ameri-centric which is greeted by the rest of the world with either total nonchalance or a bit of chiding.

RegTech and Politics Make Strange Bedfellows

However, what is undeniable is the ripple effect of their politics and regtech on the financial markets around the globe. If a Republican is seated in the Oval Office, regtech can relax for four years. But, if a Democrat is residing in that storied house, it’s a different story. With President Biden now in office, get ready – the pace of regtech is probably going to become fast and furious. A Historical Perspective Wall Street has different relationships with Republicans versus Democrats which tend to be more relaxed with the former. But if you’re not a good investor and if you’re a compliance officer or trader, it’s a different story. Shield Partners with TeleMessage to Deliver Direct Capture. TeleMessage to Deliver Direct Capture of Mobile and WhatsApp Communications. Today we announced Shield has partnered with mobile archiving specialist TeleMessage to enable the direct capture and storage of Mobile and WhatsApp voice and chat messaging.

TeleMessage to Deliver Direct Capture of Mobile and WhatsApp Communications

The TeleMessege mobile capture capabilities, coupled with Shield’s comprehensive compliance & surveillance hub are covering a much-needed market and regulatory gap, allowing financial firms to enable their regulated employees to use the native WhatsApp on Apple iOS, Android phones as well as WhatsApp Web and Desktop applications. Shield - WhatsApp Communications for Data Management, Regulatory Compliance.

The Report of “The Future of Market Abuse Surveillance. Key Takeaways from the PwC - The future of RegTech. Compliance officers walking the trading floor to surveil for market abuse seems so … so … last century.

Key Takeaways from the PwC - The future of RegTech

Antiquated at best, ineffective at worst, traditional market surveillance has come a long way indeed. Even in the last few years, technology, especially artificial intelligence, has allowed the RegTech field to make gigantic leaps into the future. Today, the breadth across multiple electronic communications channels to the depth of surveillance digs deep into the nuance of a conversation. Predicting Market Abuse - “The Future of Market Abuse Surveillance” GameStop - A Gaming and Entertainment Retail Business. It appeared to be sufficiently honest, at any rate from the outset.

GameStop - A Gaming and Entertainment Retail Business

There was a gathering of dealers anxious to gain from one another conveying in an online discussion, sharing tips, and offering bits of knowledge. The subreddit string, r/WallStreetBets, was quickly acquiring prevalence and at present flaunts almost 8 million individuals. Fine, no reason to worry there. At that point Steve Cohen, the very rich person proprietor of the New York Mets and lead financial backer behind the flexible investments, Point72, shorted GameStop on January 16, 2021. Teams. Are Gamers Gaming the Markets - GME?

Compliance Efforts - Underestimated: Data Completenes. The Underestimated: Data Completeness is Crucial. Information is critical to the advanced economy, especially with regards to monetary establishments (FIs).

The Underestimated: Data Completeness is Crucial

Their capacity to store, access, and dissect enormous measures of information in a successful and proficient way incredibly adds to their upper hands. However, information assortment isn't exclusively about that. FIs should likewise guarantee that they are appropriately gathering and putting away information to accomplish administrative consistence. Your Compliance Efforts - Data Completeness is Crucial. In previous articles in this series, we discussed wash trades and layering and spoofing, both fraudulent trading activities prohibited in the European Union under REMIT (Regulation on wholesale energy markets integrity and transparency) rules.

Your Compliance Efforts - Data Completeness is Crucial

In this article, we’ll dive into additional types of transactions that can artificially affect the perceived value of particular wholesale energy stocks, driving them up so as to gain an illegal advantage for the fraudster traders who participate. Here’s what you need to know about them — and the best practices when it comes to stamping them out. Scalping and pump-and-dump In some cases, market manipulation involving fictitious devices and deception takes place through fraudulent media and internet communication channels. Transactions Involving Deception - Best Practices - REMIT.

Shield FC — Data Archiving isn't Sufficient: Trader Breaks... Data Archiving isn’t Enough - Deleting WhatsApp Messages. REMIT - Price Rigging and Collusion at Sheild. Collusion and price-rigging. As a feature of our arrangement on REMIT, we talked about wash exchanges, layering and mocking, just as exchanges including imaginary gadgets or trickiness.

Collusion and price-rigging

We currently direct our concentration toward two additional types of market misuse – arrangement and value fixing – that can contrarily affect markets. In this article, we'll characterize these types of misuse, and clarify how while they do cover, intrigue isn't just about value setting, and value setting doesn't generally include arrangement. The meaning of collusionArrangement alludes to various individuals or organizations cooperating to control costs or markets.

For instance, in a wash exchanges market, members go into deceitful courses of action with respect to the deal or acquisition of a discount energy item in order to profit just gatherings who are acting in intrigue. Arrangement doesn't profit clients on the loose. World Leading Banking Market Israel and UAE Shield FC. Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) and the Israel Export - Shield FC.

It is safe to say that 2020 will go down in the history books for all the wrong reasons – a global pandemic that has ravished most nations and left a trail of problems behind it.

Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) and the Israel Export - Shield FC

However, behind the dominant COVID headlines, the world has continued to evolve, and one incredibly positive and highly historic achievement was the peace and normalization agreement between Israel and UAE in September 2020 – The Abraham Accords. Anyone with even the broadest understanding of the Middle East region will know how politically, socially, and economically important this agreement is. A complex combination of political and religious factors has made it particularly difficult for Israeli and UAE people and businesses to interact in the past, despite the obvious potential benefits for everyone in doing so. Israel and UAE - World-Leading Banking Market - Shield FC.

It is protected to state that 2020 will go down in the set of experiences books for all some unacceptable reasons – a worldwide pandemic that has violated most countries and abandoned a path of issues it. Notwithstanding, behind the predominant COVID features, the world has proceeded to advance, and one unfathomably certain and profoundly noteworthy accomplishment was the harmony and standardization understanding among Israel and UAE in September 2020 – The Abraham Accords. Anybody with even the broadest comprehension of the Middle East locale will know how strategically, socially, and monetarily significant this understanding is.

An unpredictable blend of political and strict components has made it especially hard for Israeli and UAE individuals and organizations to connect before, regardless of the conspicuous likely advantages for everybody in doing as such. A Key Market. Financial Services - Small and Medium-sized at Shield. Shield for Small and Medium-sized Financial Services. Financial Firms - COVID-19 Accelerated the Migration. This is the first in a series of blog posts dedicated to “the new compliance normal.” RegTech companies have joined the conversation to talk about how regulatory compliance regarding market abuse has shifted since the pandemic began. During the research for this post, it was apparent that many of the firms addressed the shift to cloud as a possible solution to the current challenges that the pandemic brought with it. Perhaps the greatest effect of COVID-19, beyond the catastrophic loss of life and financial turmoil, is the migration to the cloud by financial firms.

Whereas digital transformation was a concept (pre-COVID), it has emerged as the new business imperative. Nearly all banks have mulled it over and a surprising number enacted the transition on some level – although not comprehensively. Banks have been slow to embrace cloud computing Outdated privacy laws have, until recently, limited the transfer of financial data across geographical borders. Best Practices of REMIT - Fictitious Devices or Deception. COVID-19 Accelerated the Migration of Financial Firms. Could Surveillance Tools have Predicted Wirecard’s Demise? That is an inquiry that merits investigating somewhat further. To begin with, to set up some unique circumstance, Wirecard AG was a German FinTech sweetheart enhancing monetary installment and preparing alongside related administrations. The watchword here is "was," as in past-tense and no more "is. " In September 2018, their valuation drew closer €25 Billion.

Under year and a half later, they lost 98% of their worth and are presently dead. However, that is not the entire story. Shield - eComm-Related Retention Policies. Risk and Compliance Requirements - Digitalization. Coronavirus - FCA’s Market Abuse by the RegTech Community. On twelfth October 2020, Julia Hoggett, the Director of Market Oversight for the FCA, gave a discourse at the City Financial Global Event. Generally, her comments were not unforeseen. No one was astounded to hear that the FCA supported proceeded with cautiousness and consistence concerning checking and announcing market misuse. Nonetheless, she proposed that how we watch for resistance needs to change because of how COVID has changed our lives.

Digitalization - Risk and Compliance Requirements. Is it Possible to Predict Wirecard’s Demise by Surveillance Tools. That’s a question that deserves looking into a little further. First, to establish some context, Wirecard AG was a German FinTech darling innovating financial payment and processing along with related services. The keyword here is “was,” as in past-tense and no longer “is.” In September 2018, their valuation approached €25 Billion. Less than 18 months later, they lost 98% of their value and are now defunct. But that’s not the whole story. So, the question becomes, could eComms surveillance tools have predicted the fallen FinTech giant’s demise and alerted authorities in time to freeze its assets? Can Surveillance Tools have Predicted Wirecard’s Demise? Implications of ePrivacy Regulation for Business.

Find the ePrivacy Regulation and its Impact on Shield Financial Services. Communications and Market Data Analysis. Conducting an Effective Compliance Investigation. Enterprise software applications have proven effective at flagging possible noncompliance events. Powerful AI Capabilities for False Positives Reduction. Financial Compliance Data Management Platform. Align Compliance Surveillance with Business Needs.

What if Hyper-activity by Regulators is the New Compliance Normal? Responses by Firms – Regulatory Compliance. Shield Launched our Permanent London Office. Microsoft Teams Surveillance. Microsoft Teams Surveillance. Know About Blockchain Technologies - Shield. The Impact Of Blockchain Technologies on Compliance. Whereas cryptocurrency may have created the environment under which Blockchain technology was introduced, by no means are these two technologies codependent. Rather, Blockchain is a byproduct of people’s inherent interest in streamlining transactions and not strictly limited to cryptocurrency.

And while the Blockchain is shifting the transactional landscape, it’s also poised to disrupt the financial services industry. Shield Lanch a full integration of communications compliance platform with the Zoom. Shield’s Zoom Integration. We are pleased to announce the integration of our complete communications compliance and surveillance platform with popular audiovisual collaboration platform Zoom. In response to market demand, Shield has developed this integration, extending its powerful capture, surveillance and investigation tools across video, audio, chat and shared data files between parties communicating on Zoom. Dror Bareket, R&D Director at Shield commented, “Already popular before the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom has become indispensable for many firms during lockdown restrictions and into the new normal.

Whilst it is an excellent communications tool, compliance regulations still need to be upheld across all channels. Financial IT - Shield Joins IBM Cloud for Financial Services. IBM Cloud for Financial Services Ecosystem. Surveillance for Microsoft Teams and it's Features. We are proud to announce the launch of our integration with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Teams Compliance by Shield FC. Compliance Regulatory Challenges for Electronic Communications Surveillance. Essentials of Electronic Communications Surveillance. Anti-fraud, anti-money laundering and other financial regulations require financial services companies to track electronic communications in various forms. However, this often requires these firms to collect substantial volumes of different types of communications data. Six Tips for Adjusting to the New Compliance Normal. How to Conduct Effective Compliance Investigations. Get Record keeping Platform Under Regulatory Rules.

Work from Home Checklist for Transaction Reporting. How to Handle the Compliance Surveillance Risks of the “New Normal" Trade Surveillance and Compliance Monitoring. Accurately Trade Reconstruction at Shield FC. COVID-19 and the Impact on Compliance Surveillance Operations. Electronic Communications Surveillance. Efficient Financial Compliance. Getting eComms Surveillance Right. Shield - eComms Survellance in a Remote World - MY SITE. Get the Best eComms Compliance Platform - Shield. eComms Surveillance - Perfect Communication Surveillance. Electronic Communications Surveillance at Shield. Communications Compliance Platform Shield FC. The Shield Communications Compliance Platform.

Compliance And COVID-19. Compliance Data Management & Platform - Shield FC.