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Working from home? How to stay in touch and stay secure. Businesses are used to being prepared for a disaster and most will have had a well-rehearsed continuity plan in place in case one struck.

Working from home? How to stay in touch and stay secure

But even the best plan couldn’t have effectively anticipated the wholesale overnight shift to home working that Covid-19 has caused. “As a result,” Morgan Wright, chief security adviser at cybersecurity firm SentinelOne says, “issues of privacy, collaboration, access and compliance have highlighted weakness in policies and gaps in security.” One of the problems is that even at many larger companies, being caught on the hop by the lockdown has meant that individual departments have been left to find their own ways to work collaboratively. Videoconferencing applications such as Zoom have made the headlines not only for the unprecedented increase in user numbers – Zoom saw daily traffic to its official download site increase by 535% and the number of daily meeting participants hit 200 million in March – but also for privacy and security concerns.

The surprising thing Google learned about its employees — and what it means for today’s students. .2017. 1.1.


Potential Benefits of Mnemonics Mnemonic, a word derived from the Greek word mnemonikos (“of memory”), is a technique used to assist memory dating back to 477 BCE (Yates 1966 Yates, F. A. (1966), The Art of Memory, Chicago: University of Chicago Press. [Google Scholar]). A mnemonic can be classified by its form (e.g., an acronym based on initial letters of the target material) and by its function (e.g., recalling a fact versus recalling a process), and Bellezza (1981 Bellezza, F. Using Slack for student communication – Learning and Teaching Hub. Using an authentic industry-based tool such as Slack, is great for organising teams and facilitating communication.

Using Slack for student communication – Learning and Teaching Hub

This is in line with RMIT assessment processes, which state, when designing assessments, that ‘[g]roup work… reflects collaborative work in the relevant industry or profession’ (RMIT University 2018, p. 6). Slack is ‘proving popular with more and more businesses each year’ (Heath 2016, para 1) and will provide an experience that students can carry with them into their future workplaces.

Ideally, online conversations should happen in an organic, free-flowing manner that simulates the face-to-face experience. The structure and interface of discussion boards or email can disrupt the natural flow of ideas between people. As an alternative, the informal nature of Slack allows people to quickly exchange ideas without the formal conventions presented by other online communication channels. Moodle. This page explores the different types of assignment, how students submit assignments and how teachers can grade them.


What are the options for submitting work in Moodle? The standard ways students can submit assignments are: File submissions (students submit a file for assessment) Online text (students can type their responses directly in Moodle) Audio or video (via the recording button in the Atto editor Notes: It is also possible to use the assignment for grading an "offline assignment", ie, one where work is done outside of Moodle.

Which type of assignment submission suits you best? You want students to type shorter or longer responses directly online. Slack Help Centre. How to solve problems of importing to Google Contacts. Importing contacts into Google Contacts should be pretty straight forward.

How to solve problems of importing to Google Contacts

In theory, all you need do is import your .CSV file containing your contact list into Google Contacts. However, sometimes the import fails and it’s hard to know why. The issue is often that the .CSV you are uploading is formatted incorrectly and Google rejects the data in the file. One way to solve the problems of importing files into Google Contacts is to make sure that you are using the correct CSV file format that Google Contacts will accept. Getting access to this format is as easy as downloading a Google Contact “template” CSV file. Download a correctly formatted Google Contact CSV file. Google Drive for Slack. Moodle. About rubrics Rubrics are an advanced grading method used for criteria-based assessment.


The rubric consists of a set of criteria plotted against levels of achievement. A numeric grade is assigned to each level. Coronavirus Mutual Aid Groups Are Organizing on Slack. Students Learn Best When You Do This. Students Learn Best When You Do This.

Students Learn Best When You Do This

And This. And This. by Grant Wiggins, Ed.D, Authentic Education. Previous study. What are the top 10 skills that'll get you a job when you graduate? Graduate employers place a lot of emphasis on finding candidates with the right skills and competencies for their organisations.

What are the top 10 skills that'll get you a job when you graduate?

Depending on the career sector and profession you choose to work in, there could be very specific skills, abilities and knowledge needed to do the job. However, complementing these are general competencies and behaviours that are essential for successful working. These are the key employability skills – the core skills that will make you effective at work, whatever job you do. Memory Techniques - Using Mnemonics for Exams. ‘We’ve turned the pedagogy upside down’: the universities pioneering a new approach to learning. Universities and colleges need to prepare their students for a new world of work.

‘We’ve turned the pedagogy upside down’: the universities pioneering a new approach to learning

Workplaces are becoming more collaborative, data-driven and agile. Employers are looking for staff who are flexible and have soft skills such as problem-solving and team working. Educational institutions are increasingly looking to embed these new ways of working into their curriculums, to give graduates a head start in the jobs market. “Organisations are having to become more agile and rapid in the way they design, develop and deliver new products and services,” says Andy Powell, cloud chief technology officer at Jisc, which promotes the use of digital technology in higher and further education.

How to Create a Channel in Microsoft Teams. Share messages in Slack. Rename a channel.

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Software Development. Are my survey responses anonymous and secure? Anonymity Survey creators can decide to collect responses anonymously or to track respondents.

Are my survey responses anonymous and secure?

Personal information can be collected by a survey creator in two ways: (1) by expressly asking you for your personal details in the survey and (2) by configuring the survey collector options to automatically collect certain information. We provide several survey distribution methods called collectors. Every collector type has different settings or collector options that affect the survey-taking experience and what respondent information is recorded. All collectors allow the survey creator to turn Anonymous Responses on or off, except Facebook Messenger collectors.All collectors allow the survey creator to track IP addresses or not, except Facebook Messenger collectors.Email Invitation collectors allow the survey creator to track email invitations.Each response recorded through the Facebook Messenger collector is associated with the respondent's first and last name from Facebook.

Privacy Security. How to use Microsoft Teams, a demo tutorial (2019) Trello Tour. Home - Socrative.