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The latest news and views on education from Oxford University Press. TLM May 2017. “In my view, you can’t call yourself a school if you don’t have a library" On the 27th February, Children’s Laureate Chris Riddell and CILIP CEO Nick Poole visited the Department for Education to meet with Schools Minister Nick Gibb MP and discuss the vital role of school libraries and librarians across the full spectrum of formal and informal learning and support in schools.

“In my view, you can’t call yourself a school if you don’t have a library"

The Minister opened the meeting by affirming his strong support for school libraries. “In my view, you can’t call yourself a school if you don’t have a library" “In my view, you can’t call yourself a school if you don’t have a library" Librarian in Training: Libraries’ Role in Teaching the Research Community – LILAC 2017. This post is reblogged from Unlocking Research, the blog of the Office of Scholarly Communication, Cambridge.

Librarian in Training: Libraries’ Role in Teaching the Research Community – LILAC 2017

Knowing when and why you need information, where to find it and how to evaluate, use and communicate it in an ethical manner (CILIP definition) Showcasing OSC initiatives Since it was my first time attending it was a privilege to be able to present three sessions on different aspects of the work done in the OSC. The first session I ran was an interactive workshop on teaching research data management using a modular approach. The advantage of this is that the team can have several modules ready to go using discipline specific examples and information, meaning that we are able to offer courses tailored to the exact needs of the audience.

There was an equally enthusiastic response to my poster outlining the Supporting Researchers in the 21st Century programme. Getting the message out there - keynote highlights Key points from other sessions. Baltimore County Public Schools named National School Library Program of the Year. Stemmers Run Middle School Baltimore County Public Schools, serving all public schools in Baltimore County, Md., is the American Association of School Librarians’ (AASL) 2017 National School Library Program of the Year (NSLPY) Award recipient.

Baltimore County Public Schools named National School Library Program of the Year

Sponsored by Follett, the NSLPY Award annually recognizes a single school or district-wide school library program that meets the needs of the changing school and library environment and is fully integrated into the school’s curriculum. New 12 point library checklist for principals – 2017. The brilliant Doug Johnson . . .

New 12 point library checklist for principals – 2017

Something to share before year-end (before the summer decision making hollow) . . . A 12 Point Library Program Checklist for School Principals “The simple checklist below can be used to quickly evaluate your building’s program with your building principal’s collaboration. The Power of the School Librarian. I would dress like a high school librarian if he had his way.

The Power of the School Librarian

He’s old-fashioned in that way. ~ Cate Blanchett on her husband playwright Andrew Upton’s fashion likes An interesting article in the latest Pople Magazine Style Section titled Cate Blanchett Says Her Husband Likes Her to ‘Dress Like a High School Librarian’ made me think about the lasting influence school librarians can give their students. Lists made social - Listly. Libraries, Schools, Social Media and lots more...: Inset training - How librarians can support teaching and learning. St Anne's school library in Alderney has undergone some big changes in the last few months.

Libraries, Schools, Social Media and lots more...: Inset training - How librarians can support teaching and learning.

Schools’ Library Service (SLS) supports this school from a distance as we are in Guernsey which is a short flight away. This means that we only visit twice a term. Why we need Libraries and Teacher Librarians. Donkey Drawn libraries in Somalia. As a staunch fan of libraries, and one who happened to be born in Africa (in Zambia), I was really interested when Africa Educational Trust approached me about their Books to Readers appeal, which is looking to raise £3000 to allow them to transport 10,000 books, donated by Book Aid, to 66 libraries, including Donkey Drawn Libraries, across Somalia.

Donkey Drawn libraries in Somalia

I asked Africa Educational Trust if they would share with us a bit more about their work, and I’m delighted to have this guest post for you today: “Many libraries and book collections in history have fallen victim to war and conflict and the libraries of Somalia are no different. When civil war broke out in 1992, Somalia lost both public and private book collection to looting and burning. Rebuilding these collections has been particularly hard for a region that continues to struggle with poverty, drought and violence. Can I donate books? - Book Aid International. What I wish I knew then… – ICTEvangelist. With there being lots of discussion about NQT’s and students starting their PGCE courses, I thought I’d share a few things that I know now that I wish I had known when I first started teaching – hopefully they will be of some help.

What I wish I knew then… – ICTEvangelist

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list but just some of the key things that I know would have helped me when I first started teaching. That said, I might be getting it wrong even now. Libraries, Schools, Social Media and lots more...: Headteachers and Librarians - 7 steps to immediate collaboration and change for school libraries. In my last post I talked about Headteachers needing to understand the role of the school librarian.

Libraries, Schools, Social Media and lots more...: Headteachers and Librarians - 7 steps to immediate collaboration and change for school libraries

Unless they themselves are aware of the difference a professional librarian can make in their school the loan librarian is fighting a losing battle. Today I want to talk about how by understanding the role of the school librarian schools can make change for the better. Embedding information literacy, which includes digital literacy, within school policy can make a difference to academic attainment and your school librarian is the person to help with this. The role of the school librarian. Role of the school librarian has changed dramatically. When it comes to school libraries, gone are the days of librarians whispering “shush” while kids pore over research tomes.

Role of the school librarian has changed dramatically

Instead, today’s school libraries are often filled with hustle and bustle as students experience everything from 3D printing to digital lessons on cultures around the world. “We are still the heart of the school, and where everybody comes together,” says Janet Anderson, library media specialist for Landis Run Intermediate School in the Manheim Township School District, “but the resources we are offering are changing. We’re using resources now to help people meet the needs of their daily life.” While books are still very much a part of any school library, librarians are using digital resources more than ever. Anderson, who has been a librarian since 1972, says her role has changed significantly over the years. “In the beginning, 90 percent of my job was helping students retrieve information from print material,” she says.

Book List View. CILIP Chief Executive Nick Poole's speech to the School Libraries Group Conference and AGM. Nick Poole's speech at the CILIPSLG Day Conference in London on 7th February. Good afternoon everyone, and thank you for giving me this opportunity to come and speak to you here today. I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Caroline Roche on becoming chair of the School Libraries Group and to pay testament to the huge contribution of her predecessor, Sue Shaper, and the SLG Committee, who put in so much time and effort to support this community.

School libraries and school librarians are a part of the sector that is very close to my heart, and right at the centre of CILIP’s vision of the future of our sector. Yesterday, I attended the Literacy All Party Parliamentary Group in Westminster, where the National Literacy Trust and Experian launched a new dataset showing literacy indices across England. According to their findings, 86% of the Local Authorities in England have at least one ward where literacy rates are low or very low. Rugby Literacy Resources. I hope these resources inspired by my new rugby trilogy Rugby Academy and Scrum! Will help children who love rugby to love reading. Certificate Tell me when you’ve read all three Rugby Academy books and I’ll send you a signed certificate (via your school if you prefer) by emailing me direct here. Posters Download a poster by clicking on the images below: #LibrariesResist Resource List.

School libraries change lives. Cutting them would be disastrous. Every child has the right to dream, and nothing can achieve that more quickly or powerfully than reading. School librarians, like me, will have witnessed hundreds of times the transformative power that books can have, and are addicted to the feeling we get when, finally, our efforts are rewarded and a child runs in and says, “I’ve finished it, have you got the next one?”

The gift of reading, and the joy it can bring, is something that stays with someone for life. This argument, along with the body of research that links reading for pleasure with social mobility and success in exams, should be enough to save school libraries. With so many council libraries closing, libraries in schools are more vital than ever. Their role is more far-reaching than most people – including parents – will realise. The school library also shows pupils how to research effectively. How School Librarians engage with parents. Teacher librarians disappearing from Australian schools at a ridiculous rate. Teacher librarians are disappearing from schools all over Australia at a ridiculous rate, which is resulting in a drastic drop in children’s literacy skills across the board … Why is this happening?

The role of the teacher librarian in Australian schools is under threat according to Softlink’s 2014 Australian School Library Survey, which reported a staggering 25 percent decrease in schools employing school library staff. But that’s not the worst bit … A 2013 QUT study published in the Curriculum and Leadership Journal have identified a direct correlation between fewer teacher librarians and a reduction in student literacy levels right across the board. So why are our teacher librarians disappearing from schools? And, for the sake of our kids, what can we do to stop this concerning trend from continuing? How ‘Sherlock of the library’ cracked the case of Shakespeare’s identity. Deep in the Folger Library, in Washington DC, Heather Wolfe says that studying Shakespeare makes an ideal preparation for the onset of Trump’s America.

You can see her point: Shakespeare would have revelled in the mad excesses, the sinister vanities and the pervasive stench of cronyism and corruption surrounding the president-elect as America makes the painful transition from Barack Obama. Dr Wolfe is a willowy, bright-eyed manuscript scholar, a paleographer specialising in Elizabethan England who in certain moods of candour might put you in mind of Portia or perhaps Cordelia. She’s also a Shakespeare detective who, last year, made the career-defining discovery that is going to transform our understanding of Shakespeare’s biography.

Wolfe is an accidental sleuth. Her scholar’s passion is as much for old manuscripts as for the obscurities surrounding our national poet. Wolfe’s appetite for manuscript corroboration has led her into many dusty corners of the Elizabethan archives. Body in the library – a murder mystery of our own! Last term the Library Team at Joeys excelled themselves in launching an amazing “Body in the Library” investigative program in collaboration with the Science and English faculties.

Murder in the Library Murder Mystery Game for 6-12 Kids. Murder in the Library Murder Mystery Party. Murder in the Library: A Library Induction Game – Suzannah Bridge. In support of school libraries. The Secret Book Company. Overview. Introversion and me and schools – and you? One of the parts of my talks and training sessions for teachers and parents is about introversion, how it manifests itself and how it is negatively affected by a normal modern schoolday.

This is usually the bit that generates the most comment and discussion afterwards. So, reproduced with permission, here is part of an email that came the other day: “It was a real pleasure to come along to the recent Youthlink AGM and hear you speak. What I took away from your talk was something that resonated on a personal level this time. Your description of the introvert, their behaviours and their absolute need to spend time alone, quietly processing, was a profound revelation to me. I think I have that understanding of introversion because I am strongly introverted myself. The confidence in front of an audience is something that has grown over the years – and many hundreds of hours of practice! Murder by the Book Information. Libraries Deliver: graphics.

Information and digital literacy

Promotional Materials. Prize giving. Teaching resources. ICT. CILIP. Research. InFlow. Blog Leckie and Leckie. Welcome to the Leckie & Leckie blog. SLA 2015 Conference DUTTON - Google Slides. Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files. AbsoBookingLutely. 101-conde-en.pdf. 101-matsumoto-en.pdf. 21 Amazing Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Google. A while back someone posed a question to that great receptacle of crowd-sourced knowledge,Quora, asking "What are some lesser known Google search tips and hacks.

" We now present you with some of those answers, along with a couple of ours that you might not have known about. 21. Gold Coast study links school libraries and teacher librarians to literacy. Katrina Germein reads her latest book, My Dad STILL Thinks He's Funny. Photography by Medea Patyi. 2013 Australian School Library Survey - Softlink. Softlink: Library Management Systems and Software. School Libraries Impact Studies « Library Research Service.

Research.pdf. Research into school libraries and teacher librarianship. School Library Research (SLR) The ‘information search process’ revisited: is the model still useful? School Librarians Blogs - Google Sheets. Nicolamorgan1961 presentations. 25696917.pdf. Critical Evaluation. Untitled. Googleable vs Non-Googleable Questions. Web we want. NLT_Schools_Guide_2015.pdf. Why all pupils deserve a real school library. School Libraries Boost Student Literacy, Australian Survey Finds. Lords Hansard text for 29 Oct 2013. Neil Gaiman lecture in full: Reading and obligation.

A guide to creating pages in Symbaloo and Pearltrees - Social Media for Creative Libraries. Why teach information literacy in an academic library? Automated Emails for Overdue Library Books using Google Forms. Symbaloo - Your Bookmarks and favorites in the cloud. HLWIKI Canada. Instruction Instruction Part 1: Why Library Teaching Training Matters. How to supercharge your CV – before you even leave school. Internet - Topic - Issues Online. How to write a killer conference abstract: The first step towards an engaging presentation.

Reading for pleasure Friday 20 March. The murder of knowledge and the importance of school libraries. ​Will Digital Accessible Books Improve Reading for Students with Dyslexia? A guide for checking authority and validity - Social Media for Creative Libraries by Phil Bradley. The importance of school libraries - recent articles, news and sources of inspiration - Anne Harding Training. SUBC. Quicklinks: Links to websites to enhance Usborne books. Internet Safety for Teenagers - Online Safety Tips.

What's happening in children's books in 2015? A literary calendar. The impact of literacy across the curriculum. PowToon, free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative. Libraries and social media: the activity is important, not the tool. Posts tagged: makeuseof ebooks - MakeUseOf. A Media Specialist's Guide to the Internet: Cartoons Only a Teacher-Librarian Would Love! » What are the right questions for digital literacy? iPractice: Learning & Connecting. From Visible Thinking Routines to 5 Modern Learning Routines.

» RSS Feeds for school libraries iPractice: Learning & Connecting. School libraries shelve tradition to create new learning spaces. Master of Management in Library and Information Science online. Buzzwords to Watch in 2015 - Opinion. Sense and Sensibility: Why Librarians Remain Essential to Our Schools  Student guide to social media.