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Dr. Sfurti Mann

Dr. Sfurti Mann is a passionate,caring and one of the Best Diabetologist in Gurgaon completely dedicated to the health and well being of her patients.Her philosophy of health care is early detection, prevention, and early intervention in order to prevent serious, and life threatening illness.She is an advocate of a proactive healthcare treatment plan which includes patient, physician, and various support systems as dictated by each individuals health care needs. Contact her at

Symptoms of thyroid problems in women: Around 10 per cent of women have some hypothyroidism, where the thyroid organ can't make satisfactory thyroid hormones to keep the body mumbling effectively, reports the ATA.

Symptoms of thyroid problems in women:

Ladies are up to multiple times bound to encounter it as men, and those more than 60 are at considerably higher hazard. Less incessant is hyperthyroidism, in which abundance thyroid hormone is delivered. The symptoms are often subtle at first, yet harmful later. At the point when the thyroid backs off, you delayed down. How Can I Raise My Iron Levels Quickly by Sfurti Mann. Iron is a basic mineral your body needs to work appropriately.

How Can I Raise My Iron Levels Quickly by Sfurti Mann

It's crucially essential to expend sufficient measures of it in the day by day diet. Curiously, the food you eat impacts how much Iron you devour, yet in addition, how well it is assimilated into your body. Best Diabetes Doctor In Gurgaon. Anything in the body which is more than its optimum amount is always harmful.

Best Diabetes Doctor In Gurgaon

Diabetes is a metabolic disease in which blood sugar levels are too high in the body. The blood sugar is also known as blood glucose. Glucose is responsible for the production of energy. Choose Your Family Physician Wisely With These Easy Tips : sfurtimann11. Why you need a primary care physician? - We all want a good physician in our lives in sickness and in health.

Why you need a primary care physician? -

A good physician can detect any underlying medical condition and help you live your best life. However, what is it that makes a physician suitable for you and what is the advantage of choosing the right physician for you Wholesome Health Care. Change your ways and reduce your risks of diabetes. – One of the most common chronic conditions prevailing among millions of people worldwide is diabetes.

Change your ways and reduce your risks of diabetes. –

Of-course many people don’t even know that they have diabetes which is most pathetic, given the serious complications of this high sugar level in your blood. These include heart diseases, stroke, retinopathy, eye diseases, kidney failure and limb amputations. However, the good news is that diabetes is preventable, and its risks can be greatly reduced by making some intensive lifestyle modification which is the topic of discussion in this blog. Diabetes and its risks A disease or a condition which elicits the level of blood glucose in your body is diabetes. Glucose is what we get from the diet we intake.

The major risk factors of type 2 diabetes include excess body weight, blood pressure, increased cholesterol and triglycerides. You Need To Know Everything About Anemia - Dr. Sfurti Mann. Anemia is a common disorder that affects nearly 25 percent of the population around the world.

You Need To Know Everything About Anemia - Dr. Sfurti Mann

Characterized by feeling weak and tired, anemia is of several types, each with different causes. It can range from mild to severe, and temporary to long-term. It can also be a sign of some other serious illness. Learn The Overview Of Asthma- Dr. Sfurtimann. With increasing pollution diseases, there is a surge in the number of cases of diseases like asthma.

Learn The Overview Of Asthma- Dr. Sfurtimann

Irrespective of age and gender, many people are falling prey to it. For many people, it is just a minor problem, but for others, it can be a major concern. In addition to interfering with your daily activities, it can also lead to life-threatening attacks. If you are dealing with breathing issues, it can be a signal of asthma.

Dr. Ananta Health Clinic - Dr. Sfurti Mann Best Physician and Diabetologist in Gurgaon R2-151 1st Floor, M3M Cosmopolitan, Sector 66, Gurugram, Haryana, Gurugram, Gurugram, India, 122018. Hypothyroidism:Know What To Eat And What Not To Eat : sfurtimann11. Untitled — 10 ways to keep Diabetes at bay. Difference between Physician And Doctor. Why Choose Doctor Sfurti Mann. Why choose Dr.

Why Choose Doctor Sfurti Mann

Sfurti Mann as a physician? The basic requirements of people existing in the world are a good education, a right comfortable home, and excellent medical facilities to take care of their health. People tend to look out for the best and everything. But it is a harsh truth that when it comes to medical facilities, people tend to be neglectful towards this, and they have a very careless approach towards their health. Viral Fever: What You Need To Know. Viral fever is an umbrella term that refers to any viral infection characterized by high fever, body ache, burning in the eyes, and sometimes nausea and vomiting.

Viral Fever: What You Need To Know

Diabetes: Everything You Need To Know. Who does not fancy a sweet dish after meals, We bet everyone, sweet dishes are the foods that do not need space in the stomach but heart!

Diabetes: Everything You Need To Know

Well but to go by facts, many people in all parts of India cannot afford to enjoy the luxury of having a sweet dish after a meal. Because of high levels of glucose in the blood or what is commonly known as high blood sugar level, causing the very renowned disease known as Diabetes. This disease has engulfed 9% of the urban population, and 3% of the rural population in India is also under the influence of this easy to catch diseases. So this is not just a common disease, but in fact, a very grave one as eventually many people are getting affected by this disease.

Hence it is important to understand this and avoid it at the earliest. Types Type 1 Type 1 is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system of the body mistakenly attacks the beta hormones of the pancreas that causes the secretion of Insulin to slow down and even stop in some cases. Causes. Diabetes: Get it treated to the core! Hospitals, Clinics In Gurgaon.

Identify the root cause of your Headache to get it treated Hospitals, Clinics In Gurgaon. Top 10 Sign & Symptoms of Thyroid. Posted by drsfurtimann on August 26th, 2019 Hypothyroidism: Significant Symptoms To Be Aware Of On average, about 12% of people are affected by an abnormality in the thyroid function at some point in their lives. More commonly, women are prone to develop thyroid disorder than men. The other risk factor involves aging. Choose Your Family Physician Wisely With These Easy Tips : sfurtimann11. Find the best cure for your diabetic condition. These days due to change in lifestyle and diet plans, people around suffer from various disorders and diabetes is one among them. Diabetes or diabetes mellitus could be explained as the group of metabolic disorders where the blood sugar level increases due to the inadequate amount of insulin, which is real cause of diabetes This condition can also occur when the body cells stop responding properly to insulin.

The increased blood sugar level can lead to frequent urination, increased thirst, or hunger. Types of diabetes: Type-I: In this condition, the body stops producing insulin Type-II: In this condition, the body produces insulin but the amount of insulin produced is not enough to perform functions in the body. Choose Your Family Physician Wisely With These Easy Tips: drsfurtimann — LiveJournal. A family doctor is an extension of your family who treats one or more types of disease and addresses various health conditions of your family members. Family doctors are someone who is there for you at every stage of your life. They treat you regardless of your age or sex and addresses not only the physical but mental and emotional aspects of your health as well. Choose Your Family Physician Wisely With These Easy Tips: drsfurtimann — LiveJournal.

Periodic fever: what is it about?: sfurtimann11 — LiveJournal. A periodic fever syndrome is a group of diseases that lead to the episodic fever that has no infectious cause due to any virus or bacteria cause. Normally, children suffering from these syndromes remain well between episodes. Most of these syndromes are primarily hereditary (passed down from their mother or father) and result from a genetic defect or mutation in a gene The syndrome can occur and be defined by several factors, including: The genetic defect The clinical features of this disease Body parts that are affected in addition to the fever age of the child when the syndrome begins The ethnicity of the child and his parents Most of these syndromes have a specific treatment, depending upon the problem caused by the genetic defect.

Dr Sfurti Mann's blog. We all have had a fever at some point in our lives. Some fever goes away without any treatment and with simple home remedies while certain severe fevers get completely cured only when proper treatment is taken from a right physician. Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes: Complications, Causes & Diet - Type 1 diabetes. Drsfutimann.puzl. 6 changes in your lifestyle that can help tame your diabetes. Posted by drsfurtimann on April 20th, 2019. An Brief Overview Of Diabetes. Diabetes, recognized as a lifestyle disorder, is a metabolic condition that needs special treatment and management to ease the life of people suffering from it.

Drsfurtimann's Site on Strikingly. ANANTA HEALTH CLINIC - 6 changes in your lifestyle that can help tame your diabetes. Work on your waistline Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight is often the first step towards managing your diabetes. Ideally, in men and women, the waist size should not exceed beyond 150cm and 90cm respectively. Following the Doctor’s Advice Can be the Simplest Way of Managing Diabetes: rahulmishra22. In India, around 51 million people are suffering from diabetes and this number is likely to go above to 80 million by the year 2025.

Types Of Diabetes And its Treatments: drsfurtimann. Need a physician for internal health issues? – Find the best cure for your diabetic condition – ANANTA HEALTH CLINIC - flue and fever. Best physician in gurgaon -Dr Sfurtimann. Kick out the allopathic to welcome Homeopathic treatment for healthy life. – homoeopathicspecialistcom. Are you trying out allopathic medication for a medical illness?

But, the effect of medication, sustained for the time you are using it, once you stop the medication, the problem again started. At this point, switching the treatment with some other therapy is the best way. Looking For The Best Diabetes Treatment? Your Search Ends Here ..: sfurtimann11. Diabetes, recognized as a lifestyle disorder, is a metabolic condition that needs special treatment and management to ease the life of people suffering from it.