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Lyn - Lightweight image browser and viewer designed for Photographers, Graphic Artists and Web Designers. Transmit - The ultimate Mac OS X FTP + SFTP + S3 app. How do you make Transmit 4 the best ever?

Transmit - The ultimate Mac OS X FTP + SFTP + S3 app

45+ new features, up to 25x speed, and one more thing… You need to transfer files. Maybe to an FTP or SFTP server, or the cloud via Amazon S3, or using WebDAV. Cyberduck – FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Cloud Files & Amazon S3 Browser for Mac & Windows. VisualJSON by youknowone. Whetstone Apps.

IDE for Mac

Downloads. Gapminder Slides Download Gapminder’s slides, free to modify and use in any way you like!


Here are the slides used in our public presentations and TED talks. Gapminder Tools Offline Handouts & Lesson plans (PDF) Interactive presentations (Flash, PowerPoint etc.) Life expectancy is a very important measure when we compare the health of different countries. Use this animated presentation when you lecture about HIV. A complete package of animations for your lecture. Is the world a better place? Från Liberia till Singapore. A clickable presentation on MDG4. Arabic version of Human Development Trends. Karolinska Institutet awards the Nobel Prize in Medicine. Barnadödlighet och antal barn per kvinna. For the Tellberg Forum. An interactive chart about gender equity (% women in parlament) in all countries. The Income Distribution of the World over time. Mou - Markdown editor for web developers, on Mac OS X. Scrivener: $45, Store. Coda 2: WL.

Good question.

Coda 2: WL

Coda is everything you need to hand-code a website, in one beautiful app. While the pitch is simple, building Coda was anything but. How do you elegantly wrap everything together? Well, we did it. And today, Coda has grown to be a critical tool for legions of web developers around the world. More than anything else, Coda is a text editor. But an incredible text editor is just a nice typewriter if you can’t easily handle all of your files — from anywhere. Then you’ll want to see what your code looks like. Believe it or not, we’ve just scratched the surface. Finally, hiding behind the Plus button in the tab bar is a built-in Terminal and MySQL editor, two amazingly powerful Tab Tools.

Nielsen. $13. SimpleDiagrams: $25. Sencha Architect: $399. The Visio Viewer for Mac. Versions: $60. Camtasia: $100. Snapz Pro X: $70. I have used sooo many different screen capture softwares and I just have to tell you guys that you are the ONLY ones who dont slow down my computer while recording video.

Snapz Pro X: $70

Sometimes I have to check that the program is still on because I dont even believe it could work that well. Thank you!!! Andrew Smith, Customer Snapz Pro X is a nicely wrought utility that puts all other screen-capture methods to shame. If your Mac OS X work requires precise screen captures, Snapz Pro X is a must-have tool. Macworld Read the Full Review 8 out of 10! Screenflick: $30. ScreenFlow: $100. Record Anything.

ScreenFlow: $100

With ScreenFlow you can record any part of your monitor while also capturing your video camera, iOS device, microphone, multi-channel audio device and your computer audio. Edit Everything. The easy-to-use editing interface lets you creatively edit your video, and add additional images, text, music, animations and transitions for a professional-looking screencast. Share Anywhere. Export an MP4, MOV, M4V or even an animated GIF to the Web or publish directly to your YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook, Google Drive or Dropbox.

Educators Flip your classroom and create stunning online videos. Learn more Gamers & App Developers Create videos to promote yourself or your applications and bring in more revenue. Learn more Bloggers Create epic video content to bring in more blog traffic. Markdown Pro: $10. MarkdownNote: $4. Screeny: $15. iShowU HD: $60. Homebrew! Sublime Text: $70. Visual Studio Tools for Git extension. Sign in to write a review Sort by: Not a patch on using git in the command line.

Visual Studio Tools for Git extension

We've had plenty of issues around using this plugin and there are still some bugs and missing essential features. I'll outline some of them that most effect me. * No stashing* No way to fetch and track new remote branches. We have also in the past had issues where it would remove entire projects from the index, sending the team into a panic. Some of my teammates like the VS integration, which itself is alright, but it needs to be a lot better if I'm going to trust it enough to leave the command line. Much needed tool. For example: Try getting the History of a file. It would be great to have an annotation feature available! Could you support Visual Studio 2010? Thank you, very very much! "I second the motion" by Julien Roncaglia, (November 28 2013) Missing features that needs to be at the top of the list of "coming soon", in my order of preference, more "! " !!!!! !!!! !! CleanMyMac: $30.

<oXygen> XML Editor: $488.