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United States SEO Company. United States SEO Company. WFH #10: This 2020 thing isn’t great for creativity, is it? I’ve got a fun trick to get past blank-page paralysis.

WFH #10: This 2020 thing isn’t great for creativity, is it?

I open up the document and start typing something that I know isn’t going to end up in the piece but gets me in the mood for creativity. It’s usually something like this (be warned, profanity ahead): “Sit down, strap in and shut the fuck up because I’m about to tell you everything you need to know about the perils of legacy IT infrastructure…”* And then I start writing. This does a few things. I know there are creatives out there who firmly believe in torturing themselves until they bleed out some copy or design or whatever but I’m not in that camp. Or at least, it usually does. Fun in the time of plague. 9 metrics all marketers should be using. It can feel like a minefield navigating the various metrics used to benchmark our progress, but understanding the trajectory of our results is a powerful method for setting up your marketing plan for success.

9 metrics all marketers should be using

Essentially, it’s your goal to interpret your hard data into marketing metrics that translate into actionable insight. Why? Without thorough analysis, you’re robbing your team of the knowledge they need to make decisions on a tactical and strategic level. Without effective analysis, you’re reaching for a way forward in the dark. The only way to plan a route is via what works, and most importantly, what doesn’t. 1. Basically the total prospects you’ll have in your funnel at any one time and finding those prospects is where the work comes in. 2. How the Cootie Effect Can Reduce Virus Transmission. How to Structure Your Website for a Single Weekend Event. Even if your event only happens once a year, marketing is always a priority.

How to Structure Your Website for a Single Weekend Event

How to encourage journalists to include links when using your story. We ran a webinar earlier this week (catch the full video here!)

How to encourage journalists to include links when using your story

, during the course of which I highlighted the importance of gaining links to your website in order to build its perceived authority and relevance on the web. In short, links can be considered like votes for your site, where the sites with the most ‘votes’ win. But, not all votes and equal, and a focus on quality, relevant linking websites will be of the most benefit to your search visibility. One of the most exciting ways to earn links is through digital PR (OK, so I might be a little biased here, but who doesn’t love a good creative campaign?!). But while the creation of newsworthy content for the purpose of earning coverage is a lot of fun, encouraging the journalists who use your content to link to your website can be difficult.

How to boost content marketing and SEO's relationship. The relationship between content marketing and SEO is, at first glance, a love story for the ages.

How to boost content marketing and SEO's relationship

Two teams in constant thrall to one another: Search throws up big questions that need answersContent provides big answers to these questions And their union delivers sustainable, measurable results upon which every marketer dotes. But look beyond that first glance, usually and relevantly a Google search, and you’ll unearth some tricky questions that this post looks to answer (sprinkled with the odd dab of meta). Is SEO and content marketing integration so tight?

Ask Google and it dutifully throws up the two peas in a pod argument. Much better at getting rankings (not a debate)More dependent on the relationship for results (open for debate) The integration on the content marketing side of the affair isn’t so clear. This, in part, comes from a limited understanding of the technical challenges of search. The Marketing Methodology You Need to Scale Your Business Fast. This isn’t another blog post about what marketing tactics you should be using, or what metrics you should be checking weekly.

The Marketing Methodology You Need to Scale Your Business Fast

This post is about implementing a winning marketing methodology, being vigilant in seeing it through, and seeing the amazing results it will have on your ability to scale your business. Sensory Marketing for Intangibles. 5 Tips for Marketing Through a Recession. A decade is a long time.

5 Tips for Marketing Through a Recession

That’s how much time has passed since the last time businesses faced the big “R” word: recession. Unemployment skyrockets, spending is reduced, and businesses are challenged to find a way to keep going. The last time we encountered a recession over 170,000 small businesses bit the dust. One thing is certain: we can’t keep doing things like normal. Native Advertising Using Microsoft Audience Network. It has become apparent that now is the time to start investing in native advertising; spending in native advertising reached over £6bn in 2019 and is set to grow around 25% by 2023 (source, Microsoft Ads).

Native Advertising Using Microsoft Audience Network

Dedicating time and budget into native advertising is going to have a greater chance to improve a company’s reach. What Are Native Ads? Native ads are another form of paid advertising but these are ads which conform to the layout and design of the website/platform they are being featured on. How The Evolution Of Keyword Match Types Have Impacted PPC. As digital marketers, we’ve always relied on keyword match types to control how our keywords match to a user’s search query, and it’s no secret that over the years Google has continued to change the way that these match types operate, in line with their ever-growing automation methods.

How The Evolution Of Keyword Match Types Have Impacted PPC

But how has this impacted PPC and how we run our campaigns? Let’s start with how keyword match types looked pre 2014. Exact Match Before major changes were rolled out in 2014, exact match was simply as the name describes, exactly what you specified. 9 Effective Ways To Reduce Wasted Spend In Your PPC Account. Are you achieving the desired results from your PPC account?

9 Effective Ways To Reduce Wasted Spend In Your PPC Account

Maybe you’re spending more than you’re getting back from overall sales or generated leads? If that’s the case, read the below article in which I have outlined 9 effective ways how to eliminate wasted spend in your PPC accounts, starting today. 1. Make Sure Your Campaign Settings Are Right! This point is first for a good reason – choosing the right campaign settings from the beginning is very important but also easy to miss.

Always disable the Display Network unless you have a very good reason not to. Personal Branding to Drive Your Digital Marketing Career (Sheffield DM) Personal branding is something that’s so important to help us drive our career in digital marketing, it can be used as a tool to contribute to our own success and help us stand out from the crowd. During my talk at Sheffield DM, I shared practical tips and advice on how you can develop your personal brand and promote yourself in your own unique way without having to be the one who “shouts the loudest”. It’s clear that not everybody feels comfortable speaking at events, so I’ve talked through various other ways that you can share your expertise and demonstrate your authority within the industry.

Thanks to everyone who came along, I hope that you found it useful. If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch with me at @saffronshergill on Twitter or email me at Pay Your Expenses By Credit Card With Womply's New Bills Feature. 97% of businesses still use checks to pay their expenses.

Why? Because many vendors don’t accept credit cards. Not only that, but bills like rent or other services are still due while demand has plummeted. Even with government assistance such as PPP and EIDL loans, many local businesses simply didn’t get the funding they need because banks and other lenders fail to extend it during these unpredictable times. Womply Bills solves these problems by allowing businesses to use their existing credit cards to pay any business, ensuring their payments are made on time while preserving their cash on hand for any unforeseen emergencies. We just launched Womply Bills – the easiest way to manage business cash flow and pay practically any business expense by credit card! Should You Share Your Political Views in Your Branding? What are the two things you should never talk about?

Religion and politics. But what do you do when even non-political issues have turned political? Promote Your Local Business: Your Customers Need You. Hey small business owners! You need to promote your local business! Your customers want you. They need you. And you are playing hard to get. Shopping Local is Cool. I’m not sure whether it was American Express’ Small Business Saturday movement or a shift away from the homogenizing growth of corporate big box stores. Filtering internal traffic from Google Analytics in 5 steps (Working from home edition) [Webinar] BrightonSEO Ecommerce Summit: User Centric Technical SEO. Investing in Technical SEO is a key area for any Ecommerce website wanting visibility in organic search as it will ensure that search engine robots are able to crawl and index your online store efficiently. Sometimes, Technical SEO can be quite daunting and although best practices are often considered, it may be difficult to get your items prioritised for development and web teams.

Remarketing on Bing, not just on Google. [Webinar] Digital Marketing Strategy For Fashion Brands. The recent closure of bricks and mortar stores across all industries has led to a significant increase in online shopping, and few verticals have been affected by this more than fashion. It is expected that this trend will continue long after stores are allowed to reopen, therefore understanding the challenges and taking advantage of the opportunities present will be crucial to the success of any brand’s online presence.

In this live webinar, we outline some of the changes and challenges that fashion brands are facing before discussing opportunities to take your company’s paid media and SEO strategies to the next level. You’ll learn about: 1. Search Industry & Google Updates in June 2020. This blog is part of a collection that Impression’s Algorithm Committee publishes on a monthly basis. At the beginning of each month, we cover all significant Google updates and changes in the search industry. How Network Operating Systems Improve Business Efficiency. SEO Rankings Factors for Fashion Ecommerce. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing brands to sell online, competition between fashion ecommerce sites is more intense than ever.

In My Facebook Stream: How to Buy From Marketing Gurus. Last Updated on July 15, 2020 by Ivana Taylor. Advanced Google Analytics Audit Guide. How to Get Customers as a Startup. Are You Afraid of Customer Feedback? Part 1: Introduction to Google Shopping Feed Management & Optimisation. Diymarketers. RankUp #5 - Sean Burton: Top Stories. The Small Business Owner's Guide to Hiring a Marketing Coach. Advanced Search Operators for Digital PRs. You Want to Automate Your Marketing. Keyword Performance Report - Google Ads Script. Working Remotely Uncovers Tech and Team Deficiencies. How to implement & test Google Ads call tracking using Tag Manager. How to Use Webinars For Marketing Your Business. UK Agency Awards 2020: Impression Shortlisted 4 Times. How to Create Professional-Looking Marketing Videos.

Part 2: How To Identify Google Shopping Feed Issues. Do This to Eliminate Marketing Overwhelm. Part 3 - How To Fix Google Product Feed Issues. United States SEO Company.