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100: Practice something for 100 days. Digital Disaster Response. Ask Patents. Motivating posters for your startup - Startup Vitamins. The Champions Ring. Free textures for your next web project. Quirky Makes Invention Accessible. Visual Processing, the Brain's Visual System - Posit Science InSight Program. InSight is now part of BrainHQ!

Visual Processing, the Brain's Visual System - Posit Science InSight Program

> Sharpen your Brain's Visual System Improve focus, thinking, and reaction time InSight is now part of BrainHQ! In 2012, Posit Science launched BrainHQ—an online brain training system that includes all the exercises in InSight. We encourage everyone who is interested in purchasing InSight to choose a BrainHQ subscription instead.

BrainHQ is online, so you can train on any computer, whether it’s a Mac or a PC (and on your iPad, too).At $8-14 per month, BrainHQ is more affordable than InSight.BrainHQ includes all five of the clinically proven exercises in InSight—plus many, many more. Purchase a BrainHQ subscription. Worldcam - Find Instagram photos by location. What We Do - g-speak - oblong industries, inc. G-speak Features.

What We Do - g-speak - oblong industries, inc.

Fund medical treatments for people around the world. Treatment and Side Effect Info from Patients Like You. Ian Coyle × Portland. MonkeyLectric. Dollar Shave Club. The 99 Percent - It's not about ideas. It's about making ideas happen. BERG Cloud. Fancy. Real-Time Insights Finder.

Nimmo Bay 360 Video 2. Get the Free App here Ganz allgemein versteht man unter dem Begriff des Fräsens ein spanabhebende Methode, welche sich zur Bearbeitung von Holz, Kunststoff und einigen Metallen eignet.

Nimmo Bay 360 Video 2

Die entsprechenden Werkzeuge sind dann auch die eigentlichen Fräsmaschinen, wobei aucgh das Bearbeitungszentrum eine Rolle spielt. Der entscheidende Unterschied zum Drehen, einer gleichfalls spanabhebenden Methode, liegt in der Schnittbewegung: Das rotierende Schneidwerkzeug bewegt sich den Vorgaben entsprechend gegenüber dem fixierten Werkstück, doch auch das Werkstück selbst lässt sich bewegen und dadurch verändern bzw. bearbeiten. Real-time Web Monitor. - Scroll Reddit. Courtyard Marriott GoBoard Digital Signage. Your Virtual Concierge.

Four Winds Interactive (FWi) and USA TODAY partnered on a digital sign initiative that brought an unprecedented digital concierge to each new and redesigned lobby in the Courtyard by Marriott brand.

Courtyard Marriott GoBoard Digital Signage. Your Virtual Concierge.

Debuting late last year as a prototype, the Marriott Courtyard GoBoard™ is an interactive digital information center for guests, showcasing live news from USA TODAY, and running off of the FWi software platform. Key to the system's success, the Marriott Courtyard GoBoard™ gives the user control over the output on the screen, making it an excellent tool to customize offerings based on guest preferences. The Marriott Courtyard Digital Signage System Now available in approximately 300 hotels, Courtyard® expects to consistently rollout the Marriott Courtyard GoBoard™ and lobby redesign throughout its properties.

Most recently, this innovation was included as part of the new 136-room Courtyard Edmonton West in Edmonton, Alberta. Sean.obrien's Dashboard. Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods) The New York Times. Play music together. Asciiflow - ASCII Flow Diagram Tool. Personalized Brain Training. Rumpetroll! — It's norwegian, but probably not what you think.

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web. IlustracionesChristoph Niemann Redacción y ediciónMin Li Chan, Fritz Holznagel, Michael Krantz Supervisión del proyectoMin Li Chan & The Google Chrome Team DiseñoFiPaul Truong DesarrolloFi.

20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web

Chrome Experiments - WebGL Globe. The WebGL Globe is an open platform for geographic data visualization.

Chrome Experiments - WebGL Globe

We encourage you to copy the code, add your own data, and create your own. If you do create your own globe, please share it with us. We will post our favorite links below. Features: Latitude / longitude data spikes Color gradients, based on data value or type Mouse wheel to zoom More features are under development... Created by the Google Data Arts Team. MIT Media Lab. ROME. Oblique Strategies.

"These cards evolved from our separate observations of the principles underlying what we are doing.

Oblique Strategies

Sometimes they were recognized in retrospect (intellect catching up with intuition), sometimes they were identified as they were happening, sometimes they were formulated. They can be used as a pack (a set of posibilities being continuously reviewed in the mind) or by drawing a single card from a shuffled pack when a dilemma occurs in a working situation. In this case the card is trusted even if it appropriateness is quite unclear. They are not final, as new ideas will present themselves, and others will become self-evident. " Newsmap. Stereomood – emotional internet radio - music for my mood and activities. Dvdp. This is 111126.


Created by me four years ago. Now I realized it has been deleted from Tumblr. No explanation, not even a dry notification. It’s the second time. London World Record Panoramic Photo: See Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and more than you can imagine. About this photo This is an 80-gigapixel panoramic photo, made from 7886 individual images.

London World Record Panoramic Photo: See Big Ben, London Eye, Tower Bridge, and more than you can imagine.

This panorama was shot from the top of the Centre Point building in central London, in the summer of 2010. We hope that the varied sights and energy of London have been captured here in a way never done before, so that you can experience one of the world's great cities - wherever you may be right now. To control this image, use the controls on the screen or click and hold your mouse button on the photo, and move your mouse around. IKEA Omsorg. Square – Accept credit card payments with your mobile phone. Kamui Cosplay. Personal Protection - SHOMER-TEC. CLICK HERE to watch the video!

Personal Protection - SHOMER-TEC

The baseball cap is so common that no one ever gives it a second thought. Wall decals from Threadless by Blik. Globe Genie - Joe McMichael. Psykopaint Beta 1 - Online photo painting tool.