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2/6/19: Trump administration sues to stop Philadelphia’s safe injection site. Philadelphia is trying to open a supervised drug consumption site to help stem the tide of overdose deaths in the opioid epidemic — but now President Donald Trump’s Department of Justice is suing a nonprofit in the city to stop the site, Bobby Allyn reported for local radio station WHYY on Wednesday.

2/6/19: Trump administration sues to stop Philadelphia’s safe injection site

Supervised consumption sites, also known as safe injection sites, are spaces where people can use drugs with sterile syringes and the supervision of trained staff, with the opioid overdose antidote naloxone and other medical equipment at the ready if anything goes wrong. The sites may also link people to addiction treatment on request. 2/28/19: House Oversight seeks interviews with Ivanka Trump, Don Jr. The House Oversight Committee will pursue interviews with some of President Donald Trump's children and closest allies who were implicated in Michael Cohen’s bombshell testimony before the panel, Chairman Elijah Cummings said Thursday.

2/28/19: House Oversight seeks interviews with Ivanka Trump, Don Jr.

“All you have to do is follow the transcript. If there are names that were mentioned or records that were mentioned during the hearing, we want to take a look at all of that,” Cummings told reporters. Story Continued Below In his nearly six-hour appearance before the key House panel investigating the president and his business dealings, Cohen name-dropped several of Trump’s closest confidants and associates, including several of his adult children. After Wednesday’s hearing, Democrats said they were interested in speaking with Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Allen Weisselberg, the longtime chief financial officer of The Trump Organization.

2/28/19: Why wealth equality remains out of reach for the majority of black Americans. Black History Month has become the time to reflect on all the progress black Americans have made, but the sobering reality is that when it comes to wealth – the paramount indicator of economic security – there has been virtually no progress in the last 50 years.

2/28/19: Why wealth equality remains out of reach for the majority of black Americans

Based on data from the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finance, the typical black family has only 10 cents for every dollar held by the typical white family. While there is no magic bullet for racism, access to wealth, and the security to pass it down from one generation to the next, would go a long way toward changing the economic trajectory for blacks. As researchers who study historical and contemporary racial inequality, we mostly conceive of wealth as a maker of success, but its true value is functional: the independence and economic security that it provides.

2/27/19: Cohen testifies before Congress

2/21: Stone gets full gag order after posting image of judge with gun crosshairs. The federal judge overseeing Roger Stone’s case has barred him from publicly talking about the case, after he posted an image on Instagram earlier this week that appeared to show gun crosshairs by her head.

2/21: Stone gets full gag order after posting image of judge with gun crosshairs

That means the former Trump campaign adviser cannot post on social media, talk to news publications, or release statements if it has anything to do with his ongoing prosecution in the Mueller probe. Previously, Stone had been under a partial gag order that only somewhat limited his speech. "Defendant may not speak publicly about the investigation or the case or anyone participating in the investigation or case, period.

You apparently need clear boundaries, so here they are,” Judge Amy Berman Jackson said Thursday, according to reporters at the D.C. courthouse. 2/20: WI Lawmaker Refuses To Cut Hair Until Bill For Deaf Community Passes. A Wisconsin state lawmaker is taking a unique approach to advocating passage of a bill that would heighten protections for the deaf community.

2/20: WI Lawmaker Refuses To Cut Hair Until Bill For Deaf Community Passes

State Rep. Jonathan Brostoff (D) hasn’t cut his hair for a year and said he’ll continue refusing to do so until the legislature passes a bill to address Wisconsin’s shortage of sign language interpreters. The measure, which Brostoff co-authored in 2017, had unanimous bipartisan support in the assembly, but failed to pass in the final hour. His hair has been growing ever since. “I’m making a commitment, and it’s kind of a visual indicator to the community,” Brostoff told HuffPost on Wednesday, admitting that it was a “spur-of-the-moment” decision. 2/20: Multimillion$ ties link EPA official w/ secretive industry group. The nation’s biggest coal-burning power companies paid a top lobbying firm millions of dollars to fight a wide range of Obama-era environmental rules, documents obtained by POLITICO reveal — shortly before one of the firm’s partners became President Donald Trump’s top air pollution regulator.

2/20: Multimillion$ ties link EPA official w/ secretive industry group

Now that ex-partner, Bill Wehrum, is aggressively working to undo many of those same regulations at the EPA, where he is an assistant administrator in charge of issues including climate change, smog and power plants’ mercury pollution. Story Continued Below. 2/18: Teenager in coma wakes up with new baby. Image copyright SWNS A teenager who went into a coma after going to bed with a headache woke up four days later to discover she had given birth to a surprise baby girl.

2/18: Teenager in coma wakes up with new baby

Ebony Stevenson, 18, from Oldham, had no idea she was pregnant when she went to bed feeling unwell. She was taken to hospital after suffering a series of seizures where medics discovered she was expecting. 2/17: Japan Nominates Trump for Nobel @Request of White House.

2/15/19 Trump declares no wall = national emergency

2/14: Scientist who resisted censorship of climate report loses her job. 2/14: NBC/Telemundo to host 1st Dem presidential primary debate in June. 2/14: Senate confirms William Barr as attorney general. 2/13: 2 Millionaire Senators Introduce Plan to Nix Congressional Pensions. 2/13: The deal with the Green New Deal. 2/12: El Paso Co Commissioners pass resolution rebuking Trump for continuously making inaccurate claims about US southern border.

Officials in El Paso, Texas passed a bipartisan resolution on Monday condemning President Donald Trump’s false statements regarding the safety of the city.

2/12: El Paso Co Commissioners pass resolution rebuking Trump for continuously making inaccurate claims about US southern border

The resolution was posted to Twitter Monday afternoon. El Paso County passes a resolution saying it is “disillusioned by President Trump’s lies regarding the border and our community,” citing past false statements and the likelihood of new ones at rally tonight.— Garrett Haake (@GarrettHaake) February 11, 2019 “Donald Trump has continuously made inaccurate claims about the United States’ southern border, including El Paso,” the resolution said, citing data from Customs and Border Protection that showed that “no crisis exists” on the border. 2/12: Trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman at El Paso rally. Media playback is unsupported on your device A supporter of US President Donald Trump has attacked a BBC cameraman at a campaign rally in El Paso, Texas.

2/12: Trump supporter attacks BBC cameraman at El Paso rally

Sporting a Make America Great Again cap, the man shoved and swore at the BBC's Ron Skeans and other news crews before being pulled away. Mr Skeans said the "very hard shove" came from his blindside. 2/11: A Turning Point for Sextortion? 2/10: Fed judges were right: OH gerrymandering lawsuit should go forward: editorial. No one considers the Ohio House of Representatives a good-government seminar.

2/10: Fed judges were right: OH gerrymandering lawsuit should go forward: editorial

But the Republican-run House made operational moves this week, orchestrated by Republican Speaker Larry Householder, of Perry County’s Glenford, in the direction of bipartisanship – a stark contrast to presidential and congressional chaos in Washington. Meanwhile, also as part of this week’s session, Ohio House Democrats formally chose the new caucus leader they designated in January, Rep.

Emilia Sykes, of Akron. She replaces Rep. 2/7: Reps Waters & Green Request Documents from Consumer Bureau on Recent Settlements. WASHINGTON — Today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Chairwoman of the House Committee on Financial Services, and Congressman Al Green (D-TX), Chairman of the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, wrote to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Kathy Kraninger to request documents relating to recent settlements that do not require companies that have violated the law to provide redress to consumers who have been harmed.

“The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“Consumer Bureau”) has recently announced several settlements against entities for engaging in unlawful practices without requiring the payment of redress to consumers harmed by the illegal conduct,” the lawmakers wrote. “This stands in stark contrast to the Consumer Bureau’s practice under the leadership of former Director Cordray. In the letter, the lawmakers requested documents regarding recent Consumer Bureau settlements with Sterling Jewelers Inc., Enova International, Inc, and NDG Financial Corp. et al. 2/7: Holmes, 10, takes knee during Pledge @Durham, N.C. City Council meeting. Durham, N.C. -- Is it taking a stand or disrespecting the flag? That's the question some are asking after a Durham 10 year old took a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance at Monday night's City Council meeting, reports CBS Raleigh affiliate WNCN-TV. Video of the meeting shows Liam Holmes drop down.

The council invited Cub Scout Pack 451 to lead the pledge. Liam said he is a Cub Scout. 2/7/19: AOC dissects US's 'fundamentally broken' campaign finance laws. 2/6: VA Atty General Herring, 2nd in line as Gov, also wore blackface. Breaking News Emails Get breaking news alerts and special reports. The news and stories that matter, delivered weekday mornings. Feb. 6, 2019, 4:52 PM GMT / Updated Feb. 6, 2019, 8:41 PM GMT By Dareh Gregorian. 2/6: NM governor pulls majority Natl Guard troops from US-Mexico border. 2/6/19: Chairman Schiff's Statement on House Intelligence Committee Investigation.

Washington, DC – Today, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, released the following statement following the Committee’s organizational meeting: “Consistent with its jurisdiction, investigative responsibilities, and building on substantial work undertaken during the last Congress, the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (“Committee”) will conduct a rigorous investigation into efforts by Russia and other foreign entities to influence the U.S. political process during and since the 2016 U.S. election. In addition, the Committee will investigate the counterintelligence threat arising from any links or coordination between U.S. persons and the Russian government and/or other foreign entities, including any financial or other leverage such foreign actors may possess.

2/5: VA Lt. Gov. Fairfax's accuser told friend about assault. CLICK HERE if you are having a problem viewing the photos on a mobile device The woman at the center of a sexual assault scandal involving Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is a Stanford University fellow scheduled to appear at a symposium next week on sexual violence and the #MeToo movement. Professor Vanessa Tyson’s allegations, stemming from an interaction at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, and the explosive political fallout echo those of Christine Blasey Ford, another university professor living in Palo Alto, who last year accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were teenagers.

2/5: No science behind Trump’s abortion remarks. 2/5: State of the Union 2019 - Live fact-check & transcript. Thank you very much, madam speaker, vice president, members of Congress, the first lady of the United States. And my fellow Americans. 2/3: Tough Federal Judge Tells Roger Stone It’s Time to Shut Up. Mark Wilson/Getty Images Looking for news you can trust? 2/3: Judge blames children in Kansas sex abuse case. Can children aged 13 and 14 years old be the aggressors in a sexual encounter with a 67-year-old man?

A Leavenworth County judge recently said he thought so when he reduced the prison sentence for a man who paid for sex with young girls he solicited over the internet. District Judge Michael Gibbens sentenced Raymond Soden to five years and 10 months in prison. 2/2: The sound of 1000+ human beings w/out heat at MDC federal jail in Brooklyn tapping SOS. 2/2: Ocasio-Cortez Issues Warning To Anonymous Bigots Flooding Her Office With Calls. 2/1: NASA video shows polar vortex shifting to spread frigid air across the U.S. The purple and blue colors in the animation represent the coldest temperatures, which range from minus 40 F to minus 10 F, as measured about two to three miles above Earth's surface.

The mass of cold air moves like a chubby finger that pushes aside regions of higher temperature, which are represented in the animation by the colors green, yellow and red. The polar vortex is a low-pressure mass of cold air that swirls perpetually above Earth's polar regions. 2/1: Meteorite hits Cuba. Venezuelan opposition leader and U.S. -backed interim president Juan Guaidó called for large-scale rallies of his supporters across the country Saturday in continued protest of embattled President Nicolas Maduro. Guaidó is pushing Maduro to call a snap election, and several European nations have indicated they will follow Washington in recognizing Guaidó as president of Venezuela if Maduro does not comply by Sunday. 2/1: Some call for VA Gov. Northam's resignation after discovery of yearbook pic of men in blackface, Klan robe.

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