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Fearful, Lazy or Just Plain Stuck? 29 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Gifts (Motiongraphic) Life, at times, can feel like it’s numbly drifting past.

Fearful, Lazy or Just Plain Stuck? 29 Ways to Unlock Your Creative Gifts (Motiongraphic)

Laziness, anxiety, unhealthy habits, fear -- all can contribute to a blocked mental state that hinders professional achievement as well as personal fulfillment. Need a creative jolt? We’ve got just the thing. From silly tips -- like singing in the shower, drinking coffee and reading a page out of the dictionary -- to more profound practices, like training yourself to stay open to risks and allowing yourself to fail, the MotionGraphic (above) by Japanese design studio TO-FU, shares 29 ways to keep your creative juices flowing.

So step away from the computer, grab a notebook and free-write while blasting some of your favorite music. 10 Tips for Unleashing Your Creativity at Work. Innovators push the boundaries of the known world.

10 Tips for Unleashing Your Creativity at Work

They're change agents who are relentless in making things happen and bringing ideas to execution. Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful company today. For many companies, however, the pursuit of innovative ideas is missing a key element (something typically not associated with business professionals): creativity. Nurturing your creative self is the only way to truly unlock your strategic mind and bring your business skills to bear in new, meaningful ways that can benefit your entire organization.

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Internet History: Video of 1981 TV report shows birth of Internet News. It’s easy to forget how far the Internet has come considering how plugged in we all are today thanks to laptops, smartphones and other connected devices, but we found a fantastic video that will no doubt serve as an eye-opening and hilarious reminder.

Internet History: Video of 1981 TV report shows birth of Internet News

“Imagine, if you will, sitting down to your morning coffee, turning on your home computer to see the day’s newspaper,” begins this report from KRON in San Francisco. “Well, it’s not as far-fetched as it may seem.” The report, filed by KRON’s Steve Newman back in 1981, details the birth of Internet news as it chronicles an experiment being conducted by the San Francisco Examiner where editors programmed a copy of each day’s paper into a computer and made it available via the Internet. To connect to the Web and access the S.F. RSA Animate - Re-Imagining Work. No-5.1-Action-Learning-Sets. Martin Seligman on positive psychology.

5 Evidence-Based Ways to Optimize Your Teamwork. You’re at the table with the rest of your team, ready to brainstorm new ideas or plan the next product launch. Looking around, their faces are reassuring – you know this is a bunch of talented and experienced individuals. Working together you have the potential to achieve so much more than you ever could alone. And yet … so often group work fails to deliver.

Or worse, it leads to calamity. H istory is littered with examples of disastrous group decisions leading to banking collapses, political crises, and commercial meltdowns. 1. A fundamental strength of teams is that each person brings their own unique knowledge and perspective to the table. In a creative setting, this could apply to problems like estimating product sales or predicting project timelines. Too much early interaction can also compromise idea generation in a group setting. Group wisdom was undermined when team members were given the chance to modify their initial answers.

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action. Note to Managers: Positivity Matters. 10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Employees. Good bosses have strong organizational skills.

10 Things Extraordinary Bosses Give Employees

Good bosses have solid decision-making skills. Good bosses get important things done. Exceptional bosses do all of the above--and more. Sure, they care about their company and customers, their vendors and suppliers. But most importantly, they care to an exceptional degree about the people who work for them. That's why extraordinary bosses give every employee: 11 Simple Concepts to Become a Better Leader. Shawn Achor: The secret of happiness and better work. The ‘science of karma’ Adam Grant, PhD, is one of those people you want to resent: At 32, he's the youngest tenured professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he has the highest course evaluation ratings of any teacher and where he's never taught a class that didn't win an Excellence in Teaching Award.

The ‘science of karma’

He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, earned his PhD in organizational psychology from the University of Michigan in less than three years and has published more than 60 journal articles in his young career. This Revolutionary Tool Can Help Keep Employees Happy, Engaged, And On Your Side. “The greatest happiness is to know the source of unhappiness.”

This Revolutionary Tool Can Help Keep Employees Happy, Engaged, And On Your Side

--Fyodor Dostoevsky Imagine coming to work one Monday morning and finding your most talented and tenured employee waiting in your office. Before you have a moment to settle in, she places a letter on your desk and tells you directly, “This is my two-week notice.” Simply from how she’s chosen to deliver the news, (quick, to the point and well strategized) you instinctively know there’s no way of saving her.

Flashing through your mind are all the critical projects she’s responsible for, and the clear awareness that it will take months before someone new can be brought up to her skill level. What I Carry: 10 Tools for Success. Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation. Tuckman forming storming norming performing model. Motivating employees can be one of your biggest challenges as an employer. 8 tips for an awesome powerpoint presentation.