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Great Tools for Screencasting. GoodUI. Free HTML5 Flip Book Maker; Interactive Html5 Digital Publishing Platform for Magazines, Catalogs, and more. Digital Publishing Platform for Magazines, Catalogs, and more. A Domain of One’s Own. In the mid-2000s I made some friends in the world of higher education who were starting to think like the web and to imagine how that might transform an institution that everyone could see needed to change.

A Domain of One’s Own

One of them, Gardner Campbell, invited me to speak at the University of Mary Washington’s Faculty Academy on Instructional Technologies. There I met an inspired team of thinkers and doers who were pioneering the academic use of what we now call cloud technology. UMW isn’t a wealthy school; there wasn’t a big budget for IT; that was a constraint well embraced. Gardner’s dream team found their way to BlueHost where, for $8/month, they could spin up web servers, wikis, and most importantly the blogs that have become central to the intellectual life of the school. Here’s Jim Groom, aka Mr. Design with web fonts in the browser. Opt Out From Online Behavioral Advertising By Participating Companies (BETA) Contributor – Google. Reading insecurity: The crippling fear that the digital age has left you unable to read deeply and thoughtfully.

Everett Collection Slate is an online magazine, which means you are almost certainly reading this on a screen.

Reading insecurity: The crippling fear that the digital age has left you unable to read deeply and thoughtfully.

It is more likely to be morning than evening. You are perhaps at work, chasing a piece of information rather than seeking to immerse yourself in a contemplative experience. You probably have other tabs open—you will flick to one if I go on too long. Your eyes may feel fatigued from the glow of the monitor, the strain of adjusting to Slate’s typeface, which differs slightly from where you just were. Katy Waldman is a Slate staff writer. It is becoming a cliché of conversations between twentysomethings (especially to the right of 25) that if you talk about books or articles or strung-together words long enough, someone will eventually wail plaintively: “I just can’t reeeeeaaad anymore.” Reading insecurity. The Guide to Clear your Browser Cache! - The Guide to Clear your Browser Cache! Forms Done Awesomely. 9 Fundamental Digital Skills Every Teacher Should Have. Nearpod: Create, Engage, Assess through Mobile Devices.

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Confessions of a Community College Dean. When Michael Dukakis ran for President, his slogan of “competence, not ideology” didn’t exactly stir the blood.

Confessions of a Community College Dean

But I saw competency stir the blood of some smart people on Monday, and it gave me hope. NEBHE - the New England Board of Higher Education - hosted a conference in Boston on Competency-Based Education, and it was one of the best I’ve attended in years. Competency-Based Education doesn’t have a standard definition yet -- which several speakers noted over the course of the day -- but it generally refers to programs in which student learning is measured in accomplishments, rather than time. The idea is to invert the credit hour. Perusall. This new tool makes the flipped classroom more social. Flipping your class by having students watch lecture videos for their homework can lead to richer discussions about the content, but only if students come to class prepared.

This new tool makes the flipped classroom more social

And having them watch a video lecture at home “simply takes a technique that didn’t work in person and puts in online,” said Harvard University physics professor Eric Mazur. During the 2016 Building Learning Communities (BLC) conference organized by education thought leader Alan November, Mazur unveiled a free tool that he and a team of colleagues developed to solve this problem. Called Perusall, it’s a social learning platform that will “essentially make sure every student is prepared for class,” Mazur said. It also makes sure teachers are prepared to address students’ key questions and areas of confusion—without creating more work for the instructor. Mazur spent the first part of his opening keynote recalling how he realized long ago that teaching must be more than simply transferring knowledge. The unique internet search site your students don't know about. The Wayback Machine is a reference tool for the internet Age as basic as a dictionary.

The unique internet search site your students don't know about

When was the last time you saw a student use it? When I’m giving a talk to students about being responsible digital citizens, I’ll tell them, “You know, some day you might apply to college, or run for Congress—and you might regret something you posted online when you were young.” And there’s always one student who will say to me, “Mr. November, we’re not that stupid—we’re going to take those things off the web before we apply to college.”

At that point, I pause the discussion. The audience goes from laughing at me for how naïve I am for not realizing there is a delete button for the web to stunned silence in the blink of an eye. I should really bring paper bags, because some kids are so nervous about the implications of what they’ve just seen, they’re hyperventilating. The Internet Archive, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to index the web, runs the Wayback Machine.