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Gen Z

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The ExactTarget Blog Instagram Best Practices as Proven by @Burberry, @Nike, & @KateSpadeNY. "The joy of Instagram: you didn't have to be there," Harper's BAZAAR editor Laura Brown tweeted recently.

The ExactTarget Blog Instagram Best Practices as Proven by @Burberry, @Nike, & @KateSpadeNY

Hers is a succinct summation of Instagram's greatest strength, and in large part, the reason that fashion brands have had great success with the visual media app: it eliminates the curtain guarding the lives and businesses of an elite class of influencers, giving the consumer unprecedented access and power. This is a natural continuation of a major shift in fashion over the past few years, stemming largely from the influx of street style photographers and fashion bloggers, who've gained great influence in the industry through unconventional means. By now, the blue glow of smartphone screens are as familiar in the tents as impractical footwear and juice fasts. Sure, the average Instagram feed is often filled with the much-maligned #selfies, #sunsets, and #foodie snapshots. But to restrict Instagram to this stereotype misses the bigger (pardon the pun) picture. 1. 2. 3. Move over Millennials - it’s time to talk to Gen Z. Born post 1995, this generation are true digital natives.

Move over Millennials - it’s time to talk to Gen Z

They don’t know of life before Google, Facebook, smart mobile phones or digital TVs. Similarly referred to as the iGeneration, NetGen or Screenagers they have been born into a pervasive digital world where everything and everyone is accessible at the press of a button or click of a mouse. As such they are used to finding information and education, consuming entertainment, communicating, participating and sharing across multiple digital screens.

And they are used to achieving these multiple tasks simultaneously, flitting from one screen to another as they do. Gen Z Shopping: the future of retail. Retailers will have to switch things up to wow Gen Z crowd. A couple of weeks ago, I picked up my stepdaughter at Viera Regional Park from soccer camp.

Retailers will have to switch things up to wow Gen Z crowd

I must have had an "easy touch" look. "Can we go to Justice? Pleeeeeeese. " I'd never been clothes shopping with a 10-year-old before and figured it would be a test of wills: Renown cheapness vs. big pleading eyes that could rival those of a Labrador waiting for a piece of leftover brisket. As soon we walked into Justice at The Avenue Viera, a friendly — maybe too friendly — associate smiled and mentioned "sales," and the battle was over. After 45 minutes of looking, contemplating and trying on clothes, my stepdaughter ended up with a new pair of un-budgeted $25 jeans.

Star-Telegram. Generation Z: A Look at the Technology and Media Habits of Today’s Teens. A study on GenZ by Wikia finds that teen users are connected nearly all waking hours of the day and report being more “actively connected” now than even 3 months ago SAN FRANCISCO, CA. – March 18, 2013 – Wikia, the world’s leading collaborative media company and home to many of the Web’s largest pop culture communities, today released findings from a study conducted among its 13-18 year-old users in association with Ipsos MediaCT “GenZ: The Limitless Generation” exploring the complex behaviors of teens and technology.

Generation Z: A Look at the Technology and Media Habits of Today’s Teens

According to the online survey, Wikia found its GenZ users say they are more actively connected now than they were just three months ago, giving a glimpse into a constantly connected, complex demographic that is changing more quickly than any generation before them. The extensive online survey of more than 1,200 U.S. Highlighted trends revealed by the survey include: These GenZers report spending almost every waking hour online (some even while at church!) About the Study. Generation Z Spending Habits. Meet Generation Z: Forget Everything You Learned About Millennials. Assets/uploads/2013/10/Gen-Z-Whitepaper.pdf.

Get ready for Generation Z. Jack Andraka created a pancreas cancer test (Ethan Hill/Redux) Last February, 16-year-old Ann Makosinski drew applause and gasps when she appeared on The Jimmy Fallon Show.

Get ready for Generation Z

The Victoria native was showing off her invention—a flashlight powered by the heat of a human hand—on a segment with two other young inventors. It wasn’t just Makosinski’s clever adaptation of technology that wowed the crowd; it was her inspiration: the plight of a friend in the Philippines who’d failed a grade at school because she lacked electricity to study at night. Her empathy-driven ingenuity has won her acclaim and the top prize for 15- to 16-year-olds at the Google Science Fair, a place on Time’s “Top 30 under 30” list, as well as a barrage of media coverage. As she exited the stage, Fallon shook his head in awe. Fallon’s line may be a cliché, but it echoes a growing sentiment, as the spotlight is thrust on Generation Z, the unimaginative term for the cohort following Gen Y, or Millennials.

Beyond Millennials: How to Reach Generation Z. Millennials are so last year.

Beyond Millennials: How to Reach Generation Z

As the generation that inspired countless thinkpieces eases out of the public eye, marketers are honing in on the next wave of consumers: Generation Z. These folks, born in 1995 or later, make up 25.9% of the United States' population, contribute $44 billion to the American economy and differ from their predecessors in a few key ways. While millennials — a.k.a. Generation Y — grew up alongside the World Wide Web, Gen Z is growing up with social media. What Generation Z Entrepreneurs Are Like.