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Field House / Blank Architects. Field House / Blank Architects Architects Location Lead Architect Magda Cichoń Area 175.0 m2 Project Year 2016 Photographs Manufacturers More SpecsLess Specs From the architect.

Field House / Blank Architects

The house is located in the XIX century village that is built among two lines of roads crossing in the heart of the community. The crossing is accented by landmark church. The original backdated cottages are lined regularly among the roads and their brick façades with gable roof always facing the road. The village is surrounded by agricultural fields with big population of birds, deer and hares moving around freely. The location area we received for work has a long cultivated field from one side and 4 adjacent houses from another side; one of these houses is inhabited by the family of the Client’s son. Lake Cottage / UUfie. Architects Location Bolsover, Kawartha Lakes, ON, Canada Architects in Charge Irene Gardpoit, Eiri Ota Area 62.0 ft2 Project Year 2013 Photographs From the architect.

Lake Cottage / UUfie

Lake Cottage is a reinterpretation of living in a tree house where nature is an integral part of the building. In a forest of birch and spruce trees along the Kawartha Lakes, the cottage is designed as a two storey, multi-uses space for a large family. Dezeen. MNy Arkitekter has used seven varieties of timber to create this gabled house on the shoreline of a small lake in Tenala, Finland (+ slideshow).


Local studio MNy Arkitekter gave House Åkerudden a gabled form that references the existing architecture in Tenala, a rural community around 60 miles west of Helsinki. But studio founder Mathias Nyström selected an assortment of treated and untreated timbers to subtly distinguish it from its neighbours. "The building's idiom is simple and oblong and it settles naturally into the open field landscape," said Nyström.

"In its simplicity and apparent modesty, it approaches vernacular architecture without mimicking it," he added. "The goals were authenticity, simplicity, locality and sustainability. " The house's timber structure is made from locally sourced spruce, which is treated with white-tinted oil and left exposed throughout the interior. The framework rests on oak batons and is completely clad in vertically arranged lengths of aspen. Dezeen. This Slovenian home by Skupaj Arhitekti mimics the gabled form of its Alpine village neighbours, but it also features contemporary details and finishes (+ slideshow).


Slovenian architects Meta Kutin and Tomaž Ebenšpanger designed the 100-square-metre residence for a hillside plot in Stara Fužina, a protected Alpine village in Slovenia's Triglav National Park. The house replaces a former mechanic's workshop. Its gabled form means the new structure is inconspicuous among its traditional neighbours, but more contemporary materials including fibre-cement shingles were used to finish the project. The roof is covered in thin, overlapping fibre-cement tiles laid to create a cross-hatched pattern, while galvanised metal accents update traditional wooden elements like window shutters and frames. The addition of the pitched roof was also a crucial factor in the negotiations. "Special attention has been focused on jutting roofs," they added. Hemishofen House / Dost. Architects Location 8261 Hemishofen, Switzerland Architect in Charge Dominic Meister Area 151.0 m2 Project Year 2014 Photographs Manufacturers Loading...

Hemishofen House / Dost

From the architect. A young family’s dream of living by the river comes true in this house’s unique location: the bank of the river Rhine. The Hemishofen House is a compact volume with a clear and modern organization. The boundaries between interior and exterior are cleverly dissolved ensuring a strong connection with the surrounding nature. The house has 151 m2 and its 5 rooms are distributed over two floors. Croatian mountain lodge by Tomislav Soldo designed to light up like a lantern through diagonal shutters. Black-painted larch clads this small house in Croatia, designed by architect Tomislav Soldo for a hill overlooking forests and mountains.

Croatian mountain lodge by Tomislav Soldo designed to light up like a lantern through diagonal shutters

Soldo designed the two-storey Black Lodge for a sloped site in Gorski Kotar, a mountainous region in Croatia, with large windows to provide views of the surroundings. Like other residences in the region, the 100-square-metre house has a pitched roof, a compact layout and a wooden facade. In this instance, the architect chose Siberian larch cladding, which is painted with black tar that penetrates deep into the wood to offer protection over a long period of time. At night-time, the wooden shutters with diagonal panels that are placed in front of the windows allow artificial light to seep through. The architect says it lights the residence up like a lantern.

Five Interconnected Spaces Make Up This Wood Covered Villa. Photography by Ake E:son Lindman Jonas Lindvall of Malmö-based architecture studio, Lindvall A & D, designed this modern single-family summerhouse, located on the west coast of Sweden, for clients that wanted to create a home that was rooted in history but at the same time appeared modern.

Five Interconnected Spaces Make Up This Wood Covered Villa

The design of the house, with its peaked roofs and horizontal wood plank siding, was inspired by the wood barns found in the surrounding area. Inside, the living room and dining room share the same space, while each part of the room opens up to the outdoors. This glass enclosed bedroom beside a lake also functions as a greenhouse. Photography by Arsi Ikäheimonen Helsinki architect Ville Hara of Avanto Architects, together with Linda Bergroth, designed this modular garden shed and greenhouse that can be used for a wide number of gardening needs, including creating a space for small scale cultivation or building a bright garden oasis.

This glass enclosed bedroom beside a lake also functions as a greenhouse

Named the Kekkilä collection, it’s made from Finnish pine and toughened safety glass. Their modular nature means they can be made as long or as short as you like in order to provide you with just the right amount of space to create your dream greenhouse. The back part of each shed opens up to reveal a deep storage space with customizable shelving that allows you store and organize all of your gardening tools. As part of the Kekkilä collection, other products like the Vitine and customizable garden shelves enable to become a master gardener, or at the very least, help you look like one. Wenslauer House / 31/44 Architects. Wenslauer House / 31/44 Architects Architects Location Wenslauerstraat, 1053 Amsterdam, The Netherlands Architect in Charge James Jeffries Area 145.0 m2 Project Year 2015 Photographs Manufacturers Structural Engineer DUYTS Bouwconstructies and Houtbouw ‘t Zand Services Engineer Van Breukelen & Rozendaal Elektrotechniek Building Contractor Van Baaren Aannemers More SpecsLess Specs.

Wenslauer House / 31/44 Architects

Konieczny's Ark / KWK Promes. Konieczny's Ark / KWK Promes Architects Location Architect in Charge Area 138.0 m2 Project Year 2015 Photographs Olo Studio , Jakub Certowicz , Courtesy of Robert Konieczny Authorial Collaboration Łukasz Marciniak Collaboration Marcin Harnasz, Aneta Świeżak Structural Engineering Kornel Szyndler More SpecsLess Specs From the architect.

Konieczny's Ark / KWK Promes

The highest value of the plot is a wonderful view stretching out. Residence DBB / Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects. Residence DBB / Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects Architects Location Knokke, 8300 Knokke-Heist, Belgium Architect in Charge Benny Govaert, Damiaan Vanhoutte Area 566.0 sqm Project Year 2015 Photographs Manufacturers Lootens Line “A place is a space which has a distinct character,” Norberg-Schulz postulates in Genius Loci: Towards a Phenomenology of Architecture. Scanning the natural and built environment in search of hidden visual patterns and translating these elegantly into a contemporary architecture project is the mission he spreads.

Garden House / Caspar Schols. Garden House / Caspar Schols Architects Location Area 45.0 sqm Project Year 2016 Photographs Manufacturers Fransman Glas, Houthandel Smetsers, Konijnenburg, Pflaum, ΚΝΑUF Drawings Eva Ibáñez Fuertes Budget 20.000 euro More SpecsLess Specs. House KD / GWSK Arkitekter. House KD / GWSK Arkitekter Architects Location Architect in Charge Timo Karasalo Area 100.0 sqm Project Year 2016 Photographs Manufacturers Structural Engineering Henrik Moegelin, Stockholm From the architect.

The idea of ”modern barn” came up quite early in the sketching phase. A building typology that naturally connected to the village's current scale and grammar. The materials and the details however was designed to give clear signals that this was built in our time. The outstretched and narrow volume was ideal for the project's spatial and functional program. Client's requests for maintenance-free facades together with the advantages of fast installation of the building's exterior walls led to the choice of precast concrete elements. Valley Villa / arches. Architects Location Lead Architects A.Liola, R.Liola, E.Neniškis, M.Kaučikaitė, E.Geštautaitė Area 415.0 sqm Project Year 2016 Photographs Manufacturers Filiofocus Central, Inarchi, Kebony, Lifesteel, Rathscheck, Rayners Structural Engineers Dainius Dubaka More SpecsLess Specs Just a few hundred meters from the active city street and you can find yourself in exclusive surrounding of the park.

Calm and harmony of nature. This sensation is enhanced by natural valley, the old Raguva. Sunny slope of the valley. Outskirts. Concrete dovecote transformed into children's playhouse by AZO Sequeira. A small concrete structure once used as a house for doves has been transformed by Portuguese studio AZO Sequeira Arquitectos Associados into a garden playroom. The former dovecote had sat derelict in the back garden of the clients' Braga home, so they asked the AZO Sequeira team to make it into a space that they could use. The architects' response was to create a playroom in the elevated space that the doves previously used, while the hollow area underneath now contains a bathroom serving the family's swimming pool. The Dovecote by AZO. Sequeira Arquitectos Associados. Previous Entry Next Entry Exhibition: Spring by Mathieu Lehanneur Tamarit Apartment by RAS Arquitectura.

MNy Arkitekter uses seven types of timber for Finnish lake house. House JP / Bevk Perović Arhitekti. Red Barn by Roger Ferris + Partners houses artist retreat in CT. House XL / SoNo Arhitekti. House in the Woods / Studio Nauta. Tinhouse / Rural Design. Architects Location Design and Construction Team Alan Dickson, Gill Smith Cost £110,000 Area 70.0 sqm Project Year 2016 Photographs Manufacturers Bradstone, Caley Timber, Kirkwood Kitchens, Knauf, Rationel Tinhouse by Rural Design, is located on the northwestern tip of the Isle of Skye, on a steeply sloping site overlooking The Minch, the body of water separating the Inner and Outer Hebrides. Tinhouse is an essay in landscape, economy, construction and imagination which shares the same design ethic as its neighbouring sister the Wooden House. Where, however, the Wooden House celebrates timber detailing the Tinhouse celebrates corrugated metal sheeting, commonly used on the agricultural buildings of the rural landscape.

Enough House / MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects. Maison compacte en Slovénie par Dekleva Gregoric. Dekleva Gregoric, cabinet d’architecture basé en Slovénie composé de Aljoša Dekleva et Tina Gregori? , nous présente le projet Compact Karst House, une maison de campagne compacte d’environ 90m². Dans la pure tradition des petites habitations de la région, de pierre et calcaire, disposant de peu d’ouverture pour se protéger du froid et vent, le duo d’architectes actualise le concept et nous livrent un volume brut mêlant pierre et bois. A la manière d’un chalet de montagne, l’espace du rez-de-chaussée, fait de bois et ouvert vers l’extérieur propose de larges espaces de vie, cuisine et salle à manger comme zone de partage. Brian Mackay-Lyons adds steel cabin to his Nova Scotia estate. Canadian architect Brian MacKay-Lyons has built a cabin for an architecture intern at his Nova Scotia farmstead, featuring a rough skin of weathering steel, and a rustic but compact interior (+ slideshow).

Studio 804 builds a net-zero energy Kansas home. Family House / Atelier K2. Roel-van-Norel-Country-Home-Renovation – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Living in Alpine Village / Skupaj Arhitekti. House Robert-Jan & Inge / Personal Architecture. Barn Living Aalten / Bureau Fraai. Garden Buildings Warmington / Ashworth Parkes Architects. The Long Artists' Studio by Threefold Architects. Trio of wooden cabins forms Little House on the Ferry in Maine. Baca Architects completes bouyant house on the River Thames. House W / Wolfertstetter Architektur. Simple House / scapelab. DomT House / Martin Boles Architect. Par-Do transforms stone barn into compact residence. Vokes and Peters updates Queensland bungalow interior. Lithuanian Hunting House / Devyni architektai. This House In Denmark Is Actually Five Little Houses In One. Holzhaus am Auerbach / Arnhard & Eck. H House / Björn Lundquist Arkitektur. Nøjkærhus Culture House / LUMO Architects.

Gallery - The Nook / Hall + Bednarczyk - 2. Villa Melana / Valia Foufa + Panagiotis Papassotiriou. Cut Paw Paw by Andrew Maynard Architects. House Of Four Houses By PROD. House in rural Germany has a slatted wooden facade. Paolo Carlesso clads Italian farmhouse with cement panels. Wakatipu Guest House / Team Green Architects. Recreation House Near Utrecht / Roel van Norel + Zecc Architecten. Sans titre. Bernd Riegger completes timber cabin for a forest kindergarten. Private Residence on Isle of Skye / Dualchas Architects. Haus Für Julia Und Björn / Innauer-Matt Architekten. Gabled residence rests atop a rocky slope in Quebec. Norwegian lodge's V-shaped plan follows mountainous terrain. House In Trakai / AKETURI ARCHITEKTAI. Nhrv House / Filter Architecture. JG House / Modulo 12 Architects. Drömgården vacation homes. Tham & Videgård Arkitekter. Closse Residence / NatureHumaine. Földes Architects — The Long Brick House. Rural Slovenian cottage has walls of stone set into concrete.

Jochen Specht envelops a 1960s house behind a new facade. Haus Hohlen / Jochen Specht. Timber Frame House / A-ZERO architects. RS+ — Two barns house. Bernardo Bader uses local wood to build a barn-like house in Austria. Harbour Heights Residence / Omar Gandhi Architect. Individual House / Elodie Nourrigat & Jacques Brion Architects. Lookout House by Room11.

Garden Shed Cottage par Ville Hara et Linda Bergroth. House in the Landscape / Kropka Studio. A House for Best Years on Architizer. A house for wild spirits on Architizer. Reiulf Ramstad creates three glazed cabins as Norwegian holiday home.