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Romeo and Juliet Balcony Scene 2013 film. ROMEO & JULIET. INTRODUCTION TO SHAKESPEARE. SHAKESPEARE'S COMICS. The GLOBE. Shakespeare Solos: watch the first six films. Adrian Lester, Hamlet ‘To be or not to be’ Adrian Lester performs Hamlet’s soliloquy from act III, scene 1, in which the prince reflects on mortality and considers taking his own life.

Shakespeare Solos: watch the first six films

Joanna Vanderham, Romeo and Juliet ‘The mask of night is on my face’ Joanna Vanderham speaks Juliet’s monologue from the balcony scene in which she insists that her devotion to Romeo is true even if it has been a whirlwind romance. Roger Allam, King Lear ‘Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks’ Roger Allam plays Lear in act III, scene 2 of the tragedy.

Eileen Atkins, Othello ‘I do think it is their husbands’ faults’ Eileen Atkins speaks Emilia’s lines from Othello, act IV scene 3. David Morrissey, Richard III ‘Now is the winter of our discontent’ David Morrissey speaks the play’s opening lines in which the scheming Richard lays out his plan to turn his brothers, the Duke of Clarence and King Edward IV, against each other. Shakespeare for teens. By being intimidated by the multilevel narrative and the stylised language we are missing out on some exceptional teaching materials.

Shakespeare for teens

By depriving our EFL teens of Shakespeare we are depriving them of some of the most riveting, contemporary stories ever to be told in the English language. In your EFL classroom don’t skip it – exploit it! Don’t dumb it down – jazz it up! Why teach Shakespeare? What should I teach? Shakespeare Lives. Working in partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI), we organised an international tour of British films which have reimagined Shakespeare’s work.

Shakespeare Lives

Our programme ambassador, Sir Ian McKellen, travelled to India, China and Russia to introduce the films at a series of popular public events. We held more than 900 screenings of the BFI film collection, attended by people in over 100 countries, including the residents of a refugee camp in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. With films viewed over three million times, the collection reinterprets Shakespeare's most famous works while showcasing the diversity and breadth of the UK’s creative sector. Dear Mister Shakespeare, one of the films in the collection, is written by Phoebe Boswell. In the film, Phoebe recites a rhetorical letter to Shakespeare on how racial tensions in Othello resonate today.

Shakespeare's identity

Drama - 60 Second Shakespeare - Teachers' Area. MyShakespeare. Shakespeare - Hamlet. Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, has come back from university to find that his father, the old king, is dead.

Shakespeare - Hamlet

His mother has married his father’s brother, Claudius, who is now king of Denmark. Hamlet is shocked that his mother has married so soon after his father’s death, and angry that she has married Claudius. Soon, a ghost is seen walking on the castle walls. The ghost looks like Hamlet’s father, the dead king. When Hamlet sees the ghost, he is told that it is the ghost of his father. Hamlet can’t believe that his mother would marry the man who murdered her husband. A group of travelling actors arrives in town. Hamlet’s plan works. This of course means that Hamlet has killed the father of his girlfriend Ophelia. Insults by Shakespeare - April Gudenrath. The Hip-hop Shakespeare Company is a music theatre production company founded by MOBO-award winning hip-hop artist Kingslee “Akala” Daley, 25.

Insults by Shakespeare - April Gudenrath

Based in London, THSC offers young people a different view of the arts and ultimately themselves. Through our education programmes, live music events and music theatre productions we engage young people, particularly those who are considered “hard to reach” and push them toward artistic excellence. By bridging music, theatre and performing arts in non-conventional venues we also strive to alter the perceptions of audiences of all ages, creating the ultimate entertainment experience via literature and the arts across the UK and beyond. This year brings the launch of new and exciting additions to THSC: the announcement of our THSC Artist Associate and Peer Leader programme - watch this space!

BBC Learning English - Course: shakespeare / Unit 1 / Session 23 / Activity 1. Teachingliterature / General resources about teaching Shakespeare. MACBETH. Midsummer Night's Dreaming trailer - video.