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Year 7 English

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ACTING! a student's guide - Creating a Character. The goal of any actor is to be able to tell a story as a character, so the main task from first reading to final performance is to develop that character.

ACTING! a student's guide - Creating a Character

The first and most important step in this process is perhaps the easiest: read! Read the script, read the text, read everything given to you for your part. You wouldn't believe how many actors go straight to performance without having even read their material. It is only by reading the material that you can learn the fundamentals about your character. Federation University Australia - Remote Authentication Gateway. Drama Teacher's Network. The other day one of the lovely educators I follow @carlaleeB tweeted a link to an article from Free Technology for Teachers about this website called Goodreads and how it was helpful when teaching student’s about reading and an appreciation and enjoyment of reading.

Drama Teacher's Network

Now, I dabble in a little English teaching myself. It’s not my first love and I probably spend more time teaching English than Drama but it’s still something I do enjoy teaching. Drama Toolkit - Drama Games. BBC Bitesize - GCSE Drama - Developing characters - Revision 1. ACTING! a student's guide - Creating a Character. Spelling words list. High School Spelling Words Program. Dictionary Skills Worksheets. Drama Vocabulary Match Worksheet.