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Year 7 English

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(479) Pinterest. KS3 Reading Novels Teaching Resources. Speech-language therapy resources and games that work. Writing Prompts — Literacy Ideas. As with the genres above, when analyzing a prompt prior to writing, or creating an original prompt for your students, it is important to adequately define the purpose of that writing.

Writing Prompts — Literacy Ideas

The criteria for the writing genre itself will provide the starting point for the creation of a writing prompt. Ideas For How to Do Better Book Clubs in Middle School. Culture - Where do fairy tales come from? Imagine the history of fairy tales as a map: unfurl this imaginary terrain in your mind’s eye, and you will first see two prominent landmarks, Charles Perrault’s Tales of Olden Times (1697) and a little nearer in the foreground, the Grimm Brothers’ Children’s and Household Tales (1812–57).

Culture - Where do fairy tales come from?

These collections dominate their surroundings so imposingly that they make it hard to pick out other features near or far. Gradually, however, as your eyes adjust to the dazzle, several more features of the scene begin to grow in definition and give you better bearings: along a whole web of routes from points further east, The Tales of the Thousand and One Nights form deep aquifers of story running through the entire expanse, and emerging here and there in waterfalls and powerful rivers spreading through wide floodplains. Harbours and market-places and pilgrimage sites – Venice, Naples, Genoa, Sicily, in Italy alone – begin to emerge as significant centres of talkative storytelling populations.

Conventions of Fairy Tales - Fairy Tales - LibGuides at Missouri Southern State University. (Slide from: Burton, A., 2011.

Conventions of Fairy Tales - Fairy Tales - LibGuides at Missouri Southern State University

Characters, Fairy tales. Tanglin Trust School, unpublished.) All fairy tales need a good character, they don't need to be perfect but the reader must like them. You will be able to think of lots of 'good' characters - Cinderella, Snow White, The Ugly Duckling; think of any fairy tale and you should be able to identify a 'good' character. A good character will typically start off as young, often poor and alone, unhappy, humble and untainted. Drama - 60 Second Shakespeare - Shakespeare's plays, themes and characters - Julius Caesar. Drama - 60 Second Shakespeare - Teachers' Area. How to make a toga from a sheet. Describing sensory details - Ticking Mind. Advising students to use the five senses to improve creative writing is an old strategy.

Describing sensory details - Ticking Mind

But how can we more explicitly teach students to produce something like this: From a distance the tree appeared like an old, stooped man, stumbling through the woods to scare the children. URL Shortener and Link Management Platform. Unit 7: Learning Intentions and Success Criteria: MS 6th Grade ELA Master Curriculum. Learning Intention 1: 6.RL.1 I will cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says as well as inferences drawn from the text.

Unit 7: Learning Intentions and Success Criteria: MS 6th Grade ELA Master Curriculum

Success Criteria: reading comprehensiondraw inferencescite specific examples and details to support inferenceswhen inferring from the text, cite what the author said that led to the conclusion (use author's name or expressions like, "The author states... " when quoting from the text) Using Emojis to Teach Critical Reading Skills. Emojis are more mainstream than ever.

Using Emojis to Teach Critical Reading Skills

The Oxford English Dictionary named the Face With Tears of Joy emoji the word of the year for 2015, presidential candidates are asking for feedback in emojis, and the appearance of new emojis is considered news by major media outlets. High School Spelling Words Program. Below you’ll find our free, printable K12reader high school spelling words program that helps students master words that are most commonly misspelled.

High School Spelling Words Program

The program is designed for developing spelling proficiency for students in 9th grade, 10th grade, 11th grade and 12th grade. However, you may also find the program helpful for those in 8th grade. The K12reader High School Spelling program is based on comprehensive research conducted originally by Thomas Clark Pollock and printed in The English Record (English Record; v22 n1 p46-53 Fall 1971), with permission granted to K12reader by the New York State English Council. Click here to view more detail about the background research. High School Spelling Words Program. Hugo Movie Review & Film Summary (2011) "Hugo" is unlike any other film Martin Scorsese has ever made, and yet possibly the closest to his heart: a big-budget, family epic in 3-D, and in some ways, a mirror of his own life.

Hugo Movie Review & Film Summary (2011)

We feel a great artist has been given command of the tools and resources he needs to make a movie about — movies. Symbolism Lesson Plan Using Multiple Texts, Grades 3+ One of the benefits of being a literacy specialist is that I am able to work with several different grade levels.

Symbolism Lesson Plan Using Multiple Texts, Grades 3+

This gives me the opportunity to see how students progress over the years. It also enables to me to see what they have mastered and what they still struggle with when it comes time to graduate from elementary school. A few years ago, I noticed many of my 5th grade students really struggled with the concept of symbolism... Teaching Symbolism in the ELA Classroom. ACTING! a student's guide - Creating a Character. The goal of any actor is to be able to tell a story as a character, so the main task from first reading to final performance is to develop that character.

ACTING! a student's guide - Creating a Character

The first and most important step in this process is perhaps the easiest: read! Read the script, read the text, read everything given to you for your part. You wouldn't believe how many actors go straight to performance without having even read their material. Federation University Australia - Remote Authentication Gateway. Drama Teacher's Network. The other day one of the lovely educators I follow @carlaleeB tweeted a link to an article from Free Technology for Teachers about this website called Goodreads and how it was helpful when teaching student’s about reading and an appreciation and enjoyment of reading. Now, I dabble in a little English teaching myself. Drama Toolkit - Drama Games. BBC Bitesize - GCSE Drama - Developing characters - Revision 1. ACTING! a student's guide - Creating a Character. Spelling words list. High School Spelling Words Program.

Dictionary Skills Worksheets. Drama Vocabulary Match Worksheet.