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Here’s what you need to know about preexisting conditions in the GOP health plan. Here's Florida Republican not being able to answer why he voted to repeal the ACA. GOP Sen. Grassley throws a fit after Comey refuses to reveal classified information in open hearing. Sen.

GOP Sen. Grassley throws a fit after Comey refuses to reveal classified information in open hearing

Chuck Grassley, R-IA (Screen capture) During FBI Director James Comey’s hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, Sen. Mitch McConnell's Plan to Get Neil Gorsuch on Supreme Court Was Unprecedented. WASHINGTON—The final dismal act in the perpetually dismal drama through which the late Antonin Scalia was replaced on the Supreme Court by Neil Gorsuch played out in a U.S.

Mitch McConnell's Plan to Get Neil Gorsuch on Supreme Court Was Unprecedented

Senate in which everybody couldn't wait for their super-secret afternoon briefing about the big boom-boom in Syria that, in the words of CNN's eternal sucker, Fareed Zakaria, "made Donald Trump the President of the United States. " Republicans rally around Nunes as Russia firestorm spreads. Devin Nunes isn’t going anywhere.

Republicans rally around Nunes as Russia firestorm spreads

Even as Democrats demand that the California Republican recuse himself from his panel’s Russia investigation and criticism ratchets up from key GOP senators, House Republicans are standing by the embattled Intelligence Committee chairman. Story Continued Below “No and no,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said Tuesday when asked whether Nunes should recuse himself and if he knew the identity of the source who provided Nunes with evidence he claims showed Trump transition aides were improperly monitored. Devin Nunes Could Be Facing an Ethics Probe for Spilling Secrets. House rules compel Congress to ‘investigate any unauthorized disclosure of intelligence.’

Devin Nunes Could Be Facing an Ethics Probe for Spilling Secrets

That’s what the intel chair seems to have done when he talked about Team Trump and Russia. The controversy surrounding House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes may just be getting started. PolitiFact's guide to the Republican health care bill. The GOP House health care plan has lots of moving parts, but don’t fret.

PolitiFact's guide to the Republican health care bill

We at PolitiFact have been analyzing the legislation since it’s release. Here’s what you need to know. The first thing to keep in mind is that the GOP bill, the American Health Care Act, actually retains some important parts of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. Staying in place are provisions that prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage for a pre-existing health problem, like cancer, and a provision that prohibits insurance companies from raising premiums based on a person’s health.

Kids can continue to stay on their parents’ health insurance until they turn 26. The Republican bill also continues to subsidize premiums to make insurance more affordable, but the size of those subsidies and who gets them changes significantly. To help people who buy insurance on their own, the American Health Care Act uses refundable tax credits based on the following schedule: Proposed Law Will Jail Passengers for 4 Months for Riding in a Car Without an ID.

Phoenix, AZ – The nanny/security state has reared its ugly head, again — this time in the form of a new law that requires passengers in a vehicle to carry identification – with violators facing up to four months in jail and a $750 dollar fine.

Proposed Law Will Jail Passengers for 4 Months for Riding in a Car Without an ID

Last week, HB 2305 was introduced by Rep. Anthony Kern (R-Dist. 20), in hopes of reinstating an Arizona law that was struck down in 2002 after a judge ruled the statute as too vague to enforce. Currently, Arizona law requires only requires that the driver of a vehicle carry identification. Here's The Coretta Scott King Letter Mitch McConnell Suppressed. Elizabeth Warren formally silenced during Senate debate on Jeff Sessions nomination. Senate Republicans voted on Tuesday night to silence Elizabeth Warren for reading out a letter from the widow of Martin Luther King during a debate over Senator Jeff Sessions’ nomination for attorney general, eliciting furious response from Democrats.

Elizabeth Warren formally silenced during Senate debate on Jeff Sessions nomination

Speaking on the Senate floor, Warren quoted from 30-year-old correspondence from Coretta Scott King relating to Sessions’ failed judicial nomination in the 1980s. It was part of a barnstorming speech by the Massachusetts Senator against Sessions’ suitability for the post and attacking his record on civil rights. Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader, objected that Warren had broken Senate rules that prohibit one member impugning the conduct of another.

WATCH: Al Franken unloads on Ted Cruz for ‘trying to impugn’ his integrity in heated Senate hearing. House votes to curb Syrian refugees, snubbing veto threat. WASHINGTON (AP) — Responding swiftly to the terror in Paris, the U.S.

House votes to curb Syrian refugees, snubbing veto threat

House voted overwhelmingly Thursday to erect high hurdles for Syrian and Iraqi refugees coming to American shores, dividing the president's own party as lawmakers reflected the anxiety of voters back home. The vote was 289-137, enough to override a threatened White House veto of the legislation, which was hurriedly drafted in response to the carnage in the streets of Paris. Forty-seven Democrats voted for the bill, despite President Barack Obama's biting criticism of its proposed limits. Onion Studios. Jason Chaffetz strips Meadows of subcommittee chairmanship - Jake Sherman and Lauren French. The House Republican crackdown has reached a new level of severity.

Jason Chaffetz strips Meadows of subcommittee chairmanship - Jake Sherman and Lauren French

House Oversight and Government Reform Chairman Jason Chaffetz has stripped North Carolina Rep. House GOP Proposal Axes Family Planning Program. House Republicans are trying again this year to eliminate federal funding for a program that provides birth control, HIV testing and sexually transmitted disease screenings and treatment to low-income patients across the country.

House GOP Proposal Axes Family Planning Program

The House Appropriations Labor-HHS Subcommittee released a budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2016 on Tuesday that zeroes out funding for the Title X family planning program, the only federal grant program that provides contraceptive and other preventive health services to poor and uninsured individuals who would otherwise lack access to that kind of care. The program subsidizes 4,100 health clinics nationwide and provides no- or low-cost family planning services to individuals who earn less than about $25,000 a year. House Republicans Want To Block Predatory Lending Protections For American Troops. WASHINGTON -- House Republicans are pushing legislation to block predatory lending protections for American soldiers, under pressure from the banking lobby.

GOP lawmakers tucked the deregulation item into the National Defense Authorization Act -- a major bill setting the military's funding, along with a number of other controversial terms on Guantanamo Bay and other issues. If the banking item is enacted, it would impose a one-year delay on new Department of Defense rules meant to shield military families from abusive terms on payday loans and other forms of high-interest credit.

The bill is being considered Wednesday before the House Armed Services Committee. The military has been struggling with the financial impact of predatory lending on service members for years. A 2014 report issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau documents a host of abuses targeting troops. Boehner Opens Another Heap Of Letters From Constituents Asking To Give Corporations More Tax Breaks. House GOP Rebels Blame Party Leaders As Donations Fall. WASHINGTON (AP) — As he began his first re-election run in early 2013, tea party Rep. Thomas Massie had no trouble raising money from business interests. Then came 2015. The Kentucky Republican voted against returning John Boehner, R-Ohio, to the speaker's job and opposed an effort by GOP leaders to avoid a standoff with President Barack Obama over immigration that threatened to shut down the Department of Homeland Security.

Democrats Protest $5 Billion Food Stamp Cut They Voted For. WASHINGTON -- A group of nine Democratic members of the House of Representatives held a press conference outside the Capitol on Tuesday to demand Congress avert an automatic food stamp cut scheduled to take effect on Friday. "The average family of four will see a $36 cut in their monthly benefits, bringing the average per-person benefit from $1.50 a meal to $1.40 a meal," Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) said. Oliver: Mr. President, When Michele Bachmann is on Your Side, You May Want to Look at the Side You're On. “Ridiculous pseudo-science garbage”: Meet the GOP’s environment leaders! Congress Fiercely Divided Over Completely Blank Bill That Says And Does Nothing.

WASHINGTON—A blank piece of legislation that says nothing, does nothing, and contains no text whatsoever has been the source of heated debate in Washington this week, and has sharply divided Congress along partisan lines, Beltway sources confirmed Thursday. How A Merger Could Affect Congress' Favorite Airport. Hide captionA jet takes off from Reagan National Airport, near the Capitol.

J. 20-Week Abortion Ban Passes House. The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill on Tuesday 228 to 196 that prohibits women from having abortions 20 weeks after conception. Maps: Senators who voted to expand NSA’s power. A Congressman Decided To Insult A 4-Star General And Then Tried To Walk Out. HAHAHA. Congressional High Priest Concocts Farm Subsidy Bill In Legislative Cauldron.

Do As We Say, Congress Says, Then Does What It Wants. GOP Protest Forces Congressional Research Service to Withdraw Tax Report.