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The truth about Trump & the Obama plan for destruction. The WALL is not what you think. (Part 39) DECODING THE 4096 KEY & ANTICHRIST APOLLO W ANTHONY PATCH. Jade Helm – A.I. Madness Unleashed. The Jade-2 System is a “Network Centric Software Based Artificial Intelligence Program at the Helm (ie Jade Helm).”

Jade Helm – A.I. Madness Unleashed

Recently obtained Department of Defense documents reveal the true nature of Jade Helm 2015. They’re testing a new command and control protocol called the Jade-2 System. Analysts describe the Jade-2 System as a highly sophisticated Artificial Intelligence network that is “self-aware” and plugged into numerous agencies and monitoring human activity, foreign and domestic… From CCTV to social media networks.

We were already living in the TERMINATOR scenario with a Skynet centralized command and control system. Project Camelot — Project Camelot has been covering the roll-out of Artificial Intelligence, that emerged from the PROMIS SOFTWARE augmentation by Michael Riconisciutto to the Battle of the AI’s playing out in Aurora Colorado and the Mark Richard’s interviews.

We were already living in the TERMINATOR scenario with a Skynet centralized command and control system

Project Camelot witness, Pete Peterson in Part Three of our interview, years ago admitted that in essence we were already living in the TERMINATOR scenario with a Skynet centralized command and control system. We reported and interview Anthony Sanchez extensively regarding PROJECT LEONID the Lockheed Martin nano satellite grid in place surrounding our planet and the whistleblowers on the run who reported these satellites were self-replicating and self-repairing. We have also covered the downing of various flights specificallly the link to the Freescale division of Mottorola centralized master chip and disappearance of MH flight 370… Chemtrails Connection to Raytheon’s Artificial Intelligence Program and Jade Helm-15 « Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon. This video explanation by J.D. fits with Chemtrails, nanoparticles and Cliff Carnicom’s ‘new biology” (Morgellons) in what is explained about JADE 2 – Raytheon’s Artificial Intelligence, “Quantum sensing”, fear detection and “synthetic biology tool”.

Chemtrails Connection to Raytheon’s Artificial Intelligence Program and Jade Helm-15 « Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Presenter, D.J. has researched Jade 2 to determine it to be a Minority Report level capable program which is being tested to it’s fullest capacity during the Jade Helm 15 operation. Like this: Like Loading... Related. Mandela effect is it a global cover for whats just started going down. Dave Hodges On The Coming Three Prong Invasion Of The United States.

JADE 2: Orwellian Artificial Intelligence Network. Be Afraid: The New World Order's Fascist Pedigree. Blending in, Jade Helm Style: Fake Rental Trucks Reveal Hidden Spy Rooms. By Aaron and Melissa Dykes Jade Helm’s tagline is “mastering the human domain”.

Blending in, Jade Helm Style: Fake Rental Trucks Reveal Hidden Spy Rooms

We have been told that, in part, this has to do with special operations outfits from the Navy, Army, Air Force and Marines using covert warfare techniques to infiltrate average American neighborhoods (as mock “hostile environments”) and walk “undetected amongst civilian populations” without being noticed by the rest of us. Oh, and it’s for “refining the skills needed against an ever changing foreign threat” (emphasis added on the word ‘foreign’) according to Army Special Operation Command spokesman Mark Lastoria. Well, here’s one way they reportedly have done that. Mike Lamb, a staff writer for Barstow, California’s Desert Dispatch was invited to a small press meeting prior to a joint forcible entry operation training exercise at Fort Irwin National Training Center called Operation Dragon Spear last month.

Bernays' Mass Mind Control Tactics Loom In Background of Jade Helm Psyop. By Bernie Suarez To begin with, let’s reiterate that we are factually in the middle of operation Jade Helm 15 as of mid-August 2015.

Bernays' Mass Mind Control Tactics Loom In Background of Jade Helm Psyop

Thus, every major influential piece of mainstream media news currently being put forth is reasonably suspected of being part of this cooperative psyop. Notably, there is also a clear and verifiable history of CIA’s mainstream media working hand-in-hand with the U.S. Military Industrial Complex. That said, if you are not sure of this please do your research so you are able to appreciate a good perspective on this issue. The stated goal of U.S. military operation Jade Helm 15 is to “master the human domain.” Anyone who familiarizes themselves with the work of public relations head pioneer Edward Bernays may recognize this ideology of how to control the masses. Understanding this allows us to take sneak peak into the minds of psychopathic control freaks and allows us to see how they justify human suffering for the supposed greater good.

Solutions. Facebook’s New “Snitch and Snatch” Surveillance Program Provides Intel to Jade Helm. Subscribe and get Galactic News Daily Updates: Technology is neutral.

Facebook’s New “Snitch and Snatch” Surveillance Program Provides Intel to Jade Helm

The same gun that is used to hunt for a life sustaining source of food, can be used to murder an innocent human being. In short, technology can be used for either the welfare of humanity or to the detriment of humanity. In July, I learned that Facebook had instituted a new software program that ties directly into the new artificial intelligence programs connected to Jade Helm. I was told by my source that the program would ultimately be defended as a means to protect children from child molestation and that law enforcement would be dispatched by Facebook before an attack upon a child could be realized. The time to expose the Facebook controlled surveillance grid is now. If the surveillance program was indeed legitimate in that Facebook really intends to only use this program to protect Americans, the choice of Russia Today (RT) to announce the roll-out of this program is a very poor decision.

Red Alert. Media Rolls Out Next Psyop Phrase of Jade Helm 15: "State of Emergency" By Bernie Suarez Are you keeping up with national news in the United States?

Media Rolls Out Next Psyop Phrase of Jade Helm 15: "State of Emergency"

Are you awakened to the globalist plans? Hundreds in Texas Organize ''Counter Jade Helm'' Surveillance Operation. By Melissa Dykes Several hundred people in Texas have organized “Counter Jade Helm,” in response to the upcoming multi-agency, multi-state, artificial intelligence-run Jade Helm military drill set to begin on July 15th in Bastrop, Big Spring and Junction, Texas.

Hundreds in Texas Organize ''Counter Jade Helm'' Surveillance Operation

From what appears to be the official website JADE HELM & WHY Russian Navy Armada is off Texas Coast for “Liberation Exercise” UN PREPARED TO GOVERN US UNDER MARTIAL LAW. MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN - "DEFINED" GEO SLAVERY =JADE HELM AGENDA - Geospatial Intelligence - MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN. Artificial Intelligence Takes the Battlefield: Who Is Really Running Jade Helm 15?

By Aaron and Melissa Dykes Who is really going to be running Jade Helm 15?

Artificial Intelligence Takes the Battlefield: Who Is Really Running Jade Helm 15?

There is more to the story than just training for martial law in states designated as “hostile states” – already a chilling pretext with overtones of greater federal power that could spiral out of control. But it seems that it is actually A.I. – artificial intelligence – that is at the helm of an enormous and unprecedented military drill. A scary thought for sure… but what does it really mean? If analysts are correct, it seems that “JADE” is an acronym for a DARPA-developed A.I. quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and will be in charge of the drill in order to “master the human” domain and predict human response. Level 9 News, who appeared in the above interview with John B. Read more: Bilderberg Wields Artificial Intelligence: “A Tool to Massively Amplify Our Ability to Control the World” Level 9 News wrote under the header “Rise of the Machine” that: Top-Secret Doc Exposes Weapons the Gov’t Can Use on Citizens in The Event Martial Law or…

Heads Up! Obama Just Federalized Police Forces In 6 US Cities. JADE HELM splinters globally colliding with Cremation of Care. JADE HELM 2015: Questions And Reflections: Part Four: MAIN CORE. Steve Quayle Jade Helm 15 Will Change America Forever. The JADE in Jade Helm 15 Is an AI Software Program - Network-Centric Warfare - Raytheon: Oriented Toward Your Destruction? - U.S. Defense Contractor Oligopoly - Genocidal Control Freaks: A Sexual Trauma-Based Brotherhood? - Are You Jaded Enou. Caravan To Midnight - Episode 309 Jade Helm Decoded. The Pentagon Ships Live ANTHRAX To 9 States! Jade Helm Continues! Death of America: Leaked US Army Document Outlines Plan for Re-Education Camps in America. Secrets Of The Fed A leaked U.S.

Death of America: Leaked US Army Document Outlines Plan for Re-Education Camps in America

Army document prepared for the Department of Defense contains shocking plans for “political activists” to be pacified by “PSYOP officers” into developing an “appreciation of U.S. policies” while detained in prison camps inside the United States. The document, entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF) was originally released on a restricted basis to the DoD in February 2010, but has now been leaked online. The manual outlines policies for processing detainees into internment camps both globally and inside the United States. International agencies like the UN and the Red Cross are named as partners in addition to domestic federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA. Once the detainees have been processed into the internment camp, the manual explains how they will be “indoctrinated,” with a particular focus on targeting political dissidents, into expressing support for U.S. policies.

Turning America Into a War Zone, Where ‘We the People’ Are the Enemy. John W. WhiteheadActivist Post "If you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me.

Most field stops are complete in minutes. For those who resist, who dare to act independently, think for themselves, march to the beat of a different drummer, the consequences are invariably a one-way trip to the local jail or death. What Americans must understand, what we have chosen to ignore, what we have fearfully turned a blind eye to lest the reality prove too jarring is the fact that we no longer live in the “city on the hill,” a beacon of freedom for all the world. It’s not just the Defense Department that is passing out free military equipment to local police.

Jade Helm and the Forced Relocation of Millions of Americans to CAMP FEMA. Lieutenant colonel Potter: JADE HELM Final Phase Of Multi-Decade Plan To Round Up Dissidents. Goodbye America, Jade Helm 15 - June 18th 2015 Update. Special Ops: Russia Arming Insurgents In Mexico. Massive Number of #JadeHelm15 Tanks On Railcars Through Pennsylvania. PROJECT CAMELOT: JADE HELM WHISTLEBLOWER. Huge National Guard Training For Internment Camps! Jade Helm 15.

Big Live Event! 2 Days After Jade Helm Begins, Huge Red Flag Exercise Starts In Nevada. Military ops on U.S. soil raise martial-law fears. Text smaller Text bigger Jade Helm 15 is set to kick off in seven states this summer, sending Special Operations forces from all four main branches of the military onto civilian soil to conduct hostile take-over training – and civil-rights advocates are sounding the alarms. This is how the military describes it: “The nature of warfare is always changing and U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s mission is to make certain the Army’s various Special Operations Forces are trained, equipped and organized to successfully conduct worldwide special operations in support of our nation’s interests,” said command spokesman Army Lt. Col. But plenty on social media aren’t calmed by the explanation, in part remembering the recent similar operation in Broward County, Florida, that saw Blackhawk helicopters flying above community streets while soldiers loaded citizen participants into white vans for transport to internment camps.

One of the theories? “Currently … it is U.S. only,” Meade said. HUGE JADE HELM 15 UPDATE UN Trucks Spotted In Missouri And Military Is Digging a Lake. ANP - JADE HELM 15: Troops Missing Unit Patches, Veteran Warns This Is 'VERY Big' Issue. URGENT Jade Helm 15 Update Mass Casualty Units Have Been Deployed. Underground Elite: Jade Helm 15 Sealing The Tunnels & What The U.S. Government Is Not Telling US. MASSIVE Hack By China Blue Bell Ice Cream No No Blue Bell Mass Casualty Units. Businesses Evacuated In Blue Bell Ice Cream Ammonia Leak. BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Hazardous materials crews responded to an ammonia leak inside the Broken Arrow Blue Bell plant early Sunday morning.

Two other nearby businesses were evacuated during the response. Authorities closed Highway 51 for about 30 minutes as crews contained the small leak. The nearby Braum's and QuikTrip in the 8200 block of East Highway 51 were evacuated as a precautionary measure. Plant Manager Marty Kilgore said they were alerted of the high level of ammonia by an alarm system. They believe a line released a small amount and the winds circulated it. Multiple Instances of UN Medical Trucks INSIDE AMERICA! MASSIVE MILITARY ADVONS BUILD-UP IN COLORADO #JADEHELM15. Hundreds of Miles of 'Razor Wire' On Convoy Trucks Moving Through Colorado. Mobile Prison Guard Towers Coming to a Walmart near You! Unbelievable.

Jade Helm and the American Massacre. 27th May 2015 By Zen Gardner Contributing Writer for Wake Up World I’m prefacing my thoughts with this provocative title for a reason. What is being perpetrated on the American people is virtually a complete dissembling of everything they supposedly hold dear and will only lead to their ultimate destruction. A nationwide massacre of their infrastructure, personal rights and protection, and even livelihoods and food security is not only at stake, but now in progress. Let me number my points. 1) Jade Helm is a military exercise endorsed by the American government and perpetrated on its own people in complete violation of not just the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 but is a total affront on every civil liberty the US Constitution and Bill of Rights is supposed to espouse and maintain. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

And the Potential Outcome of Such a Maneuver? The Real Deal Ep # 57 With Jeff Rense and Robert O'Dowd on JADE HELM.