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Say Anything Racist: Jeff Sessions Loses Alabama US Senate Primary. Faced with a choice between a Trump-loving, hate-spewing racist who at least nominally believes in the rule of law and a Trump-loving, hate-spewing racist who does not give a shit about the rule of law, the Trump-loving, hate-spewing racist Republican voters of Alabama went to the polls and did exactly what you would expect them to do.

Say Anything Racist: Jeff Sessions Loses Alabama US Senate Primary

Maddowblog: The primary runoff was not close: Tuberville won by 20 points, with Sessions losing 64 of Alabama's 67 counties. It was an ignominious end to a long, and at times ugly, political career.The president, whose support propelled the former college football coach, predictably celebrated on Twitter last night, and it's easy to understand why: Trump was determined to destroy Sessions' career, and last night marked the successful completion of his task.The cautionary tale for Republicans everywhere should be obvious: Trump will gladly use whomever he can to advance his own interests, and then discard those who outlive their usefulness. McCabe humiliates Jeff Sessions on The View: It was a challenge to get him to understand intel briefings. EXCLUSIVE: Here Is Jeff Sessions at the Museum of the American Indian. Andrew McCabe Details Jeff Sessions' Racism in The Threat Book. DOJ moves to bypass liberal courts and take DACA straight to Supreme Court after Kavanaugh confirmation.

Eff Sessions says that he looks at Trump's twitter feed to see if he is fired or not. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Kids as young as 1 in US court, awaiting reunion with family. PHOENIX (AP) — The 1-year-old boy in a green button-up shirt drank milk from a bottle, played with a small purple ball that lit up when it hit the ground and occasionally asked for “agua.”

Kids as young as 1 in US court, awaiting reunion with family

Then it was the child’s turn for his court appearance before a Phoenix immigration judge, who could hardly contain his unease with the situation during the portion of the hearing where he asks immigrant defendants whether they understand the proceedings. “I’m embarrassed to ask it, because I don’t know who you would explain it to, unless you think that a 1-year-old could learn immigration law,” Judge John W. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinds guidance safeguarding the right of refugees, asylum seekers to work in the U.S. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Splinternews. Has Trump Obstructed Justice? It Looks Like It.

(Optional Musical Accompaniment To The Post) Last week, The New York Times published an account of an apparently impromptu 30-minute interview given by the president* to Timesperson Michael Schmidt.

Has Trump Obstructed Justice? It Looks Like It

Schmidt subsequently got roasted on the electric Twitter machine for what appeared to be his considerable passivity in the face of overwhelming bullshit. I cared less about that than I did about what Schmidt’s interview did reveal about the president*’s perilous cognitive state. Then, lo and behold, from out of the stormy skies of bombogenesis on Thursday night, Michael Schmidt dropped the big one. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Splinternews. Sessions argued in Clinton impeachment that presidents can obstruct justice. Donald Trump’s personal lawyer argued Monday that, as the nominal head of federal law enforcement, the president is legally unable to obstruct justice.

Sessions argued in Clinton impeachment that presidents can obstruct justice

But the exact opposite view was once argued by another senior Trump lawyer: Attorney General Jeff Sessions. In 1999, Sessions – then an Alabama senator – laid out an impassioned case for President Bill Clinton to be removed from office based on the argument that Clinton obstructed justice amid the investigation into his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. Story Continued Below “The facts are disturbing and compelling on the President's intent to obstruct justice,” he said, according to remarks in the congressional record.

While eyes are on Russia, Sessions dramatically reshapes the Justice Department. Tenure of Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been unusual yet effective The Post’s Matt Zapotosky explains how Jeff Sessions has been quickly and effectively implementing President Trump’s vision for America.

While eyes are on Russia, Sessions dramatically reshapes the Justice Department

(Joyce Lee, Matt Zapotosky/The Washington Post) Is There Any Doubt Trump's Justice Department Might Try This? Next week, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III is going to appear before Congress.

Is There Any Doubt Trump's Justice Department Might Try This?

He will face a number of questions, each more interesting than the previous. But, lo and behold, another fertile field of inquiry just opened up. From CNNMoney: The specter of a legal battle looms now that the government is holding up AT&T's pending acquisition of Time Warner, the owner of CNN, TNT, TBS, HBO, and Warner Bros. The standoff has revived speculation that the Trump administration is trying to retaliate against CNN for its coverage of the president.

Jeff Sessions Is Not Donald Trump's Lawyer. That was quite a puppet show that Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, the Attorney General of these United States, put on before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.

Jeff Sessions Is Not Donald Trump's Lawyer

He was there for the stonewall and by god he took care of that. It was right there in his opening statement. It is well-established that the president is entitled to have private confidential communications with his Cabinet officials—his Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Treasury, and certainly his counsel and the Attorney General of the United States, which provides counsel. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Splinternews. Jeff Sessions invokes executive privilege on behalf of president before Senate panel. Citing 'Compassion' and 'Rule of Law,' Jeff Sessions Announces End of DACA  In a brief address, Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed that the Trump administration would “wind down” the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program implemented by the Obama administration in 2012.

Citing 'Compassion' and 'Rule of Law,' Jeff Sessions Announces End of DACA 

Emphasizing the familiar nativist talking points that have defined the administration’s rhetoric on immigration, Sessions said that ending DACA would ensure the “rule of law” and protect American citizens from “crime, violence, and terrorism.” Sessions also implied that the nearly 800,000 Dreamers currently protected by DACA, as well as the “surge” of undocumented immigrants, were taking American jobs.

Sessions indicated that DACA “denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans,” as well as created a humanitarian crisis at the Southern border where, according to the Attorney General, there has been “a surge of minors” attempting to enter the country illegally. Sullen Jeff Sessions Scrolls Through Minority Incarceration Statistics To Cheer Self Up. Jeff Sessions: President Trump’s ‘Hurtful’ Comments Can’t Make Me Quit.

If the administration of President Donald Trump can be likened to a reality television franchise—and senior White House officials think it can—then Attorney General Jeff Sessions is the dating-show contestant who had no idea what she was signing up for.

Jeff Sessions: President Trump’s ‘Hurtful’ Comments Can’t Make Me Quit

Trump launches new attacks on Sessions. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he plans to stay in role, despite Trump’s comments about him. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Thursday that he plans to stay in his job despite the president’s public assertion that he would not have nominated Sessions to the post had he known that he would recuse himself from the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he plans to stay in role, despite Trump’s comments about him

At a news conference ostensibly meant to announce the takedown of an illicit online marketplace, Sessions said he had the “honor of serving as attorney general,” and he planned “to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate.” Asked how he could keep working, having apparently lost President Trump’s confidence, Sessions responded: “We’re serving right now. The work we’re doing today is the kind of work that we intend to continue. Why is Trump surprised Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation? By Amber Phillips By Amber Phillips The Fix Analysis. Sessions releases questionnaire excerpt that omitted meetings with Russians. The Justice Department released a portion of Attorney General Jeff Sessions' background check questionnaire Thursday confirming that he did not report meetings with the Russian ambassador or any other foreign nationals when he was being vetted for a security clearance earlier this year.

Sessions' aides confirmed in May that he had not listed two meetings with the Russians or hundreds of other meetings with foreign officials, but a liberal watchdog group sued for a copy of the relevant question and answer from Sessions' questionnaire, known as Standard Form 86 or more commonly, an SF-86. "Have you or any member of your immediate family in the past seven (7) years had any contact with a foreign government, its establishment (such as embassy, consulate, agency, military service, intelligence or security service, etc.) or its representatives, whether inside or outside the U.S.? (Answer "No" if the contact was for routine visa applications and border crossings related to either official U.S.

The Other Person in the Room with Comey and Sessions. During all of the intense debate over the testimony of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, perhaps the most important statement by Sessions has gone largely overlooked. During questioning by Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), Sessions was asked about his meeting with former FBI Director James Comey, in which Comey expressed his concern about meeting alone with President Donald Trump. Sessions said that Comey’s account of that conversation was “incorrect” and then said the following: “[Comey] indicated I believe that he was not totally sure of the exact wording of the meeting, but I do recall—my Chief of Staff was with me, and we recall—that I did affirm the long-standing written policies of the Department of Justice concerning communications with the White House.” In this short exchange, Sessions admitted that there was another person in the room with him and Comey – a witness who could shed light on the differing accounts of the conversation between Sessions and Comey.

Image: Getty/Win McNamee. The Much-Hyped Jeff Sessions Hearing Went Nowhere. If last week’s testimony by James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee was Washington’s Super Bowl, then Tuesday’s hearing with Jeff Sessions was the Pro Bowl: relatively meaningless, not expected to count for anything, but endlessly hyped nonetheless. The media was atwitter for Sessions’s latest appearance, though it wasn’t clear what he was supposed to say that would merit the ballyhoo. He’d recused himself from the Russia investigation, hadn’t he?

What bombshells did he have to drop? According to senators, they would come over an allegation made by James Comey during closed-door testimony last week that Sessions had possibly met with omnipresent Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the Mayflower Hotel. The Sessions testimony in under 5 minutes. Sessions' rationale for meeting with the Russian ambassador gets absolutely destroyed. Sen. Wyden to Sessions: Your comments don’t ‘pass the smell test’ Jeff Sessions takes on racism charges; pledges to recuse himself from Clinton probes. During the wide-ranging Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Democrats waged several fronts against Sessions, trying to trip him up, peg him into promises and to make clear positions from Donald Trump that concern them. Sessions maintained his cool throughout the grilling, repeatedly speaking about how "painful" past allegations of racism have been and defending his record.

Hours earlier, as the hearing began, Sessions didn't wait for his record on race to be brought up before addressing it, diverging from his prepared statement to address "head on" the very allegations that helped sink his nomination for a judgeship in 1986. Why Lawyers Are Freaking Out About Jeff Sessions as AG - Rolling Stone. Democrats Go Soft on Jeff Sessions and Why That Should Concern Us All. What will you do if it’s true?: Franken puts Sessions on the spot over Trump-Russia allegations.

In part of the questioning for Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) brought up the recent bombshell report from a former British intelligence officer that revealed President-elect Donald Trump is being compromised by the Russians. Franken brought up the news, citing “These documents also allegedly stated, quote, there was a continuing exchange of information during the campaign between Trump surrogates and intermediaries from the Russian government,” Franken said. Morning Joe shreds Sessions: Why ‘lie about something that you don’t have to lie about?’

Al Franken: Jeff Sessions keeps contradicting himself — and must recuse himself from Russia probe. Sessions could face legal ordeal over testimony. Even if Attorney General Jeff Sessions didn't commit perjury during his confirmation hearing, Sessions could still be in other kinds of legal trouble for failing to tell his Senate colleagues that he met the Russian ambassador on two occasions during the heat of the presidential campaign.

"It is, at best, very misleading testimony," said Richard Painter, formerly the top ethics lawyer in President George W. Bush's White House. "I don't go so far as to say that it's perjury, but there is a lesser charge of failing to provide accurate information to Congress. " Story Continued Below "A nominee at a confirmation hearing has an obligation to provide full and complete information to Congress," Painter continued. However, such misdemeanor charges are usually only rolled out as part of a plea deal after prosecutors obtain or threaten more serious felony perjury charges. "Perjury is very hard to prove," said former House Counsel Stan Brand, who worked for the Democrats. Democratic Senators Ask Jeff Sessions to Explain Preet Bharara Firing.

Prosecutor: Jeff Sessions’s New Immigration Plan Is ‘F*cking Horrifying’ Jeff Sessions Is Keeping Junk Science in America's Courts - Rolling Stone. Much of the "forensic science" used to convict people of crimes in the United States turns out not to be science at all. After a number of scandals showed forensic techniques developed by prosecution experts to be either flawed or completely bogus, the Obama administration took steps toward comprehensive reforms to address the crisis of junk evidence and wrongful convictions. Sessions Writes Hawaii's Statehood Off: 'An Island In The Pacific' Jeff Sessions Thinks People Ought To Lighten Up About His Racism. Congress Denies Jeff Sessions Money To Fight Marijuana. Sessions Launches Team Trump's Russia Counteroffensive. WATCH: Conan O’Brien spots a hilarious ‘nervous tic’ that shows when Jeff Sessions is lying.

Sen. Reed Blows Holes Through Sessions' Excuses For Comey Firing. Attorney General Sessions' Selective Silence Deafens Senate Trump-Russia Inquiry. Twitter Reactions to Jeff Sessions Hearing - Cartoon Characters Jeff Session Looks Like. How Many Lies Were There in Jeff Sessions' Senate Testimony?