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9 Mysterious Noises. "Music" From The Dark Side Of The Moon In 1969, Apollo 10 astronauts Thomas Stafford, John Young and Eugene Cernan heard weird sounds while orbiting the far side of the moon — but the noise was likely the result of radio interference.

9 Mysterious Noises

It began once the capsule was out of the range of any Earth broadcast. At one point, the baffled astronauts can be heard discussing whether they should tell NASA command or not. "You hear that? That whistling sound? Another astronaut says he can: "It sounds like, you know, outer space-type music. " "Well, that sure is weird music," his companion agrees. The sound lasted about an hour. Undelivered letters shed light on 17th-century society. An appeal for help from a desperate woman has been opened and read more than 300 years after the man it was sent to refused to accept delivery – not surprisingly, since the wealthy merchant in The Hague must have suspected it contained the unwelcome news that he was about to become a father.

Undelivered letters shed light on 17th-century society

The letter is part of an extraordinary trove of thousands of pieces of correspondence, never delivered, many still unopened and sealed closed, found packed into a leather trunk and stored away for centuries in the Netherlands. The collection includes letters from aristocrats, spies, merchants, publishers, actors, musicians, barely literate peasants and highly educated people with beautiful handwriting, and are written in French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Latin.

Reading should not carry a health warning – Frank Furedi. At universities around the world, students are claiming that reading books can unsettle them to the point of becoming depressed, traumatised or even suicidal.

Reading should not carry a health warning – Frank Furedi

Some contend that Virginia Woolf’s novel Mrs Dalloway (1925), in which a suicide has taken place, could trigger suicidal thoughts among those disposed to self-harm. Others insist that F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby (1925), with its undercurrent of spousal violence, might trigger painful memories of domestic abuse. Even ancient classical texts, students have argued, can be dangerous: at Columbia University in New York, student activists demanded that a warning be attached to Ovid’s Metamorphoses on grounds that its ‘vivid depictions of rape’ might trigger a feeling of insecurity and vulnerability among some undergraduates. Many Greek and Roman thinkers shared Socrates’ concerns. By the Middle Ages, the potentially harmful effects of text had become a recurrent theme in Christian demonology.

Daily Weekly Explore Aeon History. The Invention of the Wah-Wah Pedal. On August 18th, 1969, at around ten o’clock in the morning, Jimi Hendrix raised his white Fender Stratocaster guitar in the air, gazed out across the mud-soaked crowd at Woodstock Music Festival, and began to play “The Star Spangled Banner.”

The Invention of the Wah-Wah Pedal

Over the previous three days, the dairy farm in rural Bethel, New York had been packed with 400,000 people; Hendrix, the highest paid act at the festival, was the last to take the stage, and only 30,000 remained to witness his tongue-in-cheek ode to America. For three minutes and 43 seconds, the notes screamed and hissed and squealed from his instrument, voicing the frustrations of the nation’s youth. And right at the center of Hendrix’s iconic sound was a guitar effect called the “wah-wah pedal” (or simply, the "wah").

The NSA school: How the intelligence community gets smarter, secretly. A tool once commonly used by students at the National Cryptologic School to diagram communications networks.

The NSA school: How the intelligence community gets smarter, secretly

(Susan Svrluga/The Washington Post.) Leonard Reinsfelder’s wife found a note on her car as she was leaving a shopping center one day: “Have your husband give us a call. We think we could use him.” There was a phone number, and nothing else. So began Reinsfelder’s career at the National Cryptologic School, which functions as a sort of college for the National Security Agency and the intelligence community.

Reinsfelder, a high-school Spanish teacher with multiple graduate degrees, took the job not knowing what it would be; they couldn’t tell him until he got inside and got security clearance. Pseudo-Therapy Apps: The Fad Diet Of Mental Health. Irene GorodyanskyCrunch Network Contributor Irene Gorodyansky, PsyD, is a former statistician turned psychotherapist practicing in San Francisco.

Pseudo-Therapy Apps: The Fad Diet Of Mental Health

How to join the network There’s a life-threatening condition that prevents people from feeling pain. An afflicted person may leave their hand on a hot stove without realizing it. There are only 20 reported cases, because the genes responsible have been weeded out by evolution. Like a tea kettle whistling louder and louder, pain implores action — move your hand! How queer women view breasts differently. My very loving boyfriend once told me that if I had larger breasts I would probably be out of his league.

How queer women view breasts differently

Before you crucify him, trust me when I say that he wasn’t trying to be mean (bless his heart). He was simply pointing out that whatever male attention I’d gotten over the years would likely have tripled if my boobs were two cup sizes bigger. The truth is, I’ve never loved my breasts because I’ve never thought they were big enough or round enough or perky enough. But I’ve also questioned whether I genuinely dislike them or feel that way because I suspect they’re unattractive to men.

While males are not unanimous in their preferences, straight culture undeniably glorifies one particular size (C or D cups) and shape (round and perky) over all others. Astronauts falling on the moon. New Hypnotic Bar Video Shows People Drunk, Laughing Uncontrollably Passed Out After Drinking Water. A new video of the Hypnotic Bar shows people failing sobriety tests, getting drunk laughing uncontrollably and even passing out.

New Hypnotic Bar Video Shows People Drunk, Laughing Uncontrollably Passed Out After Drinking Water

However the people involved are entirely sober. The Hypnotic Bar is a public experiment where groups of people are hypnotized to feel like they are drinking powerful alcoholic drinks. While the experiment begins with the standard effects of alcohol tipsiness, giddiness and loss of inhibition, it also goes much further with groups of people hallucinating that the audience has disappeared and experiencing powerful rushes similar to cocaine and ecstasy. The Hypnotic Bar is a revolutionary public experiment to prove alcohol and drugs can be replaced with healthy trance states.

The "Science" Behind Today's Plague Doctor Costume. The Spaceship Engineers Who Build Their Own Planes. It's 6:30 AM in Mojave, California.

The Spaceship Engineers Who Build Their Own Planes

Hundreds of windmills normally churning the air are still, a silent audience as pilots Elliot Seguin and Justin Gillen pull out their experimental airplanes from private hangars. Today, Seguin and Gillen are testing a brand-new one built by an older Air Force veteran, which has spent just three hours in the air. We Are Always Listening - Did dark matter kill the dinosaurs? In 1980, Walter Alvarez and his group at the University of California, Berkeley, discovered a thin layer of clay in the geologic record, which contained an anomalous amount of the rare element iridium.

Did dark matter kill the dinosaurs?

They proposed that the iridium-rich layer was evidence of a massive comet hitting the Earth 66 million years ago, at the time of the extinction of the dinosaurs. The Alvarez group suggested that the global iridium-rich layer formed as fallout from an intense dust cloud raised by the impact event. The cloud of dust covered the Earth, producing darkness and cold, and lead to the extinction of 75% of life on the planet. Can One Man End the Global Drug War? In between slurps of soup and sips of coffee, Jindřich Vobořil tells a story of his youth that would sell out a Broadway theater. He lived on and off the streets in his hometown of Brno, Czechoslovakia, running with local gangs.

By age 12, he was burning through 30 cigarettes a day and says he moved on to hard drugs by his teenage years. By the mid-’80s, Vobořil was a 17-year-old dropout who played guitar in a rock band and had joined the nation’s preeminent anti-communist organization, Charter 77, before becoming … a Catholic, organizing underground religious activities — back then, religious people were persecuted by the government. Friends, meet the unlikeliest top-level bureaucrat on planet Earth. What is 'Zen' diplomacy? From Chinese monk to ambassador. In 1654, a Chinese monk arrived in Japan.

His name was Yinyuan Longqi (1592-1673), a Zen master who claimed to have inherited the authentic dharma transmission—the passing of the Buddha’s teaching from teacher to student—from the Linji (Rinzai) sect in China. This claim gave him tremendous authority in China, as without it a Zen teacher cannot be considered for leading a Zen community. Screw-worm Flies: Proof that Government Can Occasionally Work. Gross. Have you ever heard of the screw-worm fly? There is a reason for that. It is a nasty bug that lays eggs on the open wounds of animals, even tick bites, and the hatched larvae bore carnivorously into the flesh around the wound.

The larvae drop to the ground once done feeding on the living flesh, dig into the earth and pupate, emerging 10 days later as adults to mate and restart the disgusting, parasitic process all over again. Until roughly 1966 they were endemic to all of the southern Unites States, and we have only the broad efforts of concerned scientists, informed citizens, active public officials, and the cooperation of those living north and south of the Mexican border to thank. Algorithmic Citizenship. Algorithmic Citizenship is a new form of citizenship, one where your citizenship, and therefore both your allegiances and your rights, are constantly being questioned, calculated, and rewritten. Most people are assigned a citizenship at birth, in one of two ways. You may receive your citizenship from the place you're born, which is called jus soli, or the right of soil. If you're born in a place, that's where you're a citizen of.

This is true in a lot of North and South America, for example - but not much of the rest of the world. How my doppelgänger used the Internet to find and befriend me. On a Monday morning a couple of months ago, I got an email from someone whose name I didn’t recognize with the subject line, ” I am your doppelgänger :).” Attached was this photo: My first reaction was, “Whoa. This is creepy.” Jack Warner Falls For Onion Article About 2015 World Cup. “24′s” phony history exposed: The dark history of a CIA “black site” The Rise of Escape Room Games - Pacific Standard.

The blindfold comes off. The first thing you see are the others, wiping their eyes and squinting at the new light. The room comes into focus. Virginia man awarded $500,000 after catching doctors on tape mocking him during surgery. God Helmet Replication Study. Neurotheology Team Proves “God Helmet” Is Real, Eliciting Mystic States, Visions & God-Like Presence. A team of neurotheology researchers have replicated and confirmed the results of the iconic “God Helmet” experiment.

Theconversation. The Only Way To Get Over Your Fear Of The Moon Is To Walk On It - The Onion - America's Finest News Source. Philly diner’s ‘Antonin Scalia is a Douche’ brunch special sells out in record time. Bloomberg Business - Business, Financial & Economic News, Stock Quotes.

This Is How Fast America Changes Its Mind. 14 Times When Life Completely Imitated The Onion. New Jersey Family Terrorized By ‘The Watcher’ After Buying Dream Home. Fired LSU Professor Teresa Buchanan Says She Still Doesn't Know What She Did Wrong. The Uncrackable Mystery of the Voynich Manuscript. How the Secret Service Protects Obama on the Internet. Dead LA Man Had 1,200 Guns Believed To Be ‘Alien Hybrid’ Secret Government Worker (Video) Take the vapors: Londoners buzz over breathable booze. Relatively Interesting What happens when you blindfold Ouija board believers? - Relatively Interesting. Amazon Launchpad Puts Startup Products on a Grownup Platform. After 10 Years Of Photographing Homeless People, Photographer Discovers Her Own Father Among Them.

Jayne Harris' 'Haunted puppet' moves on its own in the middle of the night  Chinese Retaliation for Tianjin Would Kill 90% of All Americans. Idaho replaces mile marker 420 with 419.9 to thwart stoners. "Pure Satanism": Alexander Dugin on Postmodernity in Western Society (w/ English subs) Huffingtonpost. Horizontal transfer of mitochondria in sickness and in health. Are two drowned children's ghosts haunting this pub? Spooky CCTV shows glasses being thrown off shelf. Origins of 'Gospel of Jesus's Wife' Begin to Emerge.

Gruesome Find: 100 Bodies Stuffed into Ancient House. College student would be sole voter in CID sales tax decision - Columbia Daily Tribune. Esoteric Symbolism and Hidden Meaning Uncovered in the Matrix Film : Waking Times. When the Bank Robs You: Wells Fargo Contractors Allegedly Stole Family Heirlooms Rescued From Nazis. Breathing While Saxophone Playing Should Be An Olympic Sport.

No, Torture Doesn’t Make Terrorists Tell The Truth — But Here’s What Actually Works. Hypnotic Bar To Take Over Real Bar To Prove Drugs and Alcohol Are All In The Mind. What Americans know and don't know about science. The web has become a hall of mirrors, filled only with reflections of our data. The A=432 Hz Frequency: DNA Tuning and the Bastardization of Music : Waking Times.

Hoax hunter: This woman finds people faking illnesses online. Psy-Op: Executive Order Creates an Orwellian Policy of Enlightenment and Propaganda. The Bioethics Dilemma - Pacific Standard. A Rare Glimpse Inside the Yakuza. The Self-Made Castaway Who Spent 16 Years on an Atoll With His Cats. History, Travel, Arts, Science, People, Places. Science, Pseudoscience, and Irrationalism. Sex, Drugs, and Bestiality: The New Muppets Show Will Rape Your Childhood. Don Juan Was a Lie, But What Did Carlos Castaneda Have to do With 4 Missing Women? Are eternal laws an illusion? New Zealand Grants River the Rights of Personhood. Watch Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel Take Feud to Couples Therapy. Andrea Maurer: High Hitler. Ariel Dorfman: How to Forgive Your Torturer. Symbols and Signs. Understanding sleep paralysis: a terrifying but unique state of consciousness. How Sacred Science Addresses What Modern Physics Ignores. “Annihilate America”: Inside a secret, frightening scheme to sell nuclear material to ISIS.

Humans are still evolving and we don’t know what will happen next — Hopes&Fears — flow "Science" Why the Myers-Briggs test is totally meaningless. Why Are Black Action Stars So Old? A homeless man reported a dead body by carrying the skull into a Florida Publix and using it as a puppet.

You can grow new brain cells. Here's how. Behind Warren Ellis and Tula Lotay’s haunting new project. How School Shootings Spread. Thee Optimist: What is the Salton Sea? “There is no mistaking that she is dead”: Am I robbing her of her dignity to photograph her corpse? Reasonable suspicion for arrest in the era of Operation Midland. Uncovering The Secret History Of Myers-Briggs - Digg. Drone Flies Over NSA Complex in Germany, Dropping Leaflets. Scientists claim they can change your belief on immigrants and God. Consumer reactions to attractive service providers. Future - The best (and worst) ways to spot a liar. Future - How the way we walk can increase risk of being mugged. Scientists Transfer Facial Expressions From One Person To Another in Real-Time Video. The Economics of Male Birth Control.

Shroud Of Turin DNA Indicates Global Origins. Relatively Interesting North American Cities Transposed Onto Europe at the Same Latitude (and vice versa) - Relatively Interesting. WikiLeaks Publishes Documents From Hacked CIA Director Email Account. Capturing the horror of the Holocaust for the selfie generation. Extreme haunted house: inside the real life kingdom of masochists. Spooky Action at a Distance. Artificial Killing Machine – Visualizing U.S. military drone strikes / by @polygonfuture.