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Robot Tries to Escape from Children's Abuse. Stan: Outdoor Valet Parking Robot - Robotic Gizmos. 3D-printed soft four legged robot can walk on sand and stone. Full photo gallery.

3D-printed soft four legged robot can walk on sand and stone

San Diego, Calif., May 16, 2017 -- Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed the first soft robot that is capable of walking on rough surfaces, such as sand and pebbles. The 3D-printed, four-legged robot can climb over obstacles and walk on different terrains. Researchers led by Michael Tolley, a mechanical engineering professor at the University of California San Diego, will present the robot at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation from May 29 to June 3 in Singapore.

The robot could be used to capture sensor readings in dangerous environments or for search and rescue. The breakthrough was possible thanks to a high-end printer that allowed researchers to print soft and rigid materials together within the same components. Autonomous Drifting using Machine Learning. Skeletonics Mechanical Exoskeleton Suit Turns You Into a Giant Robot. Motion Control of Anthropomorphic Schunk 5-Finger-Hand on Robotic Arm LWA 4P. Minitaur explores the outdoors. ROVéo 250 first steps in Shenzhen. Don't worry, we've got this... □️ @tomgauld. See NASA's origami robot in action.

What is FreaksWar? It's a robotics combat system. - Lunar Lander. Make it work (detail for the techies!) - Lunar Lander

I started thinking about Lunar Lander and acquiring parts in spring 2008, and started making things in early winter. To have something that was portable and easy to test with, I started out with just the mechanism and landscape as a unit. This would just about fit in my study so I could do the software indoors over the winter. The working prototype was ready in time for Maker Faire UK in March 2009.

Final construction of the arcade version went on until summer 2009. The electronics for Lunar Lander are based around ATMEL AVR microcontrollers. Infrared sensors are used to detect the limits for the system. The intelligence for the game and overall control is done on a PC. The mechanical parts came from various DIY stores, online shops and car boot sales. During the testing the mechanics have stood up pretty well. 巨大ヒューマノイドの前進歩行 Walk Forward of a Giant Humanoid Robot.

Fastest robot to solve a Rubik's Cube - Guinness World Records. Introducing Handle. TITAN-XIII : Sprawling-type Quadruped Robot. Cassie - See you soon. Meet Cassie. Boston Dynamics "nightmare inducing" wheeled robot, presentation video close-up. Bat Robot Offers Safety and Maneuverability in Bioinspired Design. With a few exceptions, quadrotors are the go-to aerial robot when you need something small, fast, and maneuverable.

Bat Robot Offers Safety and Maneuverability in Bioinspired Design

This is because quadrotors are relatively cheap and easy to fly, and not because they’re the best aerial platform. In fact, you may have noticed that there aren’t a lot of rotary fliers in the animal kingdom—this is because (among other reasons) flapping wings offer high efficiency and incredible maneuverability as long as you’re able to manufacture and control them. NABiRoS: Non Anthropomorphic Bipedal Robotic System. BALLU: Buoyancy Assisted Lightweight Legged Unit.

High-Power Hydraulic Artificial Muscle for Tough Robots. How Stanford Built a Humanoid Submarine Robot to Explore a 17th-Century Shipwreck. Back in April, Stanford University professor Oussama Khatib led a team of researchers on an underwater archaeological expedition, 30 kilometers off the southern coast of France, to La Lune, King Louis XIV’s sunken 17th-century flagship.

How Stanford Built a Humanoid Submarine Robot to Explore a 17th-Century Shipwreck

Rather than dive to the site of the wreck 100 meters below the surface, which is a very bad idea for almost everyone, Khatib’s team brought along a custom-made humanoid submarine robot called Ocean One. In this month’s issue of IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine, the Stanford researchers describe in detail how they designed and built the robot, a hybrid between a humanoid and an underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV), and also how they managed to send it down to the resting place of La Lune, where it used its three-fingered hands to retrieve a vase. Most ocean-ready ROVs are boxy little submarines that might have an arm on them if you’re lucky, but they’re not really designed for the kind of fine manipulation that underwater archaeology demands.

DFKI's Space Rovers and Hexapods Will Team Up on Other Planets. Why send just one robot into space when you could send two robots into space instead?

DFKI's Space Rovers and Hexapods Will Team Up on Other Planets

We did it with Spirit and Opportunity, and that worked out great is mostly still working out great. It would have been working out even better, though, if we'd let Spirit and Oppy get each other's backs and team up to do some extra exploring. That's the idea that DFKI Bremen has been testing with its pair of space robots: a four wheeled rover named SHERPA and a hexapod named CREX. DragonflEye Project Wants to Turn Insects Into Cyborg Drones. As hard as we’re trying, it’s going to be a very long time before we’re able to build a robotic insect that’s anywhere near as capable or versatile as a real one.

DragonflEye Project Wants to Turn Insects Into Cyborg Drones

So for now, we rely on a cybernetics approach to get real insects to do our bidding instead. Over the past several years researchers have managed to steer large insects using electrical implants, a sort of brute-force method with limited real-world usefulness. Now engineers at the R&D company Draper, based in Cambridge, Mass., are hoping to overcome those limitations by creating a cybernetic dragonfly that combines “miniaturized navigation, synthetic biology, and neurotechnology.” Robot beats "I am not a Robot" Captcha.

SALTO - Berkeley's leaping robot. Hidden Bookshelf Door Shows Incredible Motion. Who didn’t dream of a hidden door or secret passage in the house when they were kids?

Hidden Bookshelf Door Shows Incredible Motion

Some of us still do! [SPECTREcat] had already built a secret door in a fully functioning bookcase with a unique opening mechanism. The intriguing mechanism allows the doors to start by sliding slightly away form one another before hinging into the hidden space. AxiDraw Gets a Speedy Update. Ever wanted a robot that can draw pictures, forge signatures, and take care of all those handwritten wedding invitations you’ve been meaning to finish?

AxiDraw Gets a Speedy Update

Probably not — but even though you never asked for it, Evil Mad Scientist Labs went ahead and built a robot that can do all that stuff for you anyway. Announced in late November, the AxiDraw V3 is a high performance consumer writing and drawing machine. Using fountain and ballpoint pens, markers, or even chalk, the AxiDraw V3 can do almost anything you could do with a handheld pen, according to the device’s creators. Robot Overlord. My first robot was a crab robot.

Robot Overlord

All I knew back then was that hardware mistakes are expensive and software mistakes are cheap. So I put a 3D model of my robot into an empty video game and taught it to walk. When that worked, I copied the walk code into my actual robot (based on the 3d model) and it worked. Since then I've added all my favorite robots to one app to keep development effort to a minimum. At present each robot has a context-sensitive menu to control it. DoD Announces Successful Perdix Micro-Drone Demonstration. Watch Korea's mech take its first steps with a pilot on board. How to make a six legged wheg all terrain robot at home.

20m Super Long Robot Arm - Giacometti Arm with Balloon Body - Ghost in the Shell's Tachikoma Robots Under Development for Use in Customer Service. Half-size models on display in Shibuya I.G.

Ghost in the Shell's Tachikoma Robots Under Development for Use in Customer Service

Store Two years ago, the Ghost in the Shell Realize Project launched with the aim of recreating aspects of the futuristic, technologically advanced world of Ghost in the Shell. "METHOD-1" manned robot project by "Korea Future Technology" (주)한국미래기술 & Vitaly Bulgarov - 3. Researchers taught Boston Dynamics’ Atlas humanoid robot to walk gingerly over rubble. There’s something strangely comforting in watching Boston Dynamics’ 330-pound bipedal humanoid robot cautiously attempt to navigate a field of uneven surfaces. Something…humanizing, if that’s the right world, as the faceless ‘bot gingerly tests its footholds, slowly and with an abundance of caution, before shifting its full weight to the next block.

The IHMC (Institute for Human and Machine Cognition) Robotics Lab out of Pensacola, Florida has developed a system by which the robot can navigate across a series of different surfaces of different sizes and geometries – in the case of the featured video, mason blocks that have been turned on their sides and at various angles, so in some cases the robot has little more than a corner on which to step.

Atlas has no prior knowledge of the surfaces laid out in front of it. Using the program, it tests the surface one foot at a time, shifting its weight around in the process and finally applying it to the supported foothold. MIT builds low-cost synthetic muscles out of nylon cord. User-friendly drone flies like a copter and like a plane. Fixed-wing drones are more energy-efficient than quadcopters, and can cover long distances more quickly.

Quadcopters, however, require less space to take off and land. That's why some groups have developed drones that take and land vertically, yet transition to horizontal flight while airborne. One of the latest, AeroVironment's Quantix, is designed to be particularly easy to use. Mr. Runner. Robot flying taxi takes its first autonomous flight. Nine years ago, the Air Mule was an almost-believable concept: a flying robot taxi that could get people out of dangerous battlefields without endangering a pilot or crew. It was the exact sort of gizmo one expects from Popular Science: an amazing machine of the future, almost like a flying car, that seemed plausible but just out of reach. Not anymore. In January of this year, the Air Mule took its first flight: a short, wobbly hop from the side of a parking lot to a space a modest distance away.

On Tuesday, Air Mule makers Urban Aeronautics announced two major feats for the Air Mule program. The first is a new name: Cormorant, after the family of coastal birds. The complete flight, which lasted roughly two minutes, was not without errors. Multi-Contact Balancing for Humanoid Robots - Robotic Gizmos. ANYmal for Search & Rescue. Robot engineered in Bristol EATS organic matter and could clean contaminated water. Computational Design of Mechanical Characters. Rovables: Miniature On-Body Robots as Mobile Wearables.

Home built autonomous Ford Focus for under $1,000. Self-driving vehicles trialled in UK public space for the first time. Find Your Own Way: Weakly-Supervised Segmentation of Path Proposals for Urban Autonomy. Stanford's New Spiny Grippers Will Help RoboSimian Go Rock Climbing. Over a decade ago, Stanford roboticists started experimenting with ways of using arrays of very small spines to help climbing robots grip rough surfaces. These microspine grippers have been used on all kinds of research robots since then, and recently, NASA has decided that microspines are the best way for spacecraft to grab onto asteroids. Yesterday at the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems in South Korea, Shiquan Wang from Stanford presented a new microspine-based palm design for rock-climbing robots.

These palms use microspines that can support four times the weight of previous designs, which will be enough to turn JPL’s RoboSimian DRC robot into a champion rock climber. And we’re not talking just scrambling up slopes: It’ll be able to scale vertical rock faces, and even clamber around overhangs. These Soft Robots Mimic Human Muscles. In the past few years, we have seen many advanced soft robots capable of handling fragile items and performing other tasks. An EPFL team has developed soft, flexible robots that can be reconfigured easily. Робот Фёдор - помощник космонавта. Research Blog: How Robots Can Acquire New Skills from Their Shared Experience. Posted by Sergey Levine (Google Brain Team), Timothy Lillicrap (DeepMind), Mrinal Kalakrishnan (X) The ability to learn from experience will likely be a key in enabling robots to help with complex real-world tasks, from assisting the elderly with chores and daily activities, to helping us in offices and hospitals, to performing jobs that are too dangerous or unpleasant for people.

Robot Sewing Demonstration from Sewbo, Inc. VTOL Hybrid - AimDroix Xray Quad. Carolo-Cup2016_Finale. Charlie Rose interviews…a robot? Martian rover made on 3d Printer (Mars rover) Playing Catch and Juggling with a Humanoid Robot. This “wearable robot” helps restore people’s hand functions. NASA's 'Blue Collar Robot' Is an Unstoppable Miner. RoboMasters 2016: inside DJI's robot deathmatch. Rise of the RoboMasters. The second match between 1.5S and StarPro began like the first. The 1.5S hero made a beeline to the island and began filling up on golf balls. But this time, instead of focusing their fire on the hero as it climbed to the island, StarPro hunted for 1.5S rovers instead.

They managed to take out two of them before the 1.5S hero filled up on golf balls and made it off the island and back into combat. The 1.5S and StarPro teams operated their robots from a small booth on the raised stage behind the battlefield. The audience could see the engineers’ faces projected onto giant screens above each team’s hut, but the players controlling the robots could not see out; the window in front of them was made of an opaque glass. The 1.5S hero tried again to destroy the enemy base, but it didn’t have the damage boost from the computer vision test. Wevolver site. Arduino and Lego Technic. KOMATSU : Komatsu Develops Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle and Will Unveil It at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL 2016.

Komatsu Ltd. (President and CEO: Tetsuji Ohashi) (hereinafter "Komatsu") is going to unveil an "Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle" featuring a cabless structure at MINExpo INTERNATIONAL® 2016 in Las Vegas, U.S.A. from September 26 through 28 this year.Unlike 930E and 830E autonomous models, Komatsu has newly developed this vehicle exclusively as an unmanned vehicle designed to maximize the advantages of unmanned operation. Uk.businessinsider. [AI Lab] Pepper robot learning "ball in a cup" Ghost Minitaur Intro. Robots in the Desert - University Rover Challenge. Mars Rover Design Team Presentation Task URC 2015. RC MARS ROVER Mk II. Mercedes-Benz Has Unveiled The Delivery Vehicle Of The Future. Meet the Creepiest Android NASA Ever Built. The RAVEN Surgical Robotic System - CITRIS and the Banatao Institute. Hackaday Prize Entry: Real Life XEyes. There’s a lot of tech that goes into animatronics, cosplay, and costumes. Pneumatic octopus is first soft, solo robot.

X-47B Controller. Moral Machine. Massive VR robot. Fastbrick Robotics Time lapse. Mesh Mould – Spatial robotics and designing for material interdependencies. This research project by Gramazio Kohler Research at ETH Zurich titled ‘Mesh Mould’ investigates the unification of reinforcement and formwork into a single robotically fabricated material system. Developed with the use of industrial robots, the process allows ‘spatial robotic extrusion’, creating interdependencies of mesh typology and concrete.

The most recent research phase of the project at the National Competence Centre in Research (NCCR), fabrication process focuses on the translation of the structurally weak polymer-based extrusion process into a fully load-bearing construction system. Jürg Lehni’s 'Victor' at SFMOMA – A Taxonomy of Communication. The SFMOMA just released a concise and insightful short video interview with Jürg Lehni about his work. Given their acquisition of the Swiss artist and designer’s drawing machine Viktor, he speaks about A Taxonomy of Communication, the series of drawings he’s prepared for the institution. First field test of SwagBot. MABEL Bi-Pedal Walking Robot. DURUS Walks like a Human. Open-Source CNC Farming. Rings Gymnast Robot 3.

LGPR: Enabling Autonomous Vehicles to Drive in the Snow. You've never seen a car do this... 3D printed robotic gripper uses force feedback to avoid crushing fragile objects. Tesla owner makes the 'solid metal snake' self-charging system that Elon Musk promised. China robot challenges human players in badminton. The Mill BLACKBIRD. Robot hands can learn on their own. Meet the 2016 BattleBots! (Part 2) Europe's robots to become 'electronic persons' under draft plan. Introducing SpotMini.