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FALLING - ASCENE.TV - Camp David. Blog - Camp David. Cinematographer Christopher Webb. Músicas filmadas « lacasinegra. Moonship Moving Pictures Co. Review "Urban Players" – Parasol Island.


Agile » Film & Television. Greatcoat Films - HOME. Colourspace. The Art Department. Tania Verduzco and Adrian Pérez both cinema directors operate together under the pseudonym Los Pérez and take shared credit for their activities, which include writing, directing, editing and music composition.

Their campaigns for Low Cost Festival, Chimo Bayo DXM were acknowledged as two Best Works in Spanish Advertisement by Club de Creativos. Further, the duo was selected to be featured in the SHOOT 2013 New Directors Showcase and turned heads by winning the silver awards at LIA and ADCE, as well as gold at the Laus Awards. Recently, their campaign for EuroMillions has been awarded in El Ojo de Iberoamerica and Club de Creativos. Their music videos have been awarded and recognized by tv channels as MTV, Fubiz, Promo News and Vimeo Staff Picks. In their solo pursuits, Tania has earned substantial acclaim for her short films Pin-Up and Impact, with the latter winning her second-place in the Young Director Awards at Cannes Film Festival. Ben's Film - iamrollo. 'Ben's Film' A short documentary for KPMG, about Ben Mayhew, a risk analysts and Torquay FC fan.

Ben's Film - iamrollo

Writer / Director: Rollo Hollins DoP: Sy Turnbull Editor: Hazel Baillie Prod: Rob Fletcher Exec Prod: Nat Wilson Prod Co: FLETCHERWILSON. Do Amaral, A. Beauty Brands is a concept that we created to revolutionize both the in-store experience and digital positioning of the brand.

Do Amaral, A.

Tiga Bugatti – Les télécréateurs. Index. Gretel - Work - Branding. About - About Fabrica. The 9 limits of our planet … and how we’ve raced past 4 of them. Johan Rockström says humanity has already raced past four of the nine boundaries keeping our planet hospitable to modern life.

The 9 limits of our planet … and how we’ve raced past 4 of them

Writer John Carey digs into the “planetary boundary” theory — and why Rockström says his isn’t, actually, a doomsday message.We’ve been lucky, we humans: For many millennia, we’ve been on a pretty stable — and resilient — planet. As our civilizations developed, we’ve transformed the landscape by cutting down forests and growing crops. We’ve created pollution, and driven plants and animals extinct. Yet our planet has kept spinning along, supporting us, more or less stable and in balance. Going forward, scientists have recently proposed, all we need to do is stay within some limits, nine upper boundaries for bad behavior. But of course, being human, we haven’t. In a startling January 2015 paper in Science, Johan Rockström says humanity has already raced past four of the nine boundaries keeping our planet hospitable to modern life.

Not to Rockström. Cómo identificar varios pintores famosos: simpáticas pistas. Cómo identificar varios pintores famosos: pistas divertidas.

Cómo identificar varios pintores famosos: simpáticas pistas

Si todo el mundo tiene algún tipo de malformación corporal, entonces es un Picasso. Si todos en el cuadro tienen culos enormes, entonces es un Rubens. Growing Design Elements in After Effects. Construye un amigo: del lápiz al movimiento (Carlos "Zenzuke" Albarrán) A los personajes que dibujas les falta algo, no se llevan bien contigo.

Construye un amigo: del lápiz al movimiento (Carlos "Zenzuke" Albarrán)

Les saludas y no te contestan. Has pensado muchas veces en darles vida pero… no eres animador y no sabes cómo empezar. No desesperes. Movimiento retro en After Effects (Joseba Elorza) Adiós a los proyectos estáticos.

Movimiento retro en After Effects (Joseba Elorza)

En este curso, el ilustrador y animador Joseba Elorza (MiraRuido) te enseñará a crear el trailer de una película imaginaria con la técnica del vídeo collage, mostrándote la metodología y trucos necesarios para llevar tus recortes a una nueva dimensión, la del tiempo. Conocerás más de cerca el estilo anacrónico y surrealista que emplea Joseba en sus trabajos y practicarás desde primera fila todo el proceso creativo de la animación, desde la recopilación del material hasta la publicación del vídeo final. Sin necesidad de tener conocimientos previos de After Effects, alucinarás con el fantástico resultado que conseguirás dando vida a fotos y vídeos vintage. Animación 3D, VFX y Videojuegos - CICE. Student Life. Welcome to ESCAPE Studios – The Visual Effects Academy.

Student Life

We take students with raw talent and big aspirations and shape them into the finished article demanded by today’s world-leading VFX studios. If you commit the time, passion, and hard work necessary, we promise an unparalleled, industry-focused training experience that will change your life. It’s all based on six fundamentals we call ESCAPISM. We’ll help you Escape to the Career of your dreamsBold words, but they are also true. Our number one priority and the guiding mission in everything that we do—from intensive training programs and career counseling, through to VFX community immersion—is all to help students prepare for and land great jobs in the dynamic VFX industry.