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How Memphis transformed its parks named for Confederate generals. What John Rawls Missed. Inside the “Most Incarcerated” Zip Code in the Country. Some might argue that the distinction doesn’t matter much.

Inside the “Most Incarcerated” Zip Code in the Country

And surely 53206 suffers from a host of serious problems, including a very high incarceration rate. How Newport, Kentucky, Lost the Title of ‘Sin City’ Long before Las Vegas wore the crown of America’s “Sin City,” there was Newport, Kentucky.

How Newport, Kentucky, Lost the Title of ‘Sin City’

Today Newport is a small, upstanding U.S. city near Cincinnati, yet during Prohibition, and for decades after, Newport was a hotbed of gambling, prostitution, organized crime, and widespread corruption. If you had no idea that Newport once had this reputation, don’t feel too bad. In large part, that’s likely because its age of corruption just didn’t last. Josh Gondelman: “The best $80 I ever spent was on TSA PreCheck”

Alienation Is Killing Americans and Japanese. Almost a quarter of Japanese men and a tenth of Japanese women over age 60 say there is not a single person they could rely on in difficult times.

Alienation Is Killing Americans and Japanese

The American crisis may not be so dissimilar from the Japanese one. Photo from Trung Kaching / Flickr. The stories have become all too familiar in Japan, though people often do their best to ignore them. Culture as a cause of poverty has been wilfully misinterpreted. When the term “culture of poverty” was first used by the anthropologist Oscar Lewis in 1959, it was seized upon as “evidence” that poverty is not caused primarily by an absence of material resources.

Culture as a cause of poverty has been wilfully misinterpreted

The Great Crime Decline and the Comeback of Cities - CityLab - Pocket. Two of the most remarkable trends in recent years have been the tremendous decline in violent crime and the comeback of once downtrodden and written-off cities.

The Great Crime Decline and the Comeback of Cities - CityLab - Pocket

In Uneasy Peace: The Great Crime Decline, the Renewal of City Life and the New War on Violence, New York University sociologist Patrick Sharkey argues that these two trends are inextricably related. Choice page. Are Private Schools Immoral? - The Atlantic - Pocket. Photo by Brendan Smialowski / Getty Public schools in gentrifying neighborhoods seem on the cusp of becoming truly diverse, as historically underserved neighborhoods fill up with younger, whiter families.

Are Private Schools Immoral? - The Atlantic - Pocket

But the schools remain stubbornly segregated. Nikole Hannah-Jones has chronicled this phenomenon around the country, and seen it firsthand in her neighborhood in Brooklyn. “White communities want neighborhood schools if their neighborhood school is white,” she says. The Rise of the Rural Creative Class - CityLab - Pocket. When Malls Saved the Suburbs From Despair - The Atlantic - Pocket. The High Cost of Running a Daycare. Joan Hallett’s apartment is in a wide, six-story complex on a classic brownstone- and tree-lined street of Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

The High Cost of Running a Daycare

When I enter, it’s full of children. Beyond a leather couch and green armchair, the darkened living room holds two infants in rockers, one of them fussing while being soothed by a staff member and an older one standing in a playpen. Through a narrow hallway is the back room, which used to be a bedroom and is now painted in blue and yellow, with signs displaying the letters of the alphabet and a daily schedule and shelves of cubbies and toys lining every wall.

There, six toddlers eat supper under the watch of two young, tired-looking female providers. After eating, they switch to noisily solving big wooden puzzles and looking at picture books. HuffPost is now a part of Oath. SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — The lunch rush at St.

HuffPost is now a part of Oath

Vincent de Paul Dining Hall is a snapshot of the changing character of American homelessness. The first thing that strikes you is the sheer number of people the soup kitchen serves. The line outside starts forming two hours before the food is ready. Diners file in, eat quickly and get up as soon as they’re finished. They know someone is waiting outside for their seat. How Cars Divide America - CityLab - Pocket. Photo by Jae C.

How Cars Divide America - CityLab - Pocket

Hong/AP. Who is actually middle class? [Letter from California] Lost at Sea, by Joe Kloc. A few miles north of San Francisco, off the coast of Sausalito, is Richardson Bay, a saltwater estuary where roughly one hundred people live out of sight from the world.

[Letter from California] Lost at Sea, by Joe Kloc

Known as anchor-outs, they make their homes a quarter mile from the shore, on abandoned and unseaworthy vessels, doing their best, with little or no money, to survive. Who Belongs in Prison? Nothing has changed more in the past couple of decades than attitudes toward the crisis of incarceration in America. Understanding American Culture. Below is a list of a few notable differences between Americans and people from other countries. Understanding these basic differences will enable you to better adapt to your new culture in the US. Demeanor - Americans are much more assertive than most international visitors. – Fascist, Briton , European. Built for Zero is helping cities end chronic homelessness. Beyond Broken Windows: What Really Drives Urban Crime.

Americans Remain Deeply Ambivalent About Diversity. America's Chinatowns Are Disappearing. They Have Worked on Conflicts Overseas. Now These Americans See ‘Red Flags’ at Home. Good Jobs First. Freedom is ________. American Exceptionalism Is a Dangerous Myth. An American soldier stands before a burning oil well in Rumayla, Iraq, on March 27, 2003. Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images Donald Trump has done more to elevate the left’s critique of U.S. foreign policy than any politician in modern memory. As a presidential candidate, the mogul told Republican primary audiences that George W. Bush had lied the United States into Iraq; that said war had done a “tremendous disservice to humanity”; and that America could have saved countless lives by investing $5 trillion in domestic infrastructure instead.

As commander-in-chief, Trump has suggested that there is no moral distinction between the U.S. and other great powers; that American foreign policy in the Middle East is largely dictated by the interests of arms manufacturers; and that the U.S. judges foreign regimes by their utility to American economic interests, not their commitment to human rights. - The Washington Post. When the Closest Grocery Store Is a Dollar Store. The U.S. has added 10,000 of these budget retail outlets since 2001. But some towns and cities are trying to push back. It has become an increasingly common story: A dollar store opens up in an economically depressed area with scarce healthy and affordable food options, sometimes with the help of local tax incentives. It advertises hard-to-beat low prices but it offers little in terms of fresh produce and nutritious items—further trapping residents in a cycle of poverty and ill-health.

A recent research brief by the Institute of Local Self Reliance (ILSR), a nonprofit supporting local economies, sheds light on the massive growth of this budget enterprise. How Credit Cards Are Used to Finance Mass Shootings. Meet the Entertainment Workers Living in Their Cars Amid Housing Crisis. - The Washington Post. How America's 'Culture of Hustling' Is Dark and Empty. - The Washington Post. ‘Seattle-ization’? American cities fear what’s happened here. You're paying a premium to live here: The cost of living has risen faster in Seattle than in any other American city. How TigerSwan Infiltrated Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline Movement. American Exceptionalism Is a Dangerous Myth. He Disparaged the Police on Facebook. So They Arrested Him. How Cities Make Money by Fining the Poor. - The Washington Post. Trump vs. Obama: a new theory of why Republicans and Democrats fight. Shot and Forgotten: Shooting victims face lifelong disabilities, financial burdens.

An employee at a rec center for people with disabilities eventually told Whitmore about the state Office of Vocational Rehabilitation, which has funding to perform badly needed renovation services for disabled residents. Science says fluoride in water is good for kids. So why are these towns banning it? Breaking News Emails Get breaking news alerts and special reports.

Poverty in America: Greater Than Statistics Indicate. Photographer: Spencer Platt/Getty Images North America. Why are more Americans than ever dying from drug overdoses? The secret anxiety of the upwardly mobile. The Monopolization of America. America Can't Fix Big Problems Like Climate Change. Why Are Americans Still Uncomfortable with Atheism? U.S. Law Enforcement Failed to See the Threat of White Nationalism. Now They Don’t Know How to Stop It. Mr. Rogers's "Look for the Helpers” Is Bad for Adults. America’s Other Family-Separation Crisis. Income Inequality Explains the Decline of Youth Sports. How Connected Is Your Community to Everywhere Else in America? Can money develop a neighborhood? School Days Start and End Too Early. John Deere Just Cost Farmers Their Right to Repair. Orlando Paramedics Didn’t Go In to Save Victims of the… The Social and Political Costs of the Financial Crisis, 10 Years Later.

Georgia’s Separate and Unequal Special-Education System.