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Make your own biodiesel: Journey to Forever. The first two methods sound easiest, but, as so often in life, it's not quite that simple.

Make your own biodiesel: Journey to Forever

Vegetable oil is much more viscous (thicker) than either petro-diesel or biodiesel. The purpose of mixing or blending straight vegetable oil (SVO) with other fuels and solvents is to lower the viscosity to make it thinner, so that it flows more freely through the fuel system into the combustion chamber. If you're mixing SVO with petro-diesel you're still using fossil-fuel -- cleaner than most, but still not clean enough, many would say.

Still, for every gallon of SVO you use, that's one gallon of fossil-fuel saved, and that much less climate-changing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. People use various mixes, ranging from 10% SVO and 90% petro-diesel to 90% SVO and 10% petro-diesel. You might get away with it in summer time with something like an older '80s Mercedes 5-cylinder IDI diesel, which is a very tough and tolerant motor -- it won't like it but you probably won't wreck it. To each his own. ECOFLOAT » Launch Gallery. UK straw bale building and training experts. The Global Calculator. CoeLux. How To Build a Gravity-Based PVC Aquaponic Garden Very Easily. Posted Categories: Green If you haven't been introduced to Aquaponics, the idea is simple.

How To Build a Gravity-Based PVC Aquaponic Garden Very Easily

You want to create a sembiotic relationship between fish (namely talapia are used) and plants. The fish poop, creating fertilizer for the plants. The plants act as a filtration system, cleaing the poop out of the water. It's simple and fabulous! In this version, it's soooo cheap to do. Buy a hole saw and drill them out in succession. Connect the pvc with elbows. Cups make great planters, because they will sit right down in the hole snugly. Plant to your hearts content! Now watch this: Related articles in Green. Upgrade. Better Wind Turbines Are Here: Lightweight, Compact, Powerful! Notes.


How to make old homes energy efficient. Thirty five years ago I bought a row of 350-year-old Welsh half-timbered industrial workers’ cottages.

How to make old homes energy efficient

Good move, except for the several kinds of damp, the beetles, woodworm, rotting windows, multicoloured moulds, doors that did not fit and a resident cat. Over the years, nearly everything has been repaired and re-repaired, new bitshave been added, and other bits have dropped off. The cat has long gone and today it’s like so many of Britain’s other 400,000 listed buildings – hungry, expensive to maintain, and a mix of styles, materials and ages. I love it. But until the ‘Green Police’ – the head of environmental practices at the National Trust, a leading historic buildings adviser and a researcher at the Centre for sustainable energy in Bristol – descended on it recently I did not realise how much energy I was wasting and what could be done.

I simpered that one learns to live with faults and it was a case of never having the money to “modernise” a traditionally-built house. Top tips 1. Plus Energy Simulation Software: EnergyPlus Graphical User Interfaces. Many graphical user interfaces for EnergyPlus are available or under development, including DesignBuilder, EFEN, AECOsim Energy Simulator, Hevacomp Simulator V8i, COMFEN, Solar Shoe Box, N++, gEnergy, Simergy, Beopt™, Sefaira and Archsim.

Plus Energy Simulation Software: EnergyPlus Graphical User Interfaces

Interfaces for older versions of EnergyPlus include CYPE, MC4 SUITE, SMART ENERGY and EPlusInterface. DesignBuilder DesignBuilder (DesignBuilder USA) is a fully featured EnergyPlus user interface suitable for use at any stage of the design process. First released in 2005, DesignBuilder allows a wide range of building types to be simulated using the latest version of EnergyPlus. Advanced design options such as natural ventilation, daylight control, double facades, chilled beams, and heated floors can be assessed for their impact on the building environmental performance, comfort, cost, and daylight availability.

DesignBuilder is widely used in both commercial design and education sectors. A 30 day trial version of DesignBuilder is available. gEnergy BEopt™


Climate Change. Dynamic Demand – All data sets. Log in Congratulations to the 5 Finalists!

Dynamic Demand – All data sets

Data sets New data source University of Loughborough by Jennifer_1 An Excel workbook has been developed that provides a high–resolution model of household... 0 Comment Guardian - National carbon calculator Play UK prime minister and set the policy on energy, transport and other sectors and measure the... 0 Comment Elexon: Balancing Mechanism Reporting System (B... The BMrswebsite provides near real time and historic data about the balancing mechanism... 0 Comment National Grid National real time data is available for system frequency (affected by the balance... www.nationalgrid.... 0 Comment H M Government currently hosts 9,448 datasets from the likes of office of national... 0 Comment Real Time Carbon Calculating the carbon impact of generated electricity involves using a single...


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