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Tecnologia sostenible

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Not Impossible Labs. Fundación Mozilla - Qué hacemos. Rally citizens Issues around the health of the internet impact us all.

Fundación Mozilla - Qué hacemos

Mozilla empowers consumers to demand better online privacy, trustworthy artificial intelligence, and safe online experiences from Big Tech and governments. Connect leaders. Survival of the Best Fit. Campaigns - Demand Progress. Tell candidates: Restore net neutrality Break up Facebook Tell Senators: Restore Net Neutrality Stop Trump from attacking Iran Tell Amazon to stop developing spy tech Stop the War on Yemen Tell Congress to restore net neutrality Tell your House Rep: No NSA spying on innocent Americans under Section 702 Tell your members of Congress: Join the lawsuit to hold Trump accountable Stop Trump’s DOJ from getting 1.3 million Resistance IP addresses Don’t give Trump’s voter suppression commission my voter data!

Campaigns - Demand Progress

Require Trump to disclose his tax returns Protect net neutrality! Strategic Intelligence. Untitled. The Collaboration for Humane Technologies is a network of artists, scholars and researchers exploring the interplay between physical and virtual experience and seeking to intervene directly in creating better futures.


We are an interdisciplinary community. Untitled. How do you feel when you see a synthetic version of yourself?


In Future You, you are faced with a unique reflection of your potential, synthetic self. Starting as a primitive form, it learns from your movements to adapt, suggesting an agile, superior version of you. This interactive motion-capture artwork evolves, creating a new visual response for each visitor, generating 47,000 possible variations. Commissioned by The Barbican, London for the entrance of the exhibition AI: More Than Human, open 16 May-26 August 2019. The exhibition received over 88,000 visitors, making it one of the most successful exhibitions to have been hosted at the Barbican Centre. Untitled. Continuous Life The 500,000 square meter Mifuneyama Rakuen Park was created in 1845, during the end of the Edo period.


Sitting on the borderline of the park is the famous 3,000-year-old sacred Okusu tree of Takeo Shrine. Also in the heart of the garden is another 300-year-old sacred tree. Knowing the significance of this, our forebears turned a portion of this forest into a garden, utilizing the trees of the natural forest. The border between the garden and the wild forest is ambiguous, and when wandering through the garden, before they know it, people will find themselves entering the woods and animal trails.

The forest, rocks, and caves of Mifuneyama Rakuen have formed over a long time, and people in every age have sought meaning in them over the millennia. Lost in nature, where the boundaries between man-made garden and forest is unclear, we are able to feel like we exist in a continuous, borderless relationship between nature and humans. Untitled. Ocean of air - Marshmallow Laser Feast. Immerse yourself in nature We Live in an Ocean of Air is a multi-sensory immersive installation illuminating the fundamental connection between animal and plant.

Ocean of air - Marshmallow Laser Feast

Step through the canvas and share a breath with the giants of the plant kingdom. Discover an untethered virtual world Using a unique combination of technologies from untethered virtual reality, heart rate monitors and breath sensors to body tracking, visitors will be completely immersed in a world beyond human perception. Follow the journey of your own breath from body, to plant, to planet in an intricate 3D world, where the deeper systems and connections that intimately tie together all life on Earth are made visible.

Embodied learning Existing in the liminal space between art, science and technology, this is a rare and exciting opportunity to not only learn about the symbiotic systems of nature, but also to experience it firsthand. From Kings Road to Sequoia National Forest About the artists. Untitled. Revolución Esta es la era de las tecnologías transformativas (“Transformative Technologies”).


La era de hacer consciente aquel anhelo humano del que hablaba Thomas Merton “¿qué es lo que podemos ganar viajando a la luna si no somos capaces de cruzar el abismo que nos separa a los unos de los otros?”. Es la era de las tecnologías volcadas a transformar nuestro mundo interno para disponerlo a su preparación de conexión con el otro. Tecnologías que hackean nuestra consciencia. Tecnologías que, solo combinadas con la más avanzada capacidad de abstracción humana: el arte, podrán ser capaces de cruzar ese abismo simbólico que nos separa. En los años que vienen se avecina una impresionante revolución. Empezaremos a comunicarnos en capas de superposición digital a través de frecuencias de colores y sonidos, que trasciendan las palabras.

Center for Humane Technology: Realigning Technology with Humanity. Untitled. Today’s online propaganda has evolved in unforeseeable and seemingly absurd ways — by laughing at or spreading a Kermit the Frog meme, you may be unwittingly advancing the Russian agenda.


These campaigns affect our elections integrity, public health, and intercultural relationships. In this episode, the first of two parts, disinformation expert Renée DiResta talks with Tristan and Aza about how these tactics work, how social media platforms’ algorithms and business models allow foreign agents to game the system, and what these messages reveal to us about ourselves. Renée gained unique insight into this issue when in 2017 Congress asked her to lead a team of investigators analyzing a data set of texts, images and videos from Facebook, Twitter and Google thought to have been created by Russia’s Internet Research Agency.

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