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Oodles are a leading web development company currently based in Gurugram, India. Our work profile ranges from web development to programming. We deals in Artificial Intelligence services, Video Streaming services, and iOT services. We are also a very big name in DevOps development, Blockchain development, mobile apps development. No one even comes closer to us, when it comes to Big Data, Data Security

Video Streaming App Development. IoT App Development Cost, Time, Features, and Market Growth. The Internet of Things (IoT) market is rapidly growing as more people are gaining access to the internet.

IoT App Development Cost, Time, Features, and Market Growth

A multitude of devices are now connected to the internet, collecting and exchanging data every minute. According to Statistica, there are close to 20 billion connected devices and the number is expected to rise further. The connected devices are no longer limited to computers, smartphones, and tablets. We now have smart TVs, smart speakers, wearables, temperature sensors, smart locks amongst many others. The availability of different types of IoT devices paved the way for smart home automation and the creation of smart cities. Strengthening Business Collaborations Using Amazon Chime. Seamless business communication is essential to address the mission-critical project requirements and achieve organizational goals.

Strengthening Business Collaborations Using Amazon Chime

It is a vital component of an effective business strategy that aims to drive business growth by enabling teams to interact and share ideas. Business managers rely on several communication tools to channelize day-to-day activities and take important business decisions. The advent of Amazon Chime, a cloud-based communication service from AWS, has made business communications simple, quick, efficient and more effective. Agency: Remote Collaboration Tools For Effective Performance Monitoring. Remotely monitoring a team of developers can be a tedious and time-consuming task, not to mention the unwanted delays in product delivery.

Agency: Remote Collaboration Tools For Effective Performance Monitoring

As the COVID-19 outbreak has forced people to work from home, remote collaboration has become essential to ensure effective work productivity. As of today, a majority of IT companies are managing their teams remotely through various means of communication. However, it can be difficult to accurately monitor the tasks being performed by employees in the absence of an effective performance monitoring software. In addition, using remote collaboration tools is essential to fill the communication gaps due to geographical differences.

Exploring AR Capabilities To Build Interactive Applications. The immersive technologies like augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality have been touted as game changers in the field of UX design/development.

Exploring AR Capabilities To Build Interactive Applications

The advent of these technologies has made it possible to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds. While augmented reality brings digital elements into the real-world, virtual reality takes users into a virtual world. Both these technologies are rapidly gaining traction in the retail and e-commerce industries. Be that as it may, augmented reality has become more popular because of its easy accessibility and minimal hardware/software requirements. As a result, the latter has witnessed a widespread adoption in various industries across different platforms. Statistica had predicted that the global consumer market for immersive technologies would bring in $6.3 in revenue by the end of 2020.

At Oodles Technologies, we are receiving many requests from clients for building augmented reality apps even during the pandemic. Installing Hadoop 3.2.1 On Ubuntu 16.04. Hello!

Installing Hadoop 3.2.1 On Ubuntu 16.04

In this blog, I will show you how we can install Hadoop version 3.2.1 in distributed mode on Ubuntu 16.04. Mobile App Development Time, Cost, Features, and Market Growth. Developing a mobile app is a great way to interact with your customers or end-users and deliver engaging user experiences across multiple platforms.

Mobile App Development Time, Cost, Features, and Market Growth

It would be an understatement to say that having a website is sufficient for adequately running a business. As a matter of fact, a majority of businesses in various industries have at least one functional website. However, despite having a strong web presence, many businesses lack a mobile app that is upto the required standards. IoT Application Development Services. Smart Home App Development Services. Video Streaming App Development. Roku Application Development company. DevOps Solutions and Services. Tips For Improving The Efficiency of DevOps Processes. DevOps is an essential part of a software-based organization that brings development and operations teams under the same roof.

Tips For Improving The Efficiency of DevOps Processes

A well-formulated DevOps strategy accelerates the software development lifecycle and improves operational efficiency by unifying the efforts of developers and operators. The main benefit of availing DevOps services is that it enables enterprises to consistently improve their products and services. Since the operations team provides continuous feedback to developers, they can significantly improve software performance and efficiency for delivering better user experiences.

Transforming The Entertainment Industry With Virtual Reality. The immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality continue to transform cross-industry applications, delivering engaging user experiences across devices.

Transforming The Entertainment Industry With Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has evolved tremendously over recent years and is being used increasingly in gaming, advertising, entertainment, and employee training programs. The real-life simulations and immersive user experiences have led to the widespread adoption of virtual reality in the gaming and entertainment industry. That being said, VR applications are effective at providing more personalized user experiences and are more immersive than their AR counterparts. As a result, VR has become a popular medium of entertainment that promises to engage your audience in the best possible manner. Building Seamless Video Workflows Using AWS Media Services. Cloud technology is transforming the way businesses work and operate on a global scale.

Building Seamless Video Workflows Using AWS Media Services

Cloud computing has paved the way for many industries to streamline their inbound/outbound processes and strengthen their IT infrastructure. One of the core benefits of cloud technology is that it enables enterprises to deliver engaging content to their customers or end-users. Cloud computing services are rapidly gaining traction in the video industry with several OTT companies availing the cloud benefits. Selecting Flutter For Mobile App Development. The demand for mobile apps has increased in recent years.

Selecting Flutter For Mobile App Development

Businesses are using mobile apps to sell products, offer services, impart education, demonstrate new products, play music, stream videos, etc. Building Cross Platform Apps with Dart and Flutter. The proliferation of mobile apps has increased the demand for frameworks that support the smooth functioning of an app. Flutter is one such framework that is known to improve the functioning of an app. We are a Flutter app development company that provides fast, intuitive apps for businesses across the globe. Our services include: Flutter mobile app development Flutter App UI UX DESIGN Quality Assurance and testing Flutter App Integration Developing an app with the Flutter framework provides unlimited benefits to the developers.

Difference Between MEAN Stack and MERN Stack. Developers traditionally developed apps using JavaSript, HTML, and CSS. The apps were simple with complicated User interface (UI). To resolve the issue, technology companies like Google, Facebook introduced app development frameworks that ease the work of application development. Oodles Technologies is a well-established MEAN Stack app development company. Simplifying Mobile App Development Using Flutter. The demand for cross-platform mobile app development has grown significantly over recent years. All businesses or enterprises, whether local or international, want to expand their customer base and engage their audience through mobile apps. Mobile application development is an effective way to maximize user engagement and increase customer loyalty. As a result, an increasing number of businesses worldwide have invested in Android and iOS mobile app development.

That being said, developing applications separately for Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms using different tools is both expensive and time consuming. Choosing Flutter Over Other Native App Development Frameworks. Mobile app development is done using app development frameworks like Kotlin, Swift, React Native, React JS, and more. These frameworks decide the functionality of an app.

Often native technologies make the app development process complex and time-consuming. To develop an application for both Android and iOS in a short duration mobile application developers are using Flutter. Flutter enables app developers to overcome the issues of native app development. Our Flutter App Developers receive requests for scalable and feature-rich that offers seamless navigation to the users of the app.

Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform, Mobile SDK used to build Android and iOS apps using the same source code. Leanback Library For Android Smart TV Application Development. In this blog post, we'll study how to easily enable a smart TV application supported by Android TV using the Leanback library. At the end of the blog, we can expect to have a UX compliant single APK for Android TV that aids in smart TV application development. Overview of The Lean-back Concept To make easy integration for developers android created the Leanback library. The core fragments you'll be working with are: BrowseSupportFragment - For browse through a video player with a complete video library PlaybackOverlayFragment - For getting the full control of video playback.

Engaging More users with Live Streaming Apps. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau Survey around 47% of live video streaming viewers across the globe are streaming more live videos in comparison to the last year. It is evident through the above stats that the demand for live streaming apps is growing rapidly. Accelerating Web Application Development Using MEAN Stack. In this age of digitization, every company, whether small or big, wants to create a strong web presence.

Smart TV Application Development. Catering to Changing Viewing Preferences with Smart TV Apps. Subscription video on demand( SVOD) and over the top (OTT) platforms are creating a significant impact on the media and entertainment industry. Smart TV Application Development. Developing a Live Video Streaming App. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), the live video streaming viewers increased by 47% from 2017 to 2018.

The proliferation of live video streaming content is an indication that the video viewers are consuming more content via social media platforms like YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, and NCAA. eMarketers stats also indicate that viewers have outdistanced a TV network site or app by 34%. Today, live-streaming apps are used for conferences, events including matches and tournaments, and concerts. How to Use Reactive Form in angular Js. AngularJS Development Services. Difference Between MEAN Stack and MERN Stack.