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Benefits of Accounting With Odoo Twelve Accounting Software

Odoo ERP Development Services. Implementing ERP for Better Inventory Management. Understanding the Advantages of React Native Apps. React Native Mobile App Development Services. ERP Software Development Services. Hybrid Mobile App Development Services. Get the Next Gen Netflix like Video Streaming Apps. Netflix(NFLX) is a popular video streaming platform that provides viewers with unlimited access to thousands of movies, TV shows, comedy specials, and web series.

Get the Next Gen Netflix like Video Streaming Apps

With millions of subscribers joining Netflix every month, it has become the number one video streaming platform worldwide. The platform's popularity is mainly because of the quality, selection, and performance consistency. The popular OTT video streaming platform enables users to stream movies and television shows on their smartphones, laptops, computers and other internet-connected devices. Netflix takes up over 35% of the peak internet traffic in the US. To compete with brick-and-mortar video retailers, Netflix started pay-per-rental and mail service in 1997.

Netflix and its Rise to Dominance Netflix was once an underdog in video rentals. What made Netflix so Popular? Besides the framework and strategy, Netflix has been quick to adapt its business model which has enabled it to stay as a dominant player. How Netflix Works? Live Video Streaming Services. Live Video Broadcasting is growing at a fast pace and is found useful for businesses that prefer going global.

Live Video Streaming Services

Some of the most common broadcasting solutions involve transmission through internet and satellite communications. In Live-streaming it is cumbersome to transcode using physical transcodes. To achieve, cost-effective live streaming ecosystem, get in touch with Ooodles Technologies. We help you provide video streaming solutions with high network quality, smooth transcoding, and low latency. Video streaming is an emerging application service that helps in broadcasting real-time events. Furthermore, a number of leading companies are using Live Video Streaming services to increase their conversion rate and drive more traffic to their website. Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider.

Reasons to Select React js for Mobile App Development. Selecting a mobile application development framework that suits your business requirements is a challenging task.

Reasons to Select React js for Mobile App Development

It is essential for developers to evaluate multiple options and select a framework that their project requirements as comprehensively as possible. Oodles Technologies software developers use React Native framework in creating most of their mobile applications. Reasons to Choose Node js for Web Application Development. Selecting a mobile application development framework that suits your business requirements is a challenging task.

Reasons to Choose Node js for Web Application Development

It is essential for developers to evaluate multiple options and select one that project requirements as comprehensively as possible. A typical evaluation exercise involves being able to answer the following questions - Does the framework have a sizeable support community? Essential Pointers for Mobile App Development. Today, Google and Apple host more than two million applications on each of their app stores.

Essential Pointers for Mobile App Development

It highlights the importance businesses give apps to improve their business. Banks, retailers, e-commerce companies, financial institutions, healthcare companies and several other types of businesses are investing in mobile apps to provide mobility to their customers. This blog post highlights some pointers that businesses should consider for a mobile app development project. Analyze the Market. WebRTC Application Development Services. Transforming Business Processes using Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence first came into existence in 1956 as a concept, but we have started experiencing it since the last few years.

Transforming Business Processes using Artificial Intelligence

Leading global businesses have implemented artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate business processes and improve customer satisfaction. AI has the capacity to overcome complex business challenges and increase operational efficiency. The proliferation of AI has led to a steady increase in demand for development companies that specialize in AI technologies. Chatbot development services. 5 Signs your E Commerce Business needs an ERP solution. ERP technologies improve business processes leading to better management, productivity, and efficiency.

5 Signs your E Commerce Business needs an ERP solution

They integrate critical business functions like HR, supply chain, procurement, and manufacturing into a single system. Growing organizations need to implement ERP systems to boost the scale of their operations. The ability of a business to thrive in a competitive environment depends on the effectiveness of its ERP system. It enhances productivity, effectiveness, and agility. Leading businesses from banking, retail, steel, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, agriculture, and engineering use ERP systems for the multiple benefits they provide.

While big industry players reap ERP benefits, small and medium businesses cannot avail them due to insufficient technical support and funds. WebRTC Application Development Services. WebRTC Application Development Services. Roku Application Development company. SaaS Application Development Company. Set Top Box App Developers. Roku is famous for its unique lineup of compact streaming set-top-boxes that allow you to watch free and paid media content over the TV.

Set Top Box App Developers

With Roku, you can stream high-quality audio/video content in real-time over the internet. This type of media streaming process is also known as Over-the-top streaming (OTT Streaming). In this context, Roku is a popular OTT streaming media player that runs on an exclusively devised operating system called Roku OS (the latest one being Roku OS 8.1). Roku is popular among other streaming platforms in the market due to its simplicity, ease of use, special features, and cheaper rates. Roku comes in several different forms and product variants. ERP Software Development Services. Video Streaming App Development. Quality Assurance Services. DevOps solutions & service provider company. ERP Software Development Services. Implementing WebRTC in IOS Apps. Posted by Sumit Chahar | Last Updated: 18-Apr-19 New 0 0 0 0 0 WebRTC is an open source project that provides mobile applications and web browsers with real-time communication.

Implementing WebRTC in IOS Apps

It is an exciting and powerful technology. It provides free API plugins that are usable with a desktop or a mobile browser. This technology is supported by major modern browser vendors. Earlier external plugins were used to achieve such results but now the same functionality is offered by WebRTC. WebRTC uses various standards and protocols, which we will be discussing in this article. Set Top Box Testing. Posted by Nidhi Vashishtha | Last Updated: 16-Apr-19 New 0 0 0 0 0 A Set-Top box is a sleek looking device that holds an important part of TV viewing in various parts of the globe.

Set Top Box Testing

STB looks simple but is considered the most embedded systems these days. It contains a tuner that connects easily to television or an external signal source. Set Top Box Developers to use these boxes to turn signal source to content which can be easily displayed on the television screens and external display devices. There are many set-top boxes available in the market, so before testing, it is important to understand the internal behaviour of the device and its functionality. Step 2: Then the behaviour is checked by analyzing the device’s video output understanding what the viewers would like to view. Step 3: HDMI Nodes are installed to devices-under-test.

OTT Solutions : Future of Content Delivery. The Demand for OTT platforms is increasing at a rapid pace. Consumers prefer video streaming platforms that provide on-demand access to content. Integrating SignalR in Android Application. Posted by Keshav Gupta | Last Updated: 12-Apr-19 New 0 0 0 0 0 SignalR is a library for ASP.NET designers. It rearranges continuous web usefulness to applications. Constant web usefulness is the capacity to have server code push substance.

It helps in associating with customers so that they get more information content whenever needed. 5 Reason to Choose Kotlin for Android App Development. Posted by Khushboo Arora | Last Updated: 09-Mar-19 12 10 0 1 0 0 Designing an application becomes completely meaningless if it is unable to function in the desired manner. Various mobile applications face downtime due to the programming language which has been used in its processing.

Various app developers had been searching for a programming language that helps them overcome the difficulties they face developing an application. To help software developers with designing a perfect application JetBrains has introduced Kotlin - a programming language that can help in building commercial applications without any hassle. Let's move ahead and know why developers should use Kotlin for Android App Development. 1. Tags: android , mobile application , Web Apps. Building Multi Screen OTT Platform for On Demand Viewing Access. OTT platforms have increased in popularity because they provide on-demand access and cater to a wide range of preferences. Video content is no longer confined to television screens with its availability increasing across multiple new platforms including mobile devices and laptops.

Building multi-screen OTT video platforms are challenging since it involves a huge investment in app development and video delivery. Let’s take a look at some aspects that affect the development of multi-screen OTT platforms. Changing Consumer Behavior Consumers reacts differently to the content at their disposal. Audiences prefer a personalized viewing experience, therefore, content offerings are now open to multiple screens. Oodles Technologies OTT video streaming platform experts keep an eye on changing consumer preferences and design applications that generate revenue for media enterprises. Introduction of the Odoo SaaS Tool Kit and server specifications. Posted by Shivam Sahu | Last Updated: 08-Apr-19 New 0 0 0 0 0 Script- Software as a Service Odoo helps in avoiding writing Credit Card Management code, Recurring Billing and Subscription Management code. It provides a site management system through PayPal payments. It offers a framework for developing membership-based applications like tiered pricing levels, signups/upgrades/downgrades, and multi-tenant data security in the available database.

Oodles Technologies is the most preferred Saas Application Development Company in India, offering solutions in Odoo SaaS Tool Kit and server specifications. We help businesses get solutions in subscription management coding, credit card coding and more. Odoo SaaS Kit Features Works with Odoo (Community and Enterprise). Set Top Box App Developers. Roku is famous for its unique lineup of compact streaming set-top-boxes that allow you to watch free and paid media content over the TV.

Video Streaming App Development. Setup SonarQube in Android Application and Generate Reports. SaaS App Development Services,SaaS Application Development Company. Android App Development Services. Artificial Intelligence Services Revamping Business Operations. Posted by Khushboo Arora | Last Updated: 30-Mar-19 6 6 0 0 0 0 Technological advancement has made a huge impact on everything. It has changed how companies re-define their operations.

Apart from enabling businesses to grow, technology has transformed the way they work. Redefining Entertainment with Apple TV Application Development. Digital Video OTT Solutions,OTT Video Delivery Solution,Video Streaming App Development. Cloud application development services. Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider. SaaS Tricks To Minimize The Cloud Security Risks. Selecting Spring Boot for Application Development. Demand for and iOS applications is increasing at a rapid pace. Businesses are expanding and to help them stay ahead of their competitors, there is an urgent need to integrate their mobile apps with Java. After the success of Spring in web and enterprise application development, the Spring team created Spring Boot on its existing framework. It enables the developers to handle configuration complexities and reduce the app development time.

Big Data and IoT transforming manufacturing industry. Manufacturing has transformed from a traditional set of mechanical process to a high-end automation industry. Most of the manufacturing industries are adopting upcoming technologies to improve productivity, efficiency and minimize overall operational cost. The sector is accepting technologies like big data analytics, IoT, AI, and cloud computing. SaaS App Development Services,SaaS Application Development Company. WebRTC is transforming real time Communication. Digital Video OTT Solutions,OTT Video Delivery Solution,Video Streaming App Development. AIOps Expected To Become The next Level Of DevOps Services.

IoT App Development Services,IoT Consulting Services,IoT App Developers. Digital Video OTT Solutions,OTT Video Delivery Solution,Video Streaming App Development. iPhone App Development Company. Searching out for ways to stay ahead of your competitors in the business world? Get an iPhone app to reach out to your prospective clients. iPhone apps not only offer smooth interface but it also helps achieve a high ROI for businesses Nevertheless, finding a suitable iPhone software development company could be challenging because of the demands a business has. iPhone is an exceptional mobile device used by millions of smartphone users around the world.

The phenomenal performance and immense demand of the iOS platform signal its remarkable contribution in the transformation of the mobile phones market. Things to Consider While Developing Video On Demand Apps. Amazon Fire TV Streaming Providers. Importance of digital media players and streaming devices is growing at a rapid pace. LEDs are replaced with technologies like Amazon Fire TV, Netflix and more. Conversion of dumb TV sets to a smart Tv has resulted in increasing the importance of TV Streaming Providers. How Much Does It Cost For App Development. Technological advancements have helped businesses to progress at a rapid pace. Video Streaming Services,Video On Demand Streaming,Live Streaming Providers. How AI will Transform Sales and Digital Marketing. Best Frameworks for Android App Development. Reasons Why Your Mobile Applications Crash. Blockchain Application Development Services,Decentralized Blockchain Applications.

5 DIgital Tech Trends to watch in 2019. Essential Steps to Ensure Safety of Mobile Banking Applications. MEAN Stack Application Development,MEAN Web Apps Development,MEAN Stack Developers. Problems You Face While Working With Big Data. Progressive Web Apps Showing a New Paradigm To App Development. AngularJS and jQuery for Web Application Development. Ways in which Machine Learning and AI can improve your ERP. Ways in which Machine Learning and AI can improve your ERP. Decentralizing the Internet of Things with Blockchain. Live Video Streaming Services.

Ways through which Speech Recognition will impact human lives. Big Data Implementation services. WebRTC Service Providers. What will be the Impact of IoT on Food Industry in 2019. Top Notch Technology Stacks Available For Mobile App Development. Apple TV App Development. MEANJS Application Development Services. Forecasting 4 Application Development Challenges in 2019.

Live streaming using FFMPEG. Challenges Faced by Application Developers in HTML5 Development. Kaltura Video streaming service providers. How to Create An On Demand Video Streaming App for Your Business. Video Streaming App Development. Hire Best Wowza Experts. Future Perspective Is Changing With The Blockchain Revolution. Smart TV App Development Services. Chatbot Development Company. New banner design 1. Kaltura Live Streaming Experts. Grails Development Services,Grails Web Application Development,Grails Developers. Live streaming using FFMPEG. Big Data And Artificial Intelligence For A Better Future. Android App Development Company. Grails Development Services. Node.js Development Services. Live Video Streaming Services. How NASA Is Using Deep Learning To Find Landing Sites On Moon. Bitcoin App Development Services,Bitcoin Web Mobile Application Development.