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Coping with grief: The things i’ve learnt – Designing Experience. Republican security experts rail against Trump in open letter. Image copyright Getty Images An open letter signed by 50 Republican national security experts has warned that party nominee Donald Trump "would be the most reckless president" in US history.

Republican security experts rail against Trump in open letter

The group - which includes the former CIA director Michael Hayden - said Mr Trump "lacks the character, values and experience" to be president.

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How does misinformation spread online? In the run up to the 2013 Italian elections, a social media post exposing the corruption of parliament went viral.

How does misinformation spread online?

Italian politicians were quietly certain that, win or lose, they would be financially secure by taking money from the taxpayer. Parliament had quietly passed a special welfare bill specially designed to protect policy-makers by ensuring them an incredible unemployment package should they lose their seat in the upcoming election. The bill, proposed by Senator Cirenga, allocated an amazing €134 billion to political unemployment.

Person of the Year 2015 Runner-Up: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. By Massimo CalabresiIllustration by Piotr Lesniak for TIME They rallied to his call: the violent and the suicidal, the lawless and the fanatical, gathering in cyberspace from around the world to pledge allegiance to his self-proclaimed caliphate.

Person of the Year 2015 Runner-Up: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Some acted in his name in the real world, killing hundreds of innocents at hotels, mosques and concert halls from Paris to the Sinai, Beirut to San Bernardino. A handful of adherents were close to him, like the woman who ran his sex-slave operation. Others were thousands of miles away yet under his command and control, like those behind the attacks in France on Nov. 13 that killed 130 people.

Here Are All the Roads That Lead to Rome. Carlisle State Brewery - Carlisle, Cumbria, UK - the State-managed Liquor Trade This unique experiment dates back to the First World War, with the construction of the country's largest munitions factory to the north of Carlisle on the Scottish Border between Longtown and Gretna.Its construction took two years to complete and finally employed over 25,000 people, some of whom were housed in two new towns constructed in the area.

Carlisle State Brewery -

Unfortunately, these townships could only accommodate a minority of the workers - the majority were forced to live in Carlisle, the only large town within 50 miles.This influx of workers, free of family ties and with a large amount of disposable income had the obvious effect on the liquor trade throughout the town, with clear effects on munitions production and safety.

The problem was evident when reviewing the statistics for drunkenness in the area. From 1914-15 these stood at approximately 250 convictions; this rose to nearly 1000 in 1916. Create a free website. Why Do Some Non-Ginger Guys Have Ginger Beards? Males aged 18 to 60 have been hit by an epidemic of beard growing over the past two years or so.

Why Do Some Non-Ginger Guys Have Ginger Beards?

Experts have underestimated how long it will continue to rage, although if current trends continue, all young urban media professionals will be affected by 2017 (probably). What ISIS Really Wants. What is the Islamic State?

What ISIS Really Wants

Where did it come from, and what are its intentions? The simplicity of these questions can be deceiving, and few Western leaders seem to know the answers. In December, The New York Times published confidential comments by Major General Michael K. Nagata, the Special Operations commander for the United States in the Middle East, admitting that he had hardly begun figuring out the Islamic State’s appeal. XKCD Wiki. #xkcd an IRC channel full of pretty okay[citation needed] guys and girls (as well as anthropomorphic lifeforms and animals).


Sometimes we talk about xkcd. Subject matter The subject of #xkcd changes very, very quickly. The topic usually has nothing to do with the conversation at hand, so pay attention. Would you feel inspired in a weird workplace? - BBC News. Guy Martin: My 1,000-mile Indian road trip on a Royal Enfield. 10 American Foods that are Banned in Other Countries. Americans are slowly waking up to the sad fact that much of the food sold in the US is far inferior to the same foods sold in other nations.

10 American Foods that are Banned in Other Countries

In fact, many of the foods you eat are BANNED in other countries. Here, I’ll review 10 American foods that are banned elsewhere. Seeing how the overall health of Americans is so much lower than other industrialized countries, you can’t help but wonder whether toxic foods such as these might play a role in our skyrocketing disease rates. #1: Milk and Dairy Products Laced with rBGH Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) is the largest selling dairy animal drug in America. It’s injected into cows to increase milk production, but it is banned in at least 30 other nations because of its dangers to human health, which include an increased risk for colorectal, prostate, and breast cancer by promoting conversion of normal tissue cells into cancerous ones.

6 Ways Bletchley Park Has Made The UK A World Leader In Digital Government. CN train plows through New Brunswick snow. The Routledge Handbook of Global Ethics. Description: Global ethics focuses on the most pressing contemporary ethical issues - poverty, global trade, terrorism, torture, pollution, climate change and the management of scarce recourses.

The Routledge Handbook of Global Ethics

It draws on moral and political philosophy, political and social science, empirical research, and real-world policy and activism. The Routledge Handbook of Global Ethics is an outstanding reference source to the key topics, problems and debates in this exciting subject, presenting an authoritative overview of the most significant issues and ideas in global ethics. The 31 chapters by a team of international contributors are structured into six key parts: normative theory conflict and violence poverty and development economic justice bioethics and health justice environment and climate ethics.

Desperate migrants try to swim to Britain from France - BBC News. Migrants desperate to get to England from the French port of Calais are now trying to swim across the English Channel - with disastrous consequences, reports the BBC's Paddy O'Connell.

Desperate migrants try to swim to Britain from France - BBC News

Last summer, sitting outside his pub near Dover, landlord Nigel Wyndmus saw a small dinghy. A cutter from the coastguard drew up alongside. At first he mistook what was happening for a training exercise. "The boat was just a few hundred yards out," Mr Wyndmus said, "and we realised that it was illegal immigrants trying to get to England. " He added: "People coming across on boats was not really considered an option" - he believed it was all done by stowaways boarding lorries and trying to break into the Channel Tunnel. Never heard from again. Breton-gallois an.

Breton-gallois an. Paul Ford: What is Code?


An Old Man's Poem (this made me cry) Got this from Facebook, and it moved me to tears. Perhaps because I am not getting any younger, and I can see my life thus far following this man’s description. Scientists have figured out what makes Indian food so delicious - News - Food and Drink - The Independent. But behind the appeal of Indian food — what makes it so novel and so delicious — is also a stranger and subtler truth. In a large new analysis of more than 2,000 popular recipes, data scientists have discovered perhaps the key reason why Indian food tastes so unique: It does something radical with flavors, something very different from what we tend to do in the United States and the rest of Western culture.