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10 Web Apps To Build The Next Big Thing Without Writing Any Code. Ever wished that someone would overlay some data that fascinates you on a Google Map?

10 Web Apps To Build The Next Big Thing Without Writing Any Code

Ever have an idea for a new desktop widget to take the computing world by storm? Well, no matter what your skill level is, there are tools out there in the world that will help you realize your dreams just by dragging-and-dropping what you need and in the order you want it. Take a look through these ten solutions — which range from common, everyday type of Google Maps mashups to heavy-hitting, enterprise-level applications — and be amazed at how very little work can bring big results.

DevHub: A point-and-click solution for developing a site, with monetization in place from the day you open it up. The themes are customizable, so your site needn’t be immediately recognizable as being from DevHub; there is some branding indicating that your site is a DevHub site, but it is pretty unobtrusive. JackBe: JackBe is a mashup builder with a enterprise slant to it.

MARQUE BLANCHE : guide des meilleures marques blanches internet actuelles. LES MARQUES BLANCHES Comment bien choisir son affiliation en marque blanche *************************************** La révolution des marques blanches ?

MARQUE BLANCHE : guide des meilleures marques blanches internet actuelles

Idéal pour développer simultanément du contenu gratuit, accroître le trafic de votre site tout en générant des revenus supplémentaires *************************************** Découvrez vous aussi, comment vous pouvez les utiliser pour votre propre compte. Photo Finder Widget - Setup. Feedo Style - Feedo Style. RSS tools, rss viewer, combine feeds. The Toolbox: a directory of useful single-page sites and apps. AppStorm App Reviews and Blogs. Connexion. MIT App Inventor. Workflow Software, BPM Software And Web Application Builder. Democratizing App Building.


Home - Développeurs Facebook. CoComment - Rejoignez la conversation. Website Search Engines, Blog Search Tools and Premium Online Advertising. Joshfire Framework. ShortForm video widget. Free Websites Performance, Availability, Traffic Monitoring. Here's what our monitoring tools can do for IT Consultants, ISPs, ISVs, Web Developers and Web Designers Imagine how much you could grow your business if you weren't chained to your desk.

Free Websites Performance, Availability, Traffic Monitoring

Monitor.Us makes this possible. Feedjit: Know when your friends and clients visit you. Home. Overview. Create, Share, and Embed Widgets for Free. Infomous. Click2Map, la solution géoweb professionnelle, création de cartes interactives Google Maps. Tiny Letter. Blog Smarter. Related Posts with Thumbnails. AjaxDaddy - Javascript Demos in Action. Home - Daylife. Associates Central - Widgets. Enterprise Application Integration & Process Automation - Kapow Software.

Beautiful web-based timeline software. DERI Pipes. Automated content sharing - tarpipe. Gigya - Make your site social.


We create popular extension for internet browsers - How to Embed Almost Anything in your Website. Learn how to embed videos, mp3 music, Flash videos (both swf and flv), pictures, fonts, spreadsheets, charts, maps and everything else into your blog or website.

How to Embed Almost Anything in your Website

Learn how to embed almost anything in your HTML web pages from Flash videos to Spreadsheets to high resolution photographs to static images from Google Maps and more. Embed RSS Feeds in Web Pages Go to this page, replace the feed URL with your own feed, use the default color scheme or change it to something else and then click Get Code. You’ll get a JavaScript snippet that can be easily placed in the sidebar of your blog. If you like to embed feeds from multiple sources, merge all of them into one using Yahoo Pipes and then pass the combined feed to the Google Gadget. Embed High Quality or HD YouTube Videos To embed a high resolution version of YouTube clip in your web pages, first make sure that “Watch in High Quality” or “Watch in HD” link exists next to the YouTube player as most videos are only available in standard format. Free Widgets and Gadgets for your Websites. WixPages - Boost Your Facebook Page Design for FREE!

Widgets. Plaster your content — songs, videos, schedules — around the web with ReverbNation's flexible music player widgets.


Share your music easily and effortlessly. Just embed a music widget to the page and your fans have all the info they need. All the countdowns in the World. Widgetbox › World's best place to find and make web widgets. Web widgets, desktop widgets, widget resources, samples, tutorials @ Widgipedia. Rank Widget: Great Tools for Website Promotion! Subway Map Visualization jQuery Plugin » TechBubble. I have always been fascinated by the visual clarity of the London Underground map.

Subway Map Visualization jQuery Plugin » TechBubble

Given the number of cities that have adopted this mapping approach for their own subway systems, clearly this is a popular opinion. At a conference some years back, I saw a poster for the Yahoo! Developer Services. They had taken the concept of a subway map and applied it to create a YDN Metro Map. Once again, I was in awe of the visual clarity of this map in helping one understand the various Yahoo! University departments, offices, student groupsGovernmentOpen Source projectsInternet startups by category More examples on this blog: Ten Examples of the Subway Map Metaphor. Fast-forward to now. With these goals in mind, I started creating my jQuery plugin. Download or get it on GitHub Step-by-Step Guide Here is a guide to using the Subway Map Visualization jQuery Plugin. Demo: Here’s a demo of the finished map described in this guide. Web 2.0 Badges - Useful collection of stylish web 2.0 badges and badge generator.