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Apple sues Israeli spyware firm NSO Group. Apple announces self-service repair scheme in win for campaigners. Apple digital ID scheme comes with conditions and costs. Apple rushes to block 'zero-click' iPhone spyware. Apple iPhone risk from powerful motorbike vibrations. Apple dealt major blow in Epic Games trial. Apple tweaks app pay rules in $100m settlement. Apple chief executive Tim Cook gets $750m payout. Apple censors engraving service, report claims. Apple regrets confusion over 'iPhone scanning' Apple lists products that pose risk to pacemakers. iOS15: Apple continues privacy war with app tracker reports. iOS15: China exempt from Apple 'private relay' privacy feature. Apple updates AirTags after stalking fears. It’s deja vu for marketers as Apple’s ATT causes consent headache. There’s a whiff of deja vu in waking up to a headache caused by consent notifications.

It’s deja vu for marketers as Apple’s ATT causes consent headache

Marketers are again in limbo as gaining people’s consent to be tracked via pop-up rears its head around Apple’s latest privacy push — just as it did for the General Data Protection Regulation three years ago. Back then, there was a lot more wriggle room for marketers to make their case. Tech Tent: Apple’s ad-tracking bombshell. Facebook v Apple: The ad tracking row heats up. Apple charged over 'anti-competitive' app policies. Five things to know about Apple's iOS update. Google and Apple attacked on app store 'monopoly'